Black Ops 2 unrivaled for two weeks

Can anything stop Activision’s new runaway success train with Black Ops 2? Treyarch’s latest shooter is once again dominating the UK game charts, holding off all rivals for a second straight week since launch. Black Ops 2 is dominating online multiplayer activity figures, dominating charts and dominating the living room at the moment with so much content to enjoy, extended with the brilliant add-on mode that Black Ops 2 zombies offers.

The latest figures for the UK All Formats Charts are in and Black Ops 2 has now solidified its position at the top of the charts for a second week in a row. Last week the game unsurprisingly debuted at the top of the charts after its launch and it’s going to be hard to see which game currently out is going to dethrone Black Ops 2 at the top.

In this week’s chart, we can tell you that it is actually Hitman: Absolution that has come closest to Black Ops 2, landing in second place which may be a surprise for some. Then again, the game received very positive reviews from critics and Square-Enix’ marketing team were spot on with a couple of excellent TV adverts released in the UK.

Enjoy it while it lasts we think though, as we find it hard to see Hitman being able to take down Black Ops 2 when the next results are released next week. If one game has the ability to knock off Black Ops 2, it may even be a Wii U title such as ZombiU – as the console is finally due for release in Europe on November 30.

Even then, that’s a stretch itself as EU consumers picking up the Wii U copy of Black Ops 2 on Friday are likely to boost sales even more for all platforms combined. As a neutral who hasn’t picked up Black Ops 2 on any platform though – can you understand the current phenomenon involving the game, or are you looking forward to the moment when Black Ops 2 starts to die down again?

As it stands at the moment though, Black Ops 2 is king of the world for a second week and there doesn’t appear to be any game that is coming close to dethroning Treyarch’s shooter. How do you see future Black Ops 2 sales panning out? If you can think of one game that is going to knock Black Ops 2 off the charts – what is it going to be?



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