Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update for AUS, Verizon still MIA

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2012

Look away Verizon owners now, as we have news of another official carrier Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to tell you about. Owners of the handset in Australia on Vodafone are going to be very happy indeed, as Vodafone has just given the green light for an official update to start at the beginning of next week.

As you can probably guess, Verizon still hasn’t given any sort of hint of when their own Galaxy S3 owners will be getting the same Android 4.1.1 update. It’s starting to become a very familiar situation indeed now with regards to software delays and some of you who have been waiting patiently may be starting to regret the decision to opt for Verzion.

On top of that, the Droid DNA is now Verizon’s pride and joy and it means that Big Red may be putting all of their resources together to ensure that new customers will get an update to Android 4.2 asap, rather than cater for their customers who are still stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S3.

Meanwhile, the wait is over in Australia for Vodafone customers. The Jelly Bean update rollout will start on Monday November 26, with 10,000 Galaxy S3 users to be selected at random for the OTA update initially. Then later on in the week, another 10% of all users will be notified to update, before Vodafone provides the download links at the end of the week – ensuring that everyone is updated by no later than 14 days.

As usual, you can either wait for an OTA notification to appear automatically, or you can head into your Samsung KIES software or phone settings yourself to push the update manually. Google Now is waiting for you once you have finally updated, but how long are Verizon going to keep their US customers waiting?

The weeks are starting to drag on now and it can’t be good with delay after delay. If you have the Verizon Galaxy S3, let us know how you are feeling right now. Are you still prepared to wait it out for as long as possible, or are you starting to have feelings of regret?

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  • samori

    My friend has a s3 and received the update on Thursday..idk why Verizon hasn’t released this yt? I was told I cld “push” it and download it myself but seriously it all confuses me and I wld prob break my Verizon wld just release the update!

  • John Serafini

    A galaxy s3 running gingerbread is better than an iPhone. The iPhone is vastly inferior to an android. If you are one of those android users that is always crying about having to reboot your phone. You are dumb because it is you that is the problem not the phone. The iPhone is made for people who aren’t technologically with it.

  • verizon GS3 black

    This is how I look at it, I got the gs3 for its hardware and functions, if you want to complain about an update, then wait to get a phone that comes stock with it I.e. note2 or DNA. They don’t have to update these phones at all. But when blog sites announce a leaked ROM then everybody expects it.just be happy that you will get the update and not stuck on 4.0 or root your phone if you just wanna impress an iPhone user Google now

  • Stephie

    yeah I got I excited about getting the Jelly Bean update?,,yeah sure but if your phone is working right just have some damn ain’t gonna die if you don’t have Jelly Bean right away.

  • tdass

    maybe they are just waiting for the very next jelly bean update…
    rather than going to 4.1.1.. they will launch 4.1.2 that has started
    rolling out

  • While Verizon does provide good coverage, they suck at releasing updates in a timely fashion. This is an area where Verizon needs to greatly improve as they are being kicked in the butt by smaller carriers like T Mobile and Sprint in this area. Verizon, get your rear ends in gear and get the damn updates out ASAP.

  • Bennett Alston

    I’M REALLY MAD AT VERIZON. thats all. no reason we shouldn’t have it, and if they are going to push the users of Samsung’s flagship phone to the back burner, then that’s just a terrible marketing decision

  • rebellious_tony

    I had an iPhone 5 with Verizon and switched to the galaxy s3 because the new software was suppose to surpass the ios 6 on the iPhone. Now I am strongly regretting my decision to switch seeing that Verizon is lagging on the update. This is getting very discouraging when your phone is constantly messing up. I have never half an android screw up as much as my S3 does. Constantly freezing my messaging is always disappearing. And it is always locking up. On top of everything else you can barely hear it. Verizon needs to pull their heads out of theirs asses. “America’s top network” is starting to make me miss t-mobile.

  • blacklight

    I wouldn’t trade my galaxy s3 for anything but I would trade my scrap provider Verizon, as soon as this contract is up I’m pretty much done with them, all they do is drag their feet and see how they can milk the situation

  • Chilagurl

    I read that AT&T and Verizon have not put out the JellyBean update due to iPhone sales being way down, I guess they figure if they hold off iPhone sales will go up. SG3 is already top seller with ICS, it will be a blow to iPhone when Jellybean hits. Both carriers are also in with Apple, where Sprint and T Moblie are not (They have Jellybean update, cough, cough) Also right now Apple has a lawsuit against Samsung. All of these might play a factor in the update waiting game. Why Apple has to sue everyone, I don’t know. Android with ICS is nothing like iPhone with IOS imo…I have had the iphone 3GS and the 4S, and Switched to the GS3 over a month ago, and I’m loving it! I like that I have a choice on what I do and can do with my phone. If you think this wait for Jellybean is so bad or the GS3 is so awful, then go get a iPhone and have Apple control everything. There IOS on i5 is almost the exact same as i4 and i3…That’s why there’s so many disappointed iPhone 5 users, that are switching to the GS3 or another phone.

  • Matt

    I will be leaving Verizon soon, after removing the unlimited data and these ridiculously slow updates, it has nothing to do with money or what I could do. I will be leaving them out of principle. Simple as that.

  • I’ve been with verizon for a little over two years first with the Droid X , the DroidX2 and Now the GS3 and they have always been the slowest to rollout updates.

  • Trollolol

    LOL. Stop pissing your pants and just download the leaked version, geez. It’s the same flippin’ thing.

  • I’ve been waiting for awhile and every time I see a roll out from another carrier…I do tend to get upset. I know it’s coming but the question is when!

  • CLW

    I wish they would cater to their loyal customers who have been with them for years on end. I love my Samsung Galaxy S3, would never switch to the iPhone, but I am over this ridiculous wait for the Jelly Bean.

  • Moovster

    What about for the s3 unlocked phones bought in australia? is there an update for those of us who forked out a hefty sum to get the phone when it was new and unlocked. or do we have to wait for some carrier like optus to riddle it with there apps and delay updating before we get it to?

  • Moovster

    What about for the s3 unlocked phones bought in australia? is there an update for those of us who forked out a hefty sum to get the phone when it was new and unlocked. or do we have to wait for some carrier like optus to riddle it with there apps and delay updating before we get it to?

  • samito

    I regret being on Verizon, and moving to Sprint but no way I would get an iphone

  • Volks

    Hey guys, I just updated to 4.1.1 on SGS3 and for some reason when I open my call and message logs, It doesn’t show my contacts of who recently called or messaged me before I update, it just shows their number no name. BUT I still have the contacts on the phone. Does anyone have this problem?

  • Rod

    I am already running Android 4.2 on my Verizon galaxy S3. Its really not that hard. I am using Cyanogen Mod 10 unofficial nightly builds. Works great,no bloatware, super fast, long battery life, no problems whatsoever and great daily driver.
    The process was described below, first root, then unlock the bootloader, install clockwork mod, install cyanogen mod. not as has as you think. It is very very hard to brick your phone and if you screw up, you can always flash the firmware to stock and reset the firmware flashcount with triangleaway, no one will know you screwed with it.
    Just bite the bullet and go for it. I was on sprint before I came to verizon and it took sprint 6 months after everyone else to upgrade the S2 to ICS. Now that I’m on verizon, sprint has already upgraded the S3 to JB and verizon is now behind the 8 ball

    • Rod

      sorry I meant to say 4.1.2, not 4.2. 4.2 is in the works by the Cyanogen mod team.

  • I bought a Galaxy S3 on the day iPhone 5 came out after owning EVERY iPhone since the first one. Not only did I move to Android, I also switched from AT&T to Verizon. After 2 months…. I miss my iPhone. My S3 gets stuck, restarts and turns off at any slight drop. The battery life is atrocious and the reception has not improved much since leaving At&T, one of the big reasons that I switched. As a matter of fact my reception IN HOME is even worse now. Oh and the WIFI reception is much worse than with my Apple products. The screen is huge which has been great after squinting at my iPhone screen for years, but the truth is that the quality isnt amazing and the daytime/sunlight performance is downright terrible. The camera software is beyond bad. Half the pics and videos turn out blurry and it just keeps refocusing. And I always went to clubs and recorded videos and the sound on the iPhone was almost like being there. The microphone on this thing SUCKS !!!! Add to all this the fact that NOW I find out how bad Verizon is with the updates… I am having REAL buyers remorse. At the very least I want the Droid RAZR M which I got for my ex and she loves it. Maybe I should have waited for the Windows phone on Verizon.

    • falkor164

      sounds like an apple employee

      • nnbengboy2

        I would agree until reading his last comment. 🙂 . I will comment though that my wife loves her S3, and she is picky. I personally don’t like tough wiz but she has had no complaints.

        • I feel like I have a bad handset. Or maybe I just need to reset everything. Why the hell does it just turn off ??? Its disconcerting. And now I have to bring my iPhone 4 to clubs to use as camera. Ugh.

      • Me an apple employee ? How ? Why ?

  • CCoehick

    I just got the GS3 two days ago on Black Friday for 96 cents, so I will patiently await the update. I upgraded from an EnV3 and a 4th gen iPod touch and I couldn’t be happier.

  • dinesh

    buy international galaxy s 3 GT-I9300 you dont have to freak for update

    • ELY M.

      I am owner of this exact phone… no updates for me. how did you update your s3?

  • samerjak

    Everyone who says that they should of gotten the iPhone 5 instead of the GS3 because verizon or At&t are lagging on the updates is f*ckin stupid. The galaxy s3 is way more superior (even with ics) than the iphone in hardware and software, go ahead and get an iphone if u want to downgrade and be a conformist, the iphone is a piece of sh#t along with the nazi company

  • DislikeATT

    Really? How about AT&T in the US… Still no Jelly Bean Update for the GS3 either. These carriers take advantage of people and do not deliver post sale support of their products.

  • sean

    I bought the GS3 because I was tired of waiting for the ICS update for my Droid Incredible 2 (Still not out BTW) and T-Mobile and Sprint already have there updates out what about us Verizon?

  • Chabala

    This is getting ridiculous. The most popular phone on the market is getting left in the dust because Verizon is dragging their feet.

  • Iwearthebelt

    Don’t know what Verizon’s issue with putting out the JB update is??? I’ve been running the leaked build VRBLK1 now for about a week and can’t find a single flaw or bug in it. There’s no reason I can see not to release this update to their customers on the S3. It’s ready Verizon, release it!!!

  • lopiman42

    This is getting pathetic. I switched to Verizon from Sprint because of 4G coverage, which is good, but it really pi**es me off that they can’t have JellyBean available yet. Got your stuff together and allow us to use what we are paying a ton of money for!!!

    • ur_fuked_douche

      haha. . sucker!

  • Did the advent of jelly bean all of a sudden make your Ice cream sandwich OS break? The
    S3 was and still is an amazing piece of hardware. Not having google now yet doesn’t make me hate my phone or carrier. If your that impatient just root and download.

  • jazzmann327

    Seriously thinking about rooting. What would be the best way about doing this? Verizon has just made me angry for the last time.

    • Iwearthebelt

      I got fed up and did it a week ago. If you want to root, unlock and run the leaked build I recommend following the guide on XDAs site called “stock jelly bean factory images with root, custom recovery, unlocked bootloader and no data wipe”. Going this route will updateyou to the llatest build and keep all your apps data and settings intact. If you want a different rom like CM 10 you can just root and unlock your bootloader using a program on your computer called RootDebugfs to root, then download VZW GS3 EZ Unlock from the market. Just remember you void your warranty by doing this and there is always the chance somthing could go wrong. I recommend spending a week or so reading up on this process if you’ve never done it before. Make sure you understand what you’re doing before you do it.

      • gsrswap

        Coming from a previous iphone user and at&t customer this should shed some light. At&t has more “claimed 4g” coverage than verizon, which in reality is nowhere near as fast as 4gLTE, which in turn, is the only 4g that verizon offers through their service and they cover a much larger area than at&t. For all you other butt hurt verizon owners: bite the damn bullet and run a custom jelly bean touchwiz rom and enjoy the phone without bloatware. It was easy as pie for me and I always impress my at&t friends with my download speeds on 4g

      • I wouldn’t say read up for a week. Your instruction covered it pretty well. RootDebugfs is Gold, and makes the process very, very easy. Once you’ve followed the steps using RootDebugfs, MAKE SURE to download EZ Unlock from the market, to unlock your bootloader, or else you’ll have to find an Odin Image to help you out. I used Odin, and grabbed the non root – untouched – factory stock image of the latest leak, and flashed using ODIN. I was not rooted prior to flashing, and am still non-root, as if I’d just gotten my phone from the store. No need to have root, like these sites are claiming in order to flash the latest leak. Just find the correct tar, insert into the PDF section of ODIN, click start and let the process roll. Flashing this method, WILL ERASE YOUR DATA (APPS, APP DATA, CONTACTS, ETC) but the google store will start installing everything back on your device as soon as it gets setup, and Backup Assistant plus will bring all your contacts, etc. back to your device….

    • tdass

      maybe they are just waiting for the very next jelly bean update… rather than going to 4.1.1.. they will launch 4.1.2 that has started rolling out

  • kc

    Once my contract is up I will swith to another carrier. No more verizon for me

    • Good luck getting a 4G signal when you switch carriers…..

      • fher

        at&t has more 4g coverage than verizon

        • falkor164

          love people that are delusional

        • tdass

          Verizon does have more 4g coverage

        • nnbengboy2

          Technically you are both correct. At&t has more 4g coverage but Verizon has more 4g LTE coverage. At&t 4g is about 10mbps in my city. Verizon 4g LTE is around 50mbps but isn’t available where I live. Pros and cons to each.

        • Actually, you are only slightly wrong. Technically correct, slightly wrong. AT&T has the HSPA+ standard, which (although an offshoot of 4G) technically isn’t “4G” in the eyes of the technical community that classify standards. HSPA+ is extremely slower than the current 4G LTE Standard, with (nnben, you are correct) DL Speeds of around 7-12 Mbs download, whereas 4G LTE is approximately 20-40 down. I’m getting around 30-40 Down in my area with about 12 Mbs Upload speeds.) And when Verizon starts upgrading their towers yet again to the 4G LTE Advanced standard in 2014, after they’ve blanketed their entire coverage area with LTE, download speeds will be about 4 times as fast as AT&T’s supposed “4G” so technically, for most, 4G is only classified as faster speeds than 3G, the standard that is being used refers to the 4G LTE capability.

        • fukverizon

          got robbed yet from verizon!? haha u will if not. . BLOW ME VERIZON LOVERS

  • Ky

    Trust me, you aren’t missing much! I’m on Sprint & got the update already; not impressed!

  • Eddie

    Should have selected the iPhone 5 but since I am a loyal verizon customer I figure I would wait, but didn’t realize the wait would be this long…Have checked everyday for months now and still no update….My contract ends soon and Verizon will probably lose another loyal customer…Thanks VERIZON

  • bosoî74

    Nothing wrong with my ice cream version….it works great now so why make big deal of JB its not like its highly necessary….we can wait.

    • It’s not the point that ICS is already great… It’s more of the point that we are now two versions of Android old, the device can still spank all over most other devices out there, and there have been many, many, vast improvements to the OS’s as they’re released that would truly blow the IPhone out of the water. It’s also more of the point that Verizon is extremely slow at giving updates to their “flagship” devices, while the lower guys are spanking them at giving users the latest. It’s almost like a computer salesman. You can’t sell a gamer a computer running Windows 95, with 256MB of RAM, when there’s a system that quadruples that on the market. Yes the S3 is great, however, it’s not only Google Now in Jelly Bean (Although that is nice too). There’s Project Butter that speeds up the OS to even faster than is now, there have been some additions to the coding that help improve Battery Life, and the way that apps run, and the Voice system that is used, sounds more fluent, more human than the Mrs. Roboto that have been in the past. It’s easier to understand, easier to work, and things just move smoother. There’s a plethora of features that help make things easier. So to most, yes, JB and the Android 4.2 is a big deal when users have the latest and greatest. When you have the latest and greatest, you expect the latest and greatest. Not a version that is now 2, soon to be 3 versions of Android behind. And when you have the lowest rated carriers throwing updates at users, those that are on the top (have the latest and greatest, on a far bigger carrier than those that have updated their users) expect to stay on top. That’s how business works… You don’t want to lose selling shoes to your competition, because that puts you out of money, and ultimately work. You should strive to stay at the top, once you get there. (And yes, for your information, I am running Stock Non-Root Android 4.1 on my Verizon Galaxy S3 thanks to the latest leaks. Though I’m still trying to decide whether to root my device again and go with Android 4.1.2)

  • TomNJ61

    Leaked VRBLK1 4.1.1 rom here – works great

  • gtiguy92

    To all the people crying about it and saying u should of got a iPhone haha iPhones are junk and arnt on the same level as galaxy there way at the bottom

    • Ryan

      Traded my year old Samsung for an iPhone 5 a week ago and couldn’t be happier. I’ll never own another crap Android phone as long as I live.

      • james

        Went from crap to a piece POS?

      • gtiguy92

        Cuz there for retards and easy to use iPhones are garbage

      • iphonesucks

        fuk the iphone(s) 4 and 5

    • Random

      All of these comments coming from people who can’t spell or use the right version of there, their, they’re… just saying…

      • tdass

        hahahaha… good one!

  • Tim Armes

    This is crap u would think verison being so big would have let other out by now

  • Madashell

    What happen to customer service? We pay our bills on time but our being a valued customer seems like it means nothing. Do your job and hook us up.

  • cntrybywlkr

    I’m on AT&T and still don’t have the update either. It is getting very frustrating. I also keep hearing about downloading the update via KIES, which is also not an option when the update roles out because KIES says the Galaxy S3 is not supported for updates through its program. Is this an AT&T limitation? Has anyone else had KIES list their Galaxy S3 as unsupported for updates?

    • I’ve got a Verizon S3, and Kies 2.0 isn’t supported on that device either… From what I understand, the U.S. Variants are locked out of Kies…. Freakin’ carriers…. Guess I should have bought an International, Unlocked Version… Without all the useless carrier bloat, and crapware they put on ’em…

  • rob

    This is getting past the point of frustration. We have been waiting
    months for Verizon to update to 4.1.1 and this version of the android OS
    isn’t even the latest. I am thinking hard about not using another
    android phone due to the update problems and switch to an iphone (which i
    thought i would never do)

    • Freakin’ Samsung wants to beat crapple, what they need to do is say, screw the Carrier “requirements” and just release one single damn phone, worldwide. Then when it’s time to update, do like Crapple does and release the damn updates…. I think part of that blame should fall on Google as well, considering every release, major or not, they send the full code to the Manufacturers. What Google needs to do is what Microsoft does with Windows. Add only the features to get updated (ie, camera with 4.2, or the Swype-like function) and package those as an update. (Like Microsoft Windows Service Packs) (changing of course, the Android Version as well) Carriers wouldn’t have to “approve” the latest versions, as they’d get to keep all their crapware installed, and we’d get the updates within (my bet) 2 weeks of release, if that. If Samsung, or the carriers find bugs, then the carriers can release Maintenance releases (Like Microsoft Update, which installs all the KB…….. items) Hell, I’d even bet it’d be before 2 weeks we’d see updates, and there’d be no more pissed customers… All problems solved!

      • nnbengboy2

        So basically you’re asking Google / Manufacturers to do what the root community already does. 😉 There is a lot of red tape to get past before your request is possible, sad to say.

        • Maybe they should take a lesson from the playbook of the Greatest Developers out there that provide great ROM’S… I’m only stating the obvious…. Google talks about how the majority of their devices are still on Froyo/Gingerbread, and I’ve got a perfect solution to that. I don’t believe there’d be an enormous amount of red tape to get past. It wouldn’t be that complicated to do, either. (Apple in essence does it already by controlling when they release ios to devices) When a device is released to the wild, obviously it comes with all the bloatware that manufact’s/carriers choose to put on the device. That’s when the entire source code should be released to the manufacturers, who then release it to the public. If there are new versions of Android, (released by Google) then Google should hand out what items get updated, directly to the carrier and send them straight to us. Let’s say that the only difference between Android 4.1.2 and 4.2 is the new camera feature, and the keyboard. Well Google should only release the code for those two updates, and bypass the Manufacturers to send straight to their devices. That way, we get the updates to our phones much, much quicker than waiting for the poor fools at Verizon to write, rewrite, and write again the ENTIRE source code, adding all their crapware. (That crapware stays, because Google/Manufacturers don’t have to touch that part of the code) The manufacturers have released the source code, so each time Google updates versions, and releases the code, 1. They [developers] then don’t have to worry about messing with the entire code (Which will cause updates with our Great Custom ROM’s to get released much much faster) and 2. The carriers don’t have to mess with writing, rewriting, and writing again the entire source code. Faster updated phones = Happier customers. Users still get the Touchwiz, Sense, etc experience, Verizon still gets to keep their crapware installed, and the end user gets updates much, much, much faster.

          And….. That means that the carriers themselves won’t have to spend as much time as they do, when it comes to ironing out all these damn bugs that comes from adding all their crap…. If they still want to send out their own Maintenance releases, they can in between updates, which further keeps the end user happy…. I can’t honestly see where there’d be little, if any red tape that would have to happen. It’s a win-win for everyone, including our great Dev community to update in this fashion.

  • Damarkus13

    When exactly did AT&T roll out the 4.1.1 update?

    • cntrybywlkr

      I know that this is not the only post I have read that mentions only Verizon, but have not heard AT&T has or dates of when it should be released. Similar to Verizon forgetting their S3 customers, bloggers and other journalists are forgetting about AT&T.

  • Widkidone

    Looks like I am going to terminate my contact and move to another carrier

  • bigman

    Starting to feel like a mule verizon dangling that carrot in front a me. Almost wish i would have listened to my kids and went the iphone 4s or 5. This bull####!