Wii U sales won’t be deterred by haters

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2012

The Nintendo Wii U may be taking a beating in some areas of the media due to various launch problems that occurred recently, but that still won’t affect the Wii U sales from slowing down in any way according to one analyst. Michael Pachter has been speaking about the console’s outlook this week and he still thinks Nintendo will be laughing once the end of the year sales are recorded and accounted for.

Having said that, you can’t deny that some of the problem perhaps should have and could have been prevented by Nintendo by studying their system a little more prior to launch. By this we’re talking about the well documented freezing problems that users have been complaining about, freeze problems which need a hard reset afterwards and have been acknowledged by Nintendo on the official support website.

Then you have other lingering issues, such as the Nintendo Network ID situation as well which users aren’t too happy about either. With that said and done, there are some very positive news to remind you about as well. Black Ops 2 on Wii U is arguably the most impressive version compared to Xbox 360 and PS3, while only this week we found out that the system ‘secretly’ supports 3D playback on the GamePad as well which is really nice.

So is the Wii U really in trouble, or is the negativity just catching on without any substance? Infamous gaming analyst Michael Pachter believes that Nintendo doesn’t have anything to worry about, with Nintendo still on course to sell out of all Wii U stock until March 2013 after initial units are snapped up by US gamers and then by EU consumers as well, when the device goes on sale at the end of the month.

He also commented on the negativity that is swirling around over Nintendo’s new console as well, saying that it is unlikely to stop during the holiday period and will continue on until next year. In terms of Christmas sales, Pachter believes that Nintendo will go on to sell an estimated 3 million Wii U units during this period and will then be sold out completely.

What are your thoughts on the Wii U, after seeing all of the apparent ‘hate’ that is going on over at various messaging boards online? Are you disappointed with the console truthfully, or do you think that Nintendo has got a winner on their hands with the Wii U and will only continue to get better in 2013?

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  • Paul Phillips

    Looking forward to getting mine next friday, to be honest some of the problems occurred do make me wonder if I’m going to like it as much as I’d hoped but it wont stop me liking it as much as my XBOX which is slow between menu’s too, netflix takes about 30seconds to load, my console takes almost a minute to turn on and let me launch a game from my hard drive and when it receives updates your not supposed to turn it off or you could damage the hard drive. All things I was hoping the Wii U wouldn’t do but makes no major difference that it does just brings it in line with my XBOX. I just hope Ninty release a larger battery pack for the gamepad, and if they dont then I’m sure someone will as I have a 3rd party rechargeable battery pack in my 3DS which doubles the playing time 🙂

  • Pachter is a fickle one isn’t he?

  • Monster Hunter bundle it and I’m sold.

  • Ian Mcdonald

    I will give it some time before I purchase the console.Bring me Zelda HD and I’m sold.

  • Chris C

    I think it’s a total winner that is simply half-baked. It’s only going to get better! The load times will get faster, enhanced battery-life for the GamePad is surely coming down the pike, fewer and fewer patches will be necessary, the TVii application coming in December sounds like a real winner, Developers will make innovative ground-breaking use of the dual-screen set up and utilize the full power of the machine, being able to buy and use a 2nd GamePad will be coming shortly, Indie Developers love the new relationship Nintendo is forging with them and will be all over the Wii U, being able to draw your Mii-Verse messages is a hit, the Web-Browser is the best on any console…in short, 90% of the problems, including the major ones, are fixable and everything else that Nintendo has already done right will continue to be enhanced.

  • A lot of my friends are taking a “wait & see” approach. But once they see it, they’re going to want it. Black Ops 2 has more playing options on the Wii U than it does on any other console, including the PC.And the Miiverse is the best online service that I’ve ever come across, yeah, way better than XBL. Audio/video chat and a full set of forums. And surprisingly, the forums are the most impressive. I’m spending more time in the forums that I am playing games!