Apple iOS 6 Maps vs. Google, revisited with WP8

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 24, 2012

Apple still have a long way to go with iOS 6 Maps, especially when it comes to the faults that users are reporting and the speed at which they’re getting fixed, although we still recommend you report a problem the moment you see one with Apple maps in iOS 6. We touched on the importance of a button before when comparing Apple’s iOS 6 vs. Google maps, which both services focus a lot of attention on getting users to report issues. Today we want to revisit how Google maps compares to Apple maps, which is thanks to a review that also bring Windows Phone 8 into the mix as well.

Apple iOS 6 Maps vs. Google vs. WP8 – one of the best articles we’ve found comparing all three solutions has to be found on MacWorld in their article here, which takes a detailed look at the three map apps. They start by giving a little insight into Apple Maps, the Windows Phone 8 option powered by Nokia, and also the latest version of Google Maps. We then get to see a number of searches with the different mapping software in screenshots side-by-side. The reviewer also looks at other mapping aspects of Apple Maps, Google Maps, and WP8, which includes turn-by-turn navigation. In a nutshell they made Windows Phone 8 the loser and obviously Google maps the winner, with Apple’s iOS 6 maps fitting somewhere in-between.

It is worth noting that the Apple maps problem affects some iOS 6 users more – all users get the same service, but how big the issues are will depend on where you are in the world and how you use iOS 6 maps. Some of PR’s readers are so upset they’re even asking Apple to “revert to Google Maps for iOS 6“, which they feel could be done with say the iOS 6.1 update. While this sounds great for some consumers, don’t expect it to happen as it would be a massive signal of failure for Apple.

If you own a device running iOS 6, would you like to see the option for Google maps return instead of Apple’s new maps? There is also the option of Nokia Here, which you can read about in this article but we’d love to know if you’ve decided to opt for this app rather than the default Apple maps within iOS 6?

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  • B

    Is this really a question, apple made a bad move attempting maps and this has ruined apples image. Google maps was great apple maps is terrible. I would move to android tomorrow if I wasn’t locked in a contract.

  • cinamonsticks

    I would rather move to android than update to ios 6 and apple crap maps.

  • Lerxst

    Return. Now.