Black Ops 2 DLC for zombies within map packs

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2012

Have you managed to complete the main easter eggs inside Black Ops 2 zombies? If you have, there is probably nothing else to do other than try to get to the highest level possible. The good news, is that Treyarch has already confirmed that DLC zombie maps are on the way – a total of four main map packs in a new format that will replace Call of Duty Elite that was used in Modern Warfare 3.

The four map packs included in the Black Ops 2 DLC Season Pass in the space of one year, should give us four brand new zombie maps to play. Then of course, you have the addition of Nuketown zombies on top of that for anyone who didn’t get it with a pre-order bonus the first time around. After playing Tranzit for hours on end every single day though since launch, what are you expecting from Treyarch from the new content?

If Treyarch are really good at one thing, it is knowing how to mix up gameplay and provide a lot of variety compared to other maps. The maps that featured in each Black Ops DLC map packs were amazing, with each giving players different environments to explore with new features unique to that particular map.

Take the Moon map for example – how many of you expected Treyarch to take zombies over to the moon? Call of The Dead featuring celebrities and then again with Five are also perfect examples of Treyarch thinking outside of the box to give zombie fans something fresh to play with release.

Infinity Ward may have been guilty perhaps of releasing content which doesn’t offer variety in the past, but Treyarch’s zombie map pack releases have always been spot on and we rarely see any criticisms of Black Ops zombie maps ever when reviews land. There may only be one map to play at the moment, two if you have Nuketown zombies, but Green Run has been built in a way where it is going to provide gamers with hours of non stop fun.

How do you see the first Black Ops 2 zombies DLC map panning out? Will Treyarch release another map that is playable in both Tranzit and Survival, or will they stick to just Tranzit or Survival specifically? Obviously, we hope that it is another map similar in scale to Green Run, but in a completely different location.

Just to remind you, these map packs will be available individually for around 1200 Microsoft Points. You can buy them outright if you choose, or you can cough up $50 for the Black Ops 2 DLC Season Pass, which will score you all four map packs at a discounted price – a saving of about $10.

Unfortunately, the DLC Season Pass will still be associated with Microsoft’s infamous under the table agreement, which means that the four DLC map packs will land on Xbox 360 first, before arriving on other platforms an expected one month later. If you have enjoyed playing zombies on Green Run, let us know what you want to see in the next map.

Are you definitely buying the Season Pass, or are you getting the map packs individually instead?

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  • Zombieslaya

    I personally hope they get ride of tranzit, because i dont like how the main maps are so small, its impossibel to run zombies in them, and all the fire makes me go down half the time, and im not a noob zombie player, i hope they go back to like kino der toten, and moon, moon was one of the funniest because of the difficulty, and all of what they added, but i miss the old classic survival maps, rather than this go on a bus and wait 1 hour before getting jug, some people like me, go down a lot without jug, but stay up forever with jug

  • coltonf

    thatd be cool to have a new enemy like a necromorph looking thing, dead space mixed with the call of duty fps shooting system would be amazing

  • BTKbigtimekill

    i pre-ordered black ops 2 hoping to get nuketown 2025, which i did. The thing that is full of crap is that i didn’t get nuketown zombies but i get the multiplayer? Now i have to spend antother $50 just to get it. Treyarch, i love black ops 2 but this is a rip off.

  • MOD-2er

    STOP saying moon was a bad map it was the sickist

  • MOD-2er

    Things i want back in new zombie maps.
    PHD Flopper – best perk besides juggernog
    The hacker from the moon which is the best part of equipment from any zombie map.
    Thunder Gun/ Wave Gun or some sort of wonrer weapon as powerful as these.

  • kiduknow

    I am excited for the new map packs, moon did not live up to expectations, it’s one problem was the stupid drills, at least in my opinion. I’m hoping the next map does not follow the bus, just to change things up,but instead is a huge maps with tons of doors, so many that it’s near impossible to open all of them, unless you’re very skilled. they can bring back the bus/train/tranzit thing after this, just want gameplay to vary.

  • Dark M3rc3n4ry

    I hope they give us 4 new TranZits . This is possible as the maps within green run are so small compared to the survival ones in black ops 1 it wouldnt take up too much space to include in the DLC package.Or maybe they should build upon the existing TranZit by adding on an extra map each time with new easter eggs ,buildables, wonder guns etc. But if worst comes to worst i hope at the very least they bring out a new survival map each package then at the end of the last drop combine them into a new well-developed amazingly spectacular TranZit. Anyway you go about it, the fans want more TranZit.


    I think that they should come up with a new zombie mode in the next DLC where there’s a team of seven against one. Where the one person is a zombie and has tp infect the seven others. Not exactly original but it’d be tons of fun. Zombie could possibly have perks of their own allowing them to lunge farther or run faster? For balance? As for maps id like to see something not so foggy and dark.

  • Had a thought after seeing apollo 18 after a while. Has been on tv lately. Well i kinda thought treyarch should bring the moon map to black ops 2. This time more on the dark sixe. A twist involved im sure they can come up with. Otherwise i’ll give my idea on it but there is room for the cosmonauts contaminated by the rocks and of course has to alien rocks

  • josh barboza hmu

    Zombies on an airplane or a boat

    • colton

      theyre on a boat motherfucker, dont you ever forget

  • s money zomb

    i liked ascension n der reise make on like that with multiple teleporters n goals n acheivements….

  • ninja926

    better maps better weapons and better perk access and maps where you can get on things and somewhere to sniper otherwise what is the point of sniper rifles

  • tottinghamboss

    They should totally do a Dead Island style map. Starting to get fed up with playing zombies in the dark, Would be pretty decent if they mixed it up a bit more and combined zombies with sun, sea and STDs.

  • enjoi

    i was a bit disappointed with moon to be honest. i love playing on it but i feel like they got kind of lazy on it and just threw random stuff in there at times. i would like to see a map where you start on a plane and then you have a certain time limit to survive until landing at whatever location the plane lands ( similar to how the beginning of moon was but instead counting down. ) to me i love accension, verruckt and der reise i was so glad when they brought back the waw maps.

    • DT

      Obviously you haven’t done the easter egg to say they got lazy with moon

    • MOD-2er

      in other words you like basic maps and then say they were lazy with moon when it was the map with the more features than any other. you are obviously so noob you didn’t even notice some of the cool things in moon like the hacker.

  • Jayden53092

    “Five” and Verruckt are the best zombie maps. With Kino being third. I have to say i am a bit disappointed with zombies on BO2. all the maps are aligned with each other and Town and Farm are from Bus Depot. i love it, but treyarch should have thrown in Nuketown Zombies for free with that bunch

    • Silver Skeeter

      five and verruckt were the 2 shittiest maps ever. i agree tho i am also disappointed wit these new zombie maps, but i do like how you can start at round twenty if only they made a bigger map like moon that doesnt involve a bus. because cmon if you didnt like moon than your just retarded. And me n my friend were talking about the mutiplayer zombies where u have to kill zombies and other players to earn killstreaks so no one is able to camp. cuz nobody loves campers!!!! and id also like PHD flopper and all of the old wonder weapons back that would be nice cuz the new one u have to build sucks.

  • Jeremy Parks

    an idea for a zombie map on Black Ops2 is Club Solar it takes place after the a7x music video and after the song the zombies show up and you can play as Grandpa Fank Woods, Matthew Sanders (Singer of A7x), Synyster Gates (lead Guitarist), and Menendez. and in this one i think you should be able to find other people who will fight with you until they die for like 10,000 points and Harper,and David Mason will fight with you until they die i mean it sounds like a great idea!

    • Jeremy Parks

      *Frank Woods

  • bettabetter

    moon map ruled what crack are you smoking

  • Gbae

    can you play the old maps on black ops 2 zombies how much zombie maps can you play that come with the game i hope you can answer

  • coltsrule179

    I think that they need to bring the old characters back. Except Richtofin of course because he’s controlling the zombies.

  • Blaine

    Zombies on a train!

    • cripper

      I would like to see zombies on a plane! Where you could run out onto the wings, the plane lands and you can run around the hangar, that sort of thing.

    • smother

      DEFINITELY that would be epic

  • Glenn the 3rd= xbox gamertag

    They should have multiplayer maps for like team death matches, catcher the flag, ect with zombies roaming around, popping up from the ground attacking random players taking away players killstreaks. killing zombies = 1/3 or 1/2 of getting a killstreak then killing a regular player. it be epic. having new killstreak rewards that make the zombies attack the other team and making full on sprint. hell hounds. they should try making this work.

  • Ababidibubidi

    I bought the Hardened Edition for one reason and one reason only: so I didn’t have to pay for all future DLC’s. Apparently, I’m going to have to buy a Season Pass if I want that feature, which is a complete and total disappointment.

    I hope that the DLC’s will be new locations on Earth, hopefully not only in the US. I also hope that the new locations will present new TranZit’s, with maybe a subway system or a train instead of a bus.

    In reality though what will happen is that they will only release new survival maps, within the US, due to the limited space available in DLC content (especially since its usually 3 multiplayer maps and 1 zombie map).

    DISA-wait for it-POINTMENT

    • Pager

      When did they ever say that the hardened package would come with that… oh here it is… oh wait, never.

    • You obviously didn’t use your God given eyes to read the description of the product before you bought it.

  • Aenigma Deorum

    I’m hoping for another map the scale of Green Run, with the option of playing 3 areas separately in Grief and Survival. Maybe with different characters too, depending on where this map takes place.

    • JT

      Agreed, they should make a new map like Green Run and then have playable areas for survival. I am disappointed with survival mode though, it feels like an afterthought to Tranzit.

      • Rafiki

        I’m sure it was an after thought, just to give people who dislike Tranzit a chance to enjoy zombies the way they like to enjoy it, surviving. The after thought is okay and appropriate imo. I play zombies with people who have never or barely played before and survival is good for those who need to learn how to rape train zombies and survive hordes. My ultimate goal is to complete the easter egg in tranzit with my friends before the DLC and because of survival they are getting better. Survival is not AS fun as tranzit imo but it’s good practice.

  • Nemesis96

    Does anyone know when is the latest you can get the season pass? Because, I want it, but I’ll probably get it for Christmas.
    3arc is going to do something amazing for the next zombie map, I just know it!!! Just think how awesome moon was in comparison to Kino, and apply that to Tranzit! Is gonna be insane!

    • Your Daddy

      Moon sucked. It was one of the worst zombie maps made. Your obviously a fan of mediocrity.

      • Aenigma Deorum

        Or maybe he just has a different opinion than you?

      • cripper

        no it did not suck. It was as good as tranzit. you probably just sucked at it. Change your username to ISuckAtZombies theres a good fella

      • coltsrule179

        I’ll second this one. Moon is either the worst or second worst (excluding dead ops) map for zombies out there. But I do agree for the first two dlc maps 3arc did nothing but improve.

      • Pager

        lol Moon was the best, you probably just suck at zombies.

    • biorage292

      you can get it then and if anymap packs come out before then you will automaticly get those right away and so on and so fourth but ya u can get em then