GTA V rumors we want at release

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 25, 2012

When the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date arrives next year we will see the biggest game from this franchise so far, although some of the major rumors won’t make it into the final game, and we’ve heard a few more since trailer 2 that sound fun, but chances are they won’t make GTA V. You might have seen a number of these rumor yourself, and some you could have missed, so let’s take a look at a few things appearing after the latest video and screenshots that are unlikely and those that we really want.

We’d love to see more natural weather in GTA V and it’s understandable to see some changing weather, but the likelihood of earthquakes is very unlikely, even if they are common to California. We could see something show in the cutscene, but as for gameplay with earthquakes we say unlikely. Then we have snow, which has been discussed in this forum post that reveals a list of cars expected and the chance of a skimobile and snowplow. We know GTA V will be big, so how would you like to see snow and other weather incorporated?

Then we have filling a vehicle with gas in GTA V – this rumor has been around a little while and we’d love the ability to fill a car with gas, which would be pretty amazing to be on the run and jump in a car that lacks a full tank. We’ve seen other games include random occurrences, like in sports where you get random injuries by pulling a muscle, so more reality in the form of random things like the lack of gas in a car sounds perfect. What else would you like to see in GTA V to make it feel more real, and how far should they go?

On the topic of cars has to be customization – we really need to see the ability to do more with the vehicles we drive in GTA 5, and fuel is a good start but adding things to those cars is a must, think pimp my ride. We’d love the chance to add extras to the outside for some visual fun, and also items you can interactive with on the inside of a car. How would you like car customization integrated into GTA 5?

Name the GTA 5 rumors you’ve seen that need to arrive next Spring at launch, and also those you’d be happy to see as DLC later on? On the topic of DLC it seems a few rumors are floating around about downloadable content that adds new areas to the map, would you like to see DLC bring notable map expansions? You might want to read about a GTA 5 price war starting in the UK months before the release date, and also how the gamers feel about co-op is being discussed here.

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  • GTA guy

    I want to be able to put someone in the trunk of a car/ SUV.

  • tacoman

    They already made it realistic might as well have tremors or hurricanes. Go to border and see some border jumpers oh yeah. Hills and country side Plus la has suburbs should put family with houses start Forrest fires would be cool anything with fire is in my book. How bout it rockstar read some of these comments they might be fun for the game

  • tacoman

    Alright I’m posting this in hopes one of you guys might think its a good idea and having rockstar try putting it in. 1st planes being able to be board a plane would like the train in red dead. But if not at least flying like a.747 or bombers do carpet bombing but cargo planes, passenger planes, military like c130 spooky. Ships like battleships and.carriers. they said deep.sea pop in a submarine with torpedos.and missiles sign me up. Cars don’t care to much but construction vehicles oh yeah! Bulldozers huge dump.trucks they got.mining in la why not. Tanks apcs. Once. Again all sports of.people not just adults. Teens children elederly . Kidnapping stuff em in the trunk like red dead on horses moving bodies. Stealth kills like manhunt some brutality you know . Ropes for tying up. Bow and arrows with flaming tips or explosive. Maming from explosions lots of satchel charges. Smoke coming off body when the get shot better reactions and more hits without dying depends were you shoot. Spears axes clubs like bats flamethrower every GTA needs one setting things on fire with like gas tank and stuff. Tying them to trqin tracks excuse the violence but hey its a game right. Power tools and tools shovels. Maybe a zombie thing like red dead or who knows evil cars like in maximum over drive even planes trying to kill you that could be fun. Gore. Fiber wire. Jetpack flyin car fun things like that someone mentioned UFOs tazers pepper spray police batons. Little more real car crashes and hitting people. Mayhem spells it. I mean its not about money. It’s about sending a message. Tacoman has spoken. Comment

  • sad

    Sorry, this eCoupon had a limited number of uses and is no longer valid.

  • I wish we could buy property like in scareface game and customize them a little,
    the refueling part its great but we want more, we want a game thats never ending fun like the past gtas they get boring after a while and we end up hardly playing it driving in straight lines making stops, stopping on red lights i know we all done that before.
    i want to custiomize the cars, the characters clothes, the weapons and what not, breaking into houses, robbing banks, smarter cops, and able to work out and drive the trains like in san andreas, more realistic vehicles, and able to go get fighting classes and learn new moves to makeing the hand to hand combat more interesting also like they said there was going to be a whole lot more cars lets put a whole lot more weapons too, im tired of the same old weapons on all the gtas, ohhhh and to put alot of clothing to customize for the different types of players that play the game like thugs, classy, bussines men and swagg idk something different than the old games i always end up going back to the old games when i get bored of the same things in the past gtas.
    its not like they going to do it but since everyone giving their opinions i wanted to give mine too.

  • gta king

    And seat belts im tired of flying out the windshield everytime i crash

  • gta king

    Are they gonna add bugatti veyrons and lambroghinis

    • maybe R* takes on them, but a GTA game has never featured actual brands obvious due to endorsement laws, PP and negative press of, for example in 4 leaf clover (GTA 4), when the eventual get away car was a range rover sport replica, Range Rover couldn’t give there name to there cars as the perfect getaway SUV, I think they might aliante the market of over payed footballers and retired people…

  • Jim

    I don’t understand why so many people want to have to fill their cars up with gas. I get robbed of all my money at the gas station every time in real life. It would be a pain in the ass to have to do the same in gta. While I prefer realistic video games, some of you are asking for a simulation of being a criminal in la. If the game gets TOO realistic, it’s obviously not going to be any fun playing as a criminal.

  • Frank

    I say all the features that everyone is saying is great. One thing I would love to see is the buying and selling of real estate. I mean if you think about LA they have crazy real estate and if rock star could capitalize on all the features we as gtaAholics want rocks tar wouldn’t have to put a new series out for 10 years lol

  • Ryan

    The whole adding gas thing isn’t happening. Really don’t know why people would want it that bad anyway. It’d just be annoying after awhile.

    • Quagmire


  • atalkingburitto

    Adding filling up you’re gas tank would be awesome! Especially out in the desert going your had can get you to a small town. And maybe a little more realism from car damage. If you go 150 mph into a wall, you’re car should be totaled. Just imagine running from the cops and you fly through a intersection and get smoked by a civilian car, you’re cars totaled. Maybe have a mph gauge at the bottom on the screen with a fuel gauge beside it.and maybe like a lcpdfr kinda mode, really popular on the pc, but I didn’t get to play cause I don’t have a computer, show the console people some love! Maybe make it a dlc.just a few ideas!

  • Opiumnukes

    I was waiting for gas in a gta game this will suck because of spending money

    • but thts the point i wnt to spend obv not too much at first but when uv made loads u dnt really care u wna buy toys for ur protagonist

  • mcnuttsj

    Refilling gas would be awesome! Would make ya really think “how far can I get before stealing another car”. And maybe a little more realism in the destruction in cars.if you go 150mph into a wall you’re car should be totaled. And maybe a mph gauge on the bottom of the screen with the amount of gas left beside it. And maybe like a lcpdfr mode,that was really popular, but I didnt get to play it cause I don’t have a computer 🙁 give the console people that fun too! Maybe make it dlc. Just a few ideas!

  • Fluffy_Winky

    The makers of GTA confirmed they orignally intended to add refuelling cars in San Andreas before deciding to take it out. As for making GTAV realistic…no they wont as GTAIV was heavilly critisized for being to real and boring. GTAIV Ballad of Gay Toney was praised for being more unrealistic and fun like San Andreas. So it will be more along the lines of San Andreas was.

    Ive always wanted snow in GTA, the snow in Mafia II was brilliant.

  • Can’t wait.

    I know that push bikes are back, but has anyone thought of skateboards? and quadbikes!
    I hope they bring back the old SA cheats! Jetpacks and flying cars/tractors ect.

    • really?

      are you dumb? we know quads are going to be in the game as are push bikes because they’ve been confirmed and they’re in the trailer/screens.
      if you want to ride a skateboard in a game, get Tony Hawks

  • sameer g

    i agree with gta wizard and also agree with smith T

  • you suck

    *Click link. Sees “Daniel Chubb”. Realizes it’s going to be full of sh*t. Returns to homepage*

  • giggity

    “GTA V rumors we want at release” only 2?

  • NoepNope

    You people are so crazy! GTA series ARE not the sims. Not even a simulator! Stop trying to make it one! All your wants are impossible anyway. You could never script all of that into a game the PS3 or Xbox 360 could handle. Only computers can handle that. Your console would never load the game if it had that many dumb script to load. If you want realism go at flight simulator or sims 3. Leave GTA to the people who enjoy the unrealistic aspect.

    • GTAfan

      i think your a butthurt PC fan ^^

      • reply

        and i think you’re a rude little c*nt who needs to grow up and read comments before replying

        • GTAfan

          Wtf are you talking about? If you even read it yourself, he is ass licking his precious PC and saying consoles can’t handle it. That’s pretty much a fanboy typical quote. Go to school and educate yourself!

        • reply

          still, there was no need to be rude to them. i know that PC idiots will never learn that “game” in “games console” means the same as game and therefore will still think that games consoles are designed to make toast, but they’re a simple people and insulting and attacking the weak means you’re too weak to be anything other then super pathetic

        • NoepNope

          I can assure you I’m no ‘simple’ person as you say. I know what I’m talking about when I say the PS3 and Xbox CANNOT handle such scripts. You’re basically insulting us by saying we’re simple. It’s the same thing with the ENB and ICEnhcancer series. And the ELT Lights mod. The game consoles CANNOT run those scripts. And NO game console doesn’t mean PC at all. That’s why they’re distinguished in EVERY sense and meaning. Good day.

        • NoepNope

          You are just an idiot. PS3 and Xbox 360 are both great. My PC doesn’t even have the graphics card to power the games. So why the hell would I favorite a machine that will just be choppy frames of frustration? Really, you’re just person who jumps to conclusions.

      • NoepNope

        Lawls, are you kidding? Did you read ANYTHING I said you fool? xD That was never the discussion of what I was saying you idiot. I have both PS3 and Xbox 360 and a PC. I already pre-ordered the game for PS3. So, feel better about being dumber than your comment. I was saying that it would be impossible to incorporate such scripts into consoles. It was the same for San Andreas for the PC. You had to download “CLEO” just to use complex scripts the PS2 couldn’t handle. The PS3 and Xbox can’t handle such hardware pushing. So that’s what I meant, not that its not out or considered for PC you idiot. Good job making yourself look like a tool. You’re* not your; also, you’re not cool for using “butthurt” as a term, as you don’t even know what it is. You silly sheep.

        • ahaha

          so obv lying about having 2 games consoles and a PC

        • NoepNope

          You’ve got to be kidding me. If you’re trolling, go away, and if not, you’re just that naïve. I have all 3 because they’re affordable. How do you think I’m responding to you right now C: Obvious troll is obvious.

  • huji

    I want a Gran Turismo like driving experience and a bumper cam

    • and an interior view nd the interior quality being high

  • Here is my wish list; when you shoot a silenced weapon the police don’t realise, shoot while underwater, the packer that can actually hold cars and not fall off when you drive, ejector seat in the fighter jets.

  • Can’t wait.

    READ THIS and comment.

    Having to fuel up is a key aspect they need to include. it will bring more exitment when escaping from a convoy of cops through the desert, and make you think strategecaly about your next moves.

    Speed limits will also bring realism to the game. Mafia 2 nailed it with this, play the demo if your not convinced.

    Cops need to be MUCH smarter. When u bom down the wrong side of the road on GTA4 they do nothing. When u walk past them with a weapon in your hand they do nothing.

    on here was the first time i heard this- zombies would be amaizing! after completing the story you unlock it – in a menu u can choose which game mode to play (normal or zombies).No story to it, just kill zombies. imagine it: you are the last survivor in los santos and have a safe houses (cabins) high in the hilltops. Each time you play u roam the open world killing zombies however u want- keeping a kill count. Run over heards with your car, lorry, snowmobile, fire engine. (but remember, gas will run out) Relax by snipering from rooftops.
    Perhaps you must search for food and supplies ect.from the city and towns.
    After having enough u go back to ur safe house to refil ammo and save game, but make sure they dont follow you…
    if u die…killcount returns to zero.

    theres so much R* can do to make this game beond perfect.

  • bobby

    i would like more hidden ncp like the serial killer and the clown in the tunnel when it come to gameplay i trust them havent let me down yet and how bout a ufo stuff to hunt is what am saying. i dont have much to add the gas thing would be cool force us to run on foot but i doubt they would go for that.

  • Holden Zenator

    Rockstar said that there is no vehicle customization, but it would be cool as a DLC, I’d pay $30 for that DLC 🙂

    • bobby

      they did say there was are you keeping up but i dont know maybe am mixing something up because i remember customization of cloths and automobiles ect no gym and such and i would not pay 30 bucks just to customize a car thats why there tearing out our wallets because the few of us who dont have bills to pay say crap like that. am not pooor but crap adds up they release dlc way to often and hold back from the game just to add to the 60 dont go giving them ideas.

      • your right, they confirmed that car customisation was back, along side a grater variety of cloths, but thats where protag customisation ends because of the logistics of creating 3 HD era protags at near infinite variations of hair, body mass muscle mass etc 🙂

  • Gta wizard

    Gta needs to come out sooner!!!!!

  • DantheGTAman

    We need way more melee weapons. Not just a bat and a knife. We want HUGE variety. For example: machetes, swords, axes, poles. Maybe even buy tools like screw drivers, hammers and chainsaws like I’m vice city. By making this work, rockstar would need to make the gore and violence way more realistic, it’s easy for them to make shooting npcs look real, but it will be a challenge to make your protagonist cut someone’s arm off with a machete or cut someone’s head off with a samurai sword. THAT WOULD BE AWSOME

    • Can’t wait.

      love that! plus maby the character and npc’s can intercact with objects e.g chairs, glass bottles. Also – how about being able to carry or drag bodies. after killing someone you could poot them in the boot of ur car and then push it off a cliff. or even better – just knock them unconcious then do the same, so when they wake up u can hear the screaming and banging so nearby cops become suspicious.

  • Jord

    having an operational gate at the entrance of ur mansion

  • javier

    i would like to have custom soundtracks instead of hearing the same old radio stations. also would like to be able to hold your enemys/pedestrains hostage/human shield

  • Ri5ival

    I want to use a car keys to get in to car maybe hotwire to if I have to steal it. how about pay to park the car. I wanna see drunk people coming out of night clubs at 4 in the morning. I wanna see crooks and thuged out manz robbing late at night I want Los Santos to came alive in the night because that’s when the freaks come out . I want the police to continue to hunt you down for weeks if you do something illegal

  • Rookie

    Snow in GTA V??? There won’t be snow….we all know that. Its not like GTA V map is going to be as big as Just Cause 2 lol. GTA V is obviously just 3times of GTA:SA.

    • GTAfan

      The map is actually bigger than IV, RDR and SA “Combined” although technically speaking it is 3.5x bigger than RDR, 4 times bigger than IV and twice as big as SA. Just imagine how big that is…..O_O

      • u all are stupid 4 is bigger thn sa nd red dead is bigger thn 4, sa only feels bigger but technically 4 is quite a bit bigger thn sa and snow is a major possibility, and not everywhere, just think at the top of mount chillad, probs snow over there nd probs on other small areas

  • Tacoman

    Satchel charges of coarse, lasso or at least handcuffs. Pick up bodies like red dead

  • Tacoman

    For in game las venturas and San Fierro as dlc expansion. Zombie story like red dead or something apacolyptic, tools like screw drivers, hammers, chainsaws, axes plastic bags stuff from manhunt. Big planes passenger, cargo, military that would be lovely

    • Susan

      “Zombie story like red dead” now that is a cool idea for GTA V.

  • Tacoman

    Las venturas and San Fierro as dlc, whole zombie story like red dead, tools like screw drivers hammers axes chainsaws, cargo planes, passenger planes, c-130 big planes. And regular street weapons

  • Tacoman

    Kids as npc

    • eddie

      why so you can shoot them in the face?! no one older than 18 lol sounds ignorant but we all have our own rules.

      • tacoman

        Hey man adding kids would be great I mean they put old people. Plus you can just leave them alone no one says to do anything. What the gamers do in game is up to them they paid good money for it and who would even know or care. Kids and the elderly will complete this game for me

        • trav

          Yea when ppl get mad n say no kids in the game cuz u can kill them and its not right to kill a kid I say in my ron paul voice well isn’t it wrong to kill anyone, so does it make a diff what age they r in a game is diff than real life so chill id love to ht a car head on in gta and see a baby seat shoot out the wind shield like a cannonball y not lol sry if I offend

        • tacoman

          Right on man

    • gta king

      Teenagers as npc

  • josh

    hi five

  • SmithT

    Just adding gas to a car would make GTA 5 feel that much more real, so please add it Rockstar.

  • Ricky

    Pimp my Ride, now that would be amazing in GTA 5. Anyone that states a time that the gameplay lasts for GTA 5 don’t understand the game at all, it is almost endless.