2012 iMac to release within 5 days, apparently

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 26, 2012

Frustration is certainly a word 2012 iMac shoppers feel right now, and after the Apple event we thought our new iMac pre-order would have been in right away. This hasn’t been the case thanks to just a month being displayed when they’d be available to order. As we all know the month for the new 21.5-inch iMac had been November 2012, but strangely this month has just 5 days left including today, so Apple need to change something or come out and state the 2012 iMac might actually be a 2013 iMac.

The 2012 iMac problem for some people – while some of us kept hold of our existing desktop computer, it seems other people were not so wise and sold their current setup after seeing the November shipping claim on Apple’s website. One of PR’s readers explained they sold their “2007 iMac last week“, and they want the new 27-inch iMac that is due in December 2012. Other people have been saving up over months for the new iMac and a 2012 release date has really dragged on for them.

Shock considering we have just 5 days left including today – if we’re to see the 2012 iMac in 21.5 inches this month, then what are Apple playing at leaving it this long into the month with no announcement at all? We know Apple doesn’t like to comment on speculation and rumors, but communication is key when people are selling computers for a 2012 iMac. If we see these dates slip, then some people will ask why this delay hadn’t been mentioned sooner?

With only 5 days left in November it won’t be long before we know if the shipping date is going to change, and if it does change then we’d like to know why Apple left the current date unchanged for so long? It will be interesting to see if Apple bothers to give a reason why the pre-order process is taking so long, and if Apple has had problems knowing when they can deliver the new iMacs?

Our confidence had been restored for the 2012 iMac release date 6 days ago, which came from insiders claiming the orders would go live by the end of this month, although with this month almost over our confidence is slowly dwindling.

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  • FirstTimeiMacBuyer

    My personal opinion, I think Tim cook should get fired for this lack of communication. I check the apple site constantly throughout the day and it never gets updated. They are still advertising that the movie brave shown on the imac display will be released on nov/13, it’s almost 2 weeks and still no update. Steve would of held it down . Rip.

  • Arcendus

    If they’re unable to release this by the end of the month, personally, I’m just going to pick up a PC. With their incessant patent wars and struggling to not have to compete, I’m getting sick of this company and the sleek look of the iMac isn’t enough to justify the price tag. An equally-powerful PC would cost half the price, and because running OSX on a PC is entirely possible, the appeal of the iMac is dwindling.

  • If you don’t have a laptop or other Mac (or PC) to fall back on what idiot in there right mind would sell a perfectly good computer before getting their new one and having it set up and ready to use with their files?

    I’ve been waiting since June to replace my aging 2005 G5 Tower and don’t plan on selling it until I have replaced some software that no longer works in the Intel Mac.

    Less than a week we’ll know if there has been a delay, I’m betting we won’t hear anything until the last day of the month. And I have to wait another month as I want the 27″!

  • Someone

    It is ridiculous; I have to get a mac due to Garageband. I am getting blo*@y annoyed with this stupidness.

  • MacD

    “We know Apple don’t like to comment on speculation and rumors”

    “don’t”? It’s “doesn’t” … you idiots!

    Know doubt you are hiring cheap no-experience pin-head millennium writers,
    on this web site?

    Spend a little more on hiring experienced writers, and save your web site the
    embarrassment of looking like a bunch of high school rag writers.

    • MacD

      “No” doubt you should also proofread better.

  • Steve McQueen

    Thanks for the insight, but my God man, check your grammer before you before you post!

    • Kelsey Grammer? I don’t think he knows any more about the iMac release date than the rest of us.

    • Web Police

      Grammar you moron. How are you going to take time out of your life to go onto a website and correct a grammatical correction, with a grammatical mistake?
      Kill urself

      • Hmm

        That’s a spelling mistake – not a grammatical mistake.

  • Susan

    I’m checking the Apple Store 3 times a day, morning, lunch, and before bed.

    • Tom

      Same 😀 Can’t wait!

  • Tony

    I hope the new iMac arrives for order this month, and while I love Apple products it would be pretty stupid to be OK with the lack of communication if there’s a delay and they didn’t keep us informed sooner.

  • Susan

    It is a complete joke that Apple can’t offer a new iMac for sale, it has been ages and they should not have a store without a NEW iMac for so long.

    • Retailers are the ones hurting, most don’t even have display models anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Get a PC. You’ll be happier and have a much much more powerful machine.

    • No OS X…

    • Anonymous Sr.

      LMAO. I made a living developing applications on and for PCs running Windoze. I made the jump to Apple in 2008 and never looked back.
      The only way I will touch Windows is in a virtual machine at the end of a long stick.
      UNIX-based OSs are so vastly superior it’s silly, and Apple hardware is light years beyond anything from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway or (insert name here). If all you want to do is play games and use Word, then a PC is probably as good as your world will ever be.

  • Given that Apple said that the new iMac would be in very short supply through the end of the year, you’d have to be some kind of nut-job to sell your existing machine in anticipation of getting the new one within a short timeframe.