Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PC support to silence critics

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2012

We have spoke briefly in the past on how Samsung’s Galaxy Note range aims to bridge the gap with smartphones being able to fully act as a PC replacement. Now, we have an amazing video for you to take a look at, showing just what a good job the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does when hooked up to a PC monitor and churns out CPU intensive tasks with ease.

If you were reluctant to believe that a smartphone can handle PC duties, this video alone should give you the clarity you need. After watching the video ourselves, it’s clear to see that it isn’t a fabrication any more – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can act as a PC replacement for basic duties.

Before you all go and say, ‘can it run Skyrim then’ – obviously it can’t just yet. What it can do though is run multiple videos at the same time, browse the internet with flash enabled no problem, edit text with copy and paste features and a lot more. You can even set up a Skype call and have videos and web pages open at the same time with the multi window feature.

Basic gaming isn’t a problem either, although the Batman: Dark Knight Returns game showcased in the video is not just a basic game – a fully 3D game with near console graphics that the Galaxy Note 2 can output onto a PC monitor via HDMI with no slowdowns in framerate – that’s pretty impressive in our eyes.

As you can see in the video, the Galaxy Note 2 also has no problems hooking up an Apple desktop keyboard and an Apple Magic Mouse – navigation around the Galaxy Note 2 on the 29-inch Samsung LED monitor is as smooth as you would expect when using a normal PC. A 5.1 surround sound system is also hooked up to the Galaxy Note 2 and every single task shown in the video is running off the quad-core processor inside the Note 2.

In the middle of the video you get an exact idea of just how many media apps the Galaxy Note 2 CPU can churn out before getting overloaded and framerate issues start to become evident. Considering we see about 6 or 7 videos on screen all running simultaneously, this is not a bad outcome indeed.

If you have thought about the possibility of using the Galaxy Note 2 as your PC at home in the past, this video may now encourage you to give this a second glance. Check out the video below and let us know if you will be attempting this. Who knows, maybe the Galaxy Note 3 will be able to run Skyrim using this setup in the future.

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  • Unfortunately, this review is flawed.. For some reason it is NOT moving at a real-time pace but rather it’s SPED UP.. so it’s running faster than normal… and because of that you can NOT accurately tell how smoothly it runs. I am an owner of the Note 2 and I know about the lag issues on the unit.

    Furthermore, the unit shown on the video was more than likely rooted with all bloatware removed… Units you buy from major carriers are NOT like that have have apps that can’t be removed and are constantly running in the background.

    This reviewed is flawed and NOT accurate.

  • Justin Parker

    If this video is really true then say bye bye………….iPhone

  • theAd

    Is there a different skin/launcher running on this Note II? If so what is it?…

  • anon

    Awesome review. Galaxy Note II FTW 🙂

  • loaddown

    Goodbye iPhone!
    This is the best review out there