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Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean importance for 4.2 update

How is your current experience at the moment with your Samsung Galaxy S3 handset? Are you still enjoying the device as when you first bought it, or has software update delays dampened your mood a little bit? The Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is now available for most devices, however Verizon is still refusing to give their customers a timeline on when they’ll be pushing it out.

With Verizon customers the last ones to the Android update party yet again, many consumers who already have the Jelly Bean update are now starting to look ahead at a potential Android 4.2 update and the likelihood of Samsung and respective carriers providing the new features to users.

The good news, is that Samsung has already been quoted as saying that they are looking into the possibility of updating their Galaxy portfolio to Android 4.2. However, that quote also mentions that rollout plans will be announced ‘in due course’, which obviously could take months yet for this to actually be of any substance to users.

Samsung are infamous for their slow Android updates and devices like the Galaxy S3 could see an extended wait for getting an update to Android 4.2. We’ve seen little said by the company on the chances of this happening, but really we shouldn’t be hearing anything at all, until they have successfully updated every single Galaxy S3 variant to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Having said that, many of you believe that it is Verizon to blame and not Samsung for Verizon’s Jelly Bean update and it’s safe to say that the chances are very slim of their version getting Android 4.2 around the same time as say the Sprint and AT&T models.

Is the Android 4.2 update really worth getting stressed about though? New features such as Photosphere and Gesture Typing are available, but other than that it really is a minor improvement to the main features that came with the core Jelly Bean update. There has also been some well documented problems with the Android 4.2 update that are starting to make some Galaxy Nexus consumers wish they hadn’t updated.

As a Galaxy S owner who is already enjoying the fruits of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, what importance do you place the Android 4.2 update? Do you want it badly, or are you more concerned on whether the device will be updated to Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie instead?



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