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Select PS3 users get Skyrim Dawnguard on PC

Most homes have a PC, but many gamers moved to console systems for their gaming fix years ago. Having said that, more and more people are now returning to the PC, a platform which is home to the best graphics available on any platform. With the uncertainty still looming in the air though regarding the PS3 Dawnguard DLC expansion, PS3 users are now starting to turn their back on the console, just to play Dawnguard on PC thanks to Bethesda’s frustrating delay tactics.

We’ve seen an increasing amount of forum posts from PS3 users who state that they’re missing Skyrim DLC so much, that jumping back on the PC is the only alternative to play that elusive first expansion pack for the game. Not everyone has the luxury of owning both a PS3 and PC though and even then, their PC has to be of a certain high standard just to play Skyrim without any freezing problems – not such an easy task, with many avid gamers wanting Skyrim to look as glorious as possible.

Divert your attention to this interesting thread we picked out on Reddit. It tells the story of one frustrated PS3 gamer who has now given in and reverted to the PC version of the game instead. Despite conjuring up over 70 hours on his PS3 Skyrim career, he is now asking fellow Redditeers for help on some of the best PC mods available for the game – a wise move in our opinion.

Further down the same thread, we see another PS3 to PC defector who has made his decision purely to play the Dawnguard expansion after being an ‘extensive’ PS3 player – how many of you have already done the exact same thing, or are planning to do this if the dire situation continues with Bethesda’s lack of communication?

Are you in the position where you have a PC, but can’t play Skyrim due to low hardware specifications so you are effectively stuck on the PS3 version regardless? It is a really sad situation that many PS3 owners find themselves in, when all it takes is a simple Tweet to say if it is coming or not. Well, a certain DLC is coming to PS3 – but Bethesda hasn’t said whether it is Dawnguard or Dragonborn.

Do you follow the chap above in moving from PS3 to PC, just to play the Dawnguard expansion? How many of you have the luxury of being able to switch platforms at any time?



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