iOS 6 jailbreak exemption for iPad, iPhone 5

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2012

As we enter the busy Thanksgiving weekend, iOS users still do not have the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 that they had hoped for as the perfect gift. Some new details have emerged within the last few hours, citing one iOS 6 hacker who isn’t afraid to stop working on the software once the new jailbreak DMCA rules come into effect, making a jailbreak for devices like the iPad 4 illegal.

It’s fair to say that the jailbreak process for iOS 6 is taking longer than expected – both for eager consumers and for the developers / hackers that are trying to crack Apple’s reinforced code. Today we have some interesting information to share with you, coming directly from p0sixNinja – a hacker formerly associated with the Chronic Dev Team, who have been responsible for software such as GreenPois0n in the past.

He has updated his Twitter account to reveal that there are no plans to stop attempting to jailbreak the iPad 4 or any other device for that matter, as soon as the new DMCA rules are brought into place as explained in our previous article here. P0sixNinja has revealed that an original exemption never stopped them before and now the rules have been set in place – hackers can’t be scared to ‘bend or break these rules.’

Additionally, we also get a little insight into the sheer task that these iOS 6 developers are facing, as he also reveals that Apple’s protections within iOS 6 are ‘ridiculous’ and are locked up to an extent which they haven’t seen before on previous iOS releases.

We also get a reminder that the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak release is going to be a ‘long slow process’. We’ve said before that we didn’t think the jailbreak would be released before the end of the year and now it looks like we may have to wait until 2013 for some progress instead.

Of course, these are the thoughts of one iOS 6 hacker only, as there surely are plenty of others who are trying to achieve the same goal. What are your thoughts on the process continuing after the DMCA has made it illegal?

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  • vivek

    still tethered jailbreak for iphone 4s,5, not came…guyzzz…..
    dont trust on hacking team to release directly untethered………..

  • iwantmineJailbroke

    to me they hold these conventions and discuss how they have achieved jailbreaks etc and run workshops thus no untethered jailbreak because apple go to these events as well and watch twitter etc so will just fill the gaps and holes…..also i have a jailbroken 3gs old bootrom on ios 6.0.2 untethered any iphone 5 owners want to swap…;p

  • They are to busy locking everything up instead of fixing the basics like battery drainage etc… common fix the bloody software.

  • nijaturtle

    DCMA is a US entity, what about he rest of the world where its legal to Jailbreak as much as you want?

    more iOS devices elsewhere in the world….

  • Hal

    Just sold my iPhone 5 and bought S3. My gosh it is an awesome phone. Like everyone I was very narrow minded. Always thinking apple was better until I switches over. I guess you will not know until you try it.

  • Mangga

    Just wait more better because we need good jailbreak and no bug or anything. Let them release a perfect jailbreak for ios 6 a5!device

  • rench

    if this is passed, Apple will really “feel” the sales of their devices slowing down. Thousands, maybe millions out there, who buys an idevice so that they can jailbreak it afterwards will begin stay away from these devices….

  • Joeb

    Come on need to jailbreak this ipad 4 😀

  • Tanzil

    All the android fans who keep trying to sell the iPhone lovers a different OS please stop and anyone who is going to try and buy a jailbreak is getting ripped off. Jailbreaking is free and if you pay $5 for it you are falling into a massive scam. I use both apple and android together because personally I think a phone is a phone. Apple has its advantages and disadvantages so does android. Last thing is android is made by google who let hackers tweak the software but apple has more secure OS as it wants users to have a simple and easy experience. Everyone has a preference and I like a bit of both, it’s why I jailbroke my iPod on ios 5.1.1.

  • Snowi

    Iv been with iphones for 3 years changed to android, its like being freed from prison!! Can do everything iphone can and more, while u guys wait for intelliscreen, sbs settings etc il do those just now on my android:-)
    Move on people ios will close down any jailbreaks soon while android allows it, do the sums!!

  • Andrew

    Everyone bitching about no jailbreak yet why dont you stop bitching about it you could be having the jailbreak by doing it yourself instead of bitching

    • Mike

      Shut up. Kthx

  • Joeorvol

    If jailbreaking is still an option with threats of legal action I surely dont mind waiting! I do hope the legal threats will move hackers to just post a warning for US jailbreakers and still have it available. THANKS to all hackers and their work. I like to donate to their cause!

  • Mmmmmmmichael

    I just get on here to read all the peanut gallery responses.

  • Yongtc70

    No more iPhone will change it to Samsung😝

  • H

    Devteam soon plz

  • H

    They will have soon just chill

  • Chris Higgins

    I don’t know what’s everybody’s fussing about.. be patient iPhones are the best phones androids suck even when u root them these guys provide the jailbreak for free for our pleasure remember without them jailbreaks wouldn’t exist I have faith that a unthethered jailbreak will be here soon poisixninja is working on something to ensure future jailbreaks for all future idevices so everyone who is crying for a jailbreak relax those hackers are hard at work!!!!!!!

    • Mike Bongiovanni

      Although some of these people may appreciate your love for your toy iPhone, but let me assure you and any other people who don’t understand the Android – you have NO CLUE what you’re talking about. Sure, it’s fine for playing Angry Birds and flipping through picutres – but the sheer number of options, customizations and darn flippin’ coolness is exactly what makes the iPhone a baby’s toy. Haha. “androids suck…” – that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all day. The Galaxy S3 has solidified these facts? Comon now! LOL! So enjoy your iPhoney along with your binky!

  • Bahaa

    F this waiting for till 2013 wow I’d rather pay for red poison

  • i dont get it.. why you get a phone with features that you are not fully happy with? me as president of apple will do this,, Iphone 8 standar IOS, Iphone 8 Premium IOS (jailbreak already) extra $100.. all happy?

  • after reading all this.. why you would buy a phone that you aren’t happy with what it offers because later on you want to add extra features by jailbreaking it? … i can see in the future, Iphone 8 Standar IOS and for $100 more IOS 8 Premium (jailbreak) i think apple have been very slow in making more money out of this……

  • DoubleBubble

    Jailbreak this “hottie” soon man!! Can’t wait to nomore. The baby(iphone 5) is too hot to handle, lets give it her.

  • Neo

    It sucks cause i have been waiting for a jailbreak on the iphone 5 ever since i got it. i believe they should be able to get a jailbreak out before the end of the year i mean thats plenty of time. Even though they are doing it for free im willing to pay $5 if i have too so i can jailbreak my iphone 5 it’s well worth it. Hoping for a jailbreak before the end of the year cause i need all those extra features on my iphone 5

    • JM

      youre willing to pay five whole dollars? damn… why are they taking so long? Five whole dollars! they could quit their jobs!

      Seriously they’re volunteering. Be thankful that they’re trying. It’s work that is unbelievable complicated and far beyond the average person’s, including myself, abilities

  • lawlson

    All these damn blogs are garbage. Speculation and that’s it. I for one have a good feeling they’ll release it in time for even a late Christmas gift. Can’t be much longer, but I’m in no hurry. They’re devoting all that hard work to us for free.

  • Morpheus

    Lets think hard here, does anyone else here know how to jailbreak any ios device without using a dev team exploit? If you don’t, then you have no idea how hard it is to complete. Even an app takes months, so relax. If they were ready they would release it, also they never release before .1 update.

  • p0isixninja said he only needs a few more addresses and thats it we have BootROM exploit JB its forever aswell so most likely Christmas eve

    • I think they’ll just release it when it’s done. It’s not like they’re sitting waiting for a holiday to put it out – they’re hackers not companies :p

  • Jonathan

    Common guys it took the ipad and 4s ten months to jailbreak ios 5 we can’t even wait two to three months! Like oh my god no cracked apps ima die I’m 15 I have bought all my apps from my job as a landscaper and in not complaning. The only thing I jail broke for was for the tweaks and intelliscreen and iap free but don’t see me dieing like learn to wait

    • KoukiDawg

      like seriously these 13 year olds can’t appreciate these guys hard work.

  • Oh my god….I’m gonna have to wait till 2013????????? I’m gonna die…I need to install cracked apps…now I can’t even downgrade to ios 5.1.1! Ios is the most advanced os but only with jailbreak….

  • So horrible to be stuck in idiot mode.. Now you all realise what the “i” stands for huh?

    • Jack

      I think this will be my last iPhone. Droid will be next! HTC. Can’t customize and apple thinks they know what’s best for me, but they don’t.

      Thanks to all the hackers that gave me a reason to buy an iPhone.

      • No1453

        i agree heartily that I don’t need Apple telling me what I can and can’t run on my own device (an iPad 3). I’ll move on to a tablet with an open architecture (in a few years) if they keep it up. (which is almost definite.)

  • :’)

  • Gilby1