Select PS3 users get Skyrim Dawnguard on PC

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2012

Most homes have a PC, but many gamers moved to console systems for their gaming fix years ago. Having said that, more and more people are now returning to the PC, a platform which is home to the best graphics available on any platform. With the uncertainty still looming in the air though regarding the PS3 Dawnguard DLC expansion, PS3 users are now starting to turn their back on the console, just to play Dawnguard on PC thanks to Bethesda’s frustrating delay tactics.

We’ve seen an increasing amount of forum posts from PS3 users who state that they’re missing Skyrim DLC so much, that jumping back on the PC is the only alternative to play that elusive first expansion pack for the game. Not everyone has the luxury of owning both a PS3 and PC though and even then, their PC has to be of a certain high standard just to play Skyrim without any freezing problems – not such an easy task, with many avid gamers wanting Skyrim to look as glorious as possible.

Divert your attention to this interesting thread we picked out on Reddit. It tells the story of one frustrated PS3 gamer who has now given in and reverted to the PC version of the game instead. Despite conjuring up over 70 hours on his PS3 Skyrim career, he is now asking fellow Redditeers for help on some of the best PC mods available for the game – a wise move in our opinion.

Further down the same thread, we see another PS3 to PC defector who has made his decision purely to play the Dawnguard expansion after being an ‘extensive’ PS3 player – how many of you have already done the exact same thing, or are planning to do this if the dire situation continues with Bethesda’s lack of communication?

Are you in the position where you have a PC, but can’t play Skyrim due to low hardware specifications so you are effectively stuck on the PS3 version regardless? It is a really sad situation that many PS3 owners find themselves in, when all it takes is a simple Tweet to say if it is coming or not. Well, a certain DLC is coming to PS3 – but Bethesda hasn’t said whether it is Dawnguard or Dragonborn.

Do you follow the chap above in moving from PS3 to PC, just to play the Dawnguard expansion? How many of you have the luxury of being able to switch platforms at any time?

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  • Lord Nex

    WTF Why would they do that i have a PC what can barley play oblivion and i have had skyrim since day 1, this is stupid just give us the DLC on pc i dont want to buy a £800 just for skyrim -_-

  • pissedofguy

    dont buy dishonored pirate it! F*** them.

  • John

    So someone posts on a forum and it makes a blog. How do you know he wasn’t trolling? Here is something for your next Pulitzer blog, I sold my 360 and PC and bought a PC to support the PS3 users. Totally serious here :-/ Journalism is dead.

    • John

      *bought a PS3

  • stop crying

    people on the playsation should be lucky they even get skyrim at all, bethesda has always prefered the xbox…. stop crying ps3 users, i knew this was going to happen and you should have to. Have you guys not looked at bethesda history with the playstation???? Its not pretty my friends. The elder scrolls series are amazing and i am proud to have skyrim on the xbox 360. I am not a fanboy but speaking the thruth.

  • Tbag

    I agree with ConcernedCitizen. It seems that a lot of these articles are now
    aimed at causing uncertainty within the Sony community. I don’t know why there
    hasn’t been any further news from Bethesda as to what is being done about the
    whole mess, but it’s been very shoddy work on their part and all that Pete Hines
    has done is prolonged our anguish by keeping peoples hopes up. To be frank the
    game is good, but not good enough to elicit the purchase of an Xbox or upgrade
    your PC, not to mention the fact you will have to buy the game again, in my opinion.
    For those who love the game that much go ahead, but know that you are being
    royally screwed over, especially in light of the fact the company falsely advertised
    the game with promise of releasing additional content. Boooo to you Bethesda.

  • FOX

    I had over 400 hours on Skyrim on PS3 but was sick of the lag and Bethesda not releasing DLC. So I got my PC upgraded, my PS3 save ported to PC and I will never look back. PC gaming is the way to go since all devs seem to be releasing broken games nowadays.

  • JusticeforPS3

    I will never leave my PS3, I have almost 300 hours on Skyrim, I am standing my ground and hoping that we do get Dawnguard, Bethesda owes it to their ps3 fans, if their are any left

  • Arrowintheknee

    Seems to me that this is a problem that is purely down to individual choice. I own both the PS3 and a PC capable of playing Skyrim. I originally bought Skyrim for the PS3 and amassed around190 hours playing time. Once this whole saga started I just made the decision to trade in my PS3 copy and used the money to buy the PC version. Best decision I could have made. With Dawnguard and Hearthfire available on the PC and all the great mods available the PC is definitely the way to go, in my opinion. Total cost to me, about a tenner plus time. I now have just passed the 220 hour mark, and I enjoyed it as much this second time round. I do sympathise with any PS3 owner who can’t afford the change to PC or simply doesn’t agree with that kind of solution, and yes Bethesda should compensate those PS3 users with some kind of discount. Above all Bethesda’s communication is totally unacceptable but in spite of all the controversy, Skyrim IS such an awesome game it is a shame that fans from any platform should feel the need to miss out.

  • Andrew M

    Doesn’t really make sense to trade in your PS3 just for skyrim. It’ll cost more money even if you’ve traded in all your games you’ll never have made your money back.

  • MartinB105

    My PC hardware is good enough, but I refuse to pay for Microsoft products, which means I don’t have a copy of Windows, which prevents me from playing the game on PC at all.

  • Old Skool Gamer

    Meh – I have a PC but I will NOT be buying Skyrim just to play Dawnguard. If DLC comes for PS3 then fine, I’ll probably get it because at the moment I’m playing other games. If DLC never comes to PS3, then I simply will NOT buy another Bethesda produced/ published game again.

  • Jules

    Oh quit complaining, PS3 users. At least you have Skyrim. I’d love to have half of the PS3 exclusives you guys get… Like the Uncharted games or The Last Of Us.

  • Oversoon

    At first, I cared a lot about Dawnguard, because after getting to the point where I only have radiant quests left, I just really wanted more Skyrim story/discovery moments. of course I would REALLY like both expansions… BUT if I had to pick only one DLC, it would SOOO be Dragonborn…

    Dragon mounts, extending the map into Morrowind, and the story, look much more appealing to me than a crossbow, and some vampire/werewolf perks. I don’t have a gaming PC to switch to, and even if I did, I couldn’t recreate MY world in Skyrim after having invested so much time shaping the world… It’s been a pain waiting… But regardless of the issues, if it shows up ever, all will be forgiven, because I’ve already lost myself in over 350 hours of this remarkable game…Dragon mounts is the line though. If THAT become available on every platform but the one I’m on I’ll be straight up pissed.

  • well i personally havent touched a bethesda game since they alienated me with this ps3 dlc delay and it will be a cold day in hello before i ever do until they fix it and release the dlc i even passed on multiple great buys of bethesda software this black friday just on this priciple and if bethesda doesnt get there rear in gear the only money they will recieve from me is the sum ill pay when there games hit the 10 dollar discount rack

    • mattias

      So regardless of how you feel about the company, you will buy it still? so who really wins ? 😛

  • Do you get to the dawngaurd cloud district often? Oh what am I saying.. of course you don’t. Your on ps3.

  • moveonalready

    You idiots! Who would BUY Skyrim for PC? That is what The Pirate Bay is for…

  • game

    When Skyrim first came out i got it on PS3, however i knew they would pull this crap…because they always do. So after about 200 hours on ps3 i bought a decent gaming PC (which ive wanted for a long time) and got skyrim on there…never looked back.

  • Old italy

    nope not moving to pc just to play dawngraud, and while i wait for a dlc i will be playing God of War

  • Guest

    Thank you for this pointless article with a misleading title.

  • Choppers

    This article is pretty bad in all honesty. But to be fair; I would recommend that if you care so much about Skyrim’s DLC.. Get a decent PC. It costs what? £500 at the most? Even then.. It’s still 5 years ahead of Xbox and PS3 lol. My PC cost me around £700; I play EVERYTHING on the maximum possible settings and it looks amazing on every game.

  • CPUBlackHeartxx

    im not switching platforms so what if PS3 does’nt have DLC? its not the DLC that make the game. So who really wins in the situation of this those who keep Skyrim on PS3 and save money not needing to pay for membership on microsoft live or buying the game again on a different platform to then spend even more money to buy the DLC and spend even more hours on that game itself? honestly id rather have the money to spend on other games that know how to build a game and its DLC on all platforms or stay exclusive to 1 platform, but hey if you want to spend more money on your PC go right ahead spend it for your little DLC i get to save my money for more fun games or even just save the money for better things in life than games.

  • Rugga

    If someone would actually buy skyrim again and buy a pc that just for that one game their crazy. I’ve done nearly everything in that game, ASnd to have to do that again, not to mention the whole face making thing. There are plenty of good games on the ps3 that work fine and plenty of games that are coming out that WILL work fine. Its not worth it to buy skyrim again and a new pc or 360. Its one game! not to mention your only getting like what,
    20-30 extra hours of gameplay? C’mon. This is just another one of bethesda schemes just to get people on the platforms they want. Skyrim is fun, but theres no way I’d invest that kind of time and money into it.

  • Hahaking

    Bethesda Didnt want my money on ps3 for the dlc, so I pirated skyrim and the dlc for PC. I win in the end.

  • josh

    even if it is true, why? lots of other games to play. black ops 2 is out

  • cdhunter

    The way I see it, is it is a good way to lose money because some of us don’t have the luxury to switch back and forth between consuls, and some people would rather get a different game all together than deal with this bs. I say enough of this “close” crap and give us a date.

  • L33tmoaf

    Poor PS3 fanboys… Ahahahahahahahaha!

    • yourdad

      Poor little virgin

      • stop crying

        and you aren’t???

  • hurryupbethesda

    We need articles that pressure bethesda to release it. We need an article that embarrasses bethesda and forces them to make dawnguard a priority, because they are obviously not trying their best to get it released.

    • The 188

      They are trying there best, diffrent teems work sepretley on diffrent things…

      • Hurryupbethesda

        Well their dawnguard team is either apathetic or retarted.

  • Rizona

    I actually have all of the available platforms to choose form. I have the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and Mac. Before choosing a game to play, I look into the requirements needed to play them, Graphics, Internet connection, Available DLC or what naturally fits. For example, I will play COD on PS3 regardless of when the DLC’s are available. Same as for NHL by EA (Still hoping for a season this year). Games like Counterstrike will always be at home for me on PC. StarCraft is actually one of those games that I can play either on PC or Mac. Now as for the Skyrim BS, I do not like that fact that they (Beth) take so long on securing the DLC’s on the PlayStation or PC, even though I play The E_scrolls on Xbox. Now with that being said, If I could consistently be able to upgrade my tower with latest G-cards and CPU’s then most likely I would play on PC, however that would consistently cost more money. But I would not blame Beth for the fact that the DLC’s are not yet available for these Systems. So my point is whatever system you choose, that’s the choice you made and stick with it. Please do not be one of those people who blame game makers because they didn’t have the DLC’s for the platform of your choosing on the date you believe should be released.

  • Shayne

    All I see are articles trying to tell PS3 players to buy an X360, but this one expresses the fact that we should buy it for PC.

    I don’t want to buy it for a new platform, I just want to play the damn game on my PS3.

    • Ken

      PREACH ON!!!! Amen

  • Tortoso4325

    Sony must buy bethesda

    • stop crying


      • Tortoso4325

        Why “never”?

  • Perception plus 5

    This article is a hoax. There will be no dlc prior to Christmas and Bethesda knows it. Articles like this are created so that companies like Bethesda can meet year end sales quotas and if they can’t do it with ps3 they will do it on the coattails of other platforms.

  • Malnik

    think ppl should really think of the future..and get a PC they can up date not a box that comes without being able to upgrade……..could you really play Skyrim on the xbox or ps3 for 1926 hours (so far)… i have no life but i get value for money… 🙂

    • Guest

      Pc is a box also

    • Tortoso4325

      Pc is also a box

  • HellHound

    I already returned my skyrim copy for the Ps3 and got the pc version instead. Its much better and way more fun with mods.

  • Lukas

    i have over 250+ hourse of skyrim worth on my ps3 and i might get it for my pc… in a few months at least since i don’t like throwing money around to get 2 copies of the game because of coorperation thinking they can make me turn my back to a well made system. It will take a lot more than delay tactics
    and stop posting usless stuff that doesn’t tell us anything of when or how much longer it will take.

  • That Guy

    I either call shenanigans from Microsoft, as they were the first to get all the current DLC and all that jazz, or Bethesda just simply giving up. It’s almost December, and not one piece of DLC has been thrown at the PlayStation Nation. Either they just attempt to make Playstation Exclusive DLC, or I’ll just give up on Bethesda entirely. It’s ridiculous at the lack of communication we’re receiving. Heck, they probably aren’t working on it for PS3 at all because if we’re getting problems BEFORE Hearthfire was released, and then they decide to release Hearthfire for 360, you know that Bethesda isn’t putting much effort into our situation.

  • ijustwokeup

    This shouldnt have been written, all the people who bought the PC version of the game shouldnt have had to in the first place, because now its like they’re rewarding Bethesda further for their mistakes, like imganine if this became a common maketing scheme…

  • Allison

    Barely anyone is changing platforms because of one simple game. Buying skyrim for a pc isn’t even a big deal anyway, practically anyone can have both a pc and another platform. Dividing the PS3 community is a low blow, but those who are weak minded enough to believe this platform switching nonsense might deserve spending 200+ on everything plus 50 a month or however much live costs anyway.

  • frankbob

    Pfft, did he say that guy put 70 hours in his game and then switched? Try 400 hours, and even I’m thinking of switching if it doesn’t come out on ps3. And actually yes it is relevant news because its saying exactly how big this situation is getting, so to those whining about it not being relevant, go sucomb to Microsoft’s big plan and buy an Xbox if you’re that tired of waiting.

    • lukas

      relax… this article is only telling us what we should do if we are getting impatient so es its usless because everyone already thought about it and hpfully shook the thought away. ps roughly the same amount of hourse in game.

    • Ralpsofly

      I’m not changing anything this game is not worth it and if Bethesda cared about us ps3 owners they would let us no something so with dat said I don’t care to change my ps3 just to give Bethesda more money sorry its not worth besides they lost a fan anyway I was going to get the next fallout game but I won’t waste my money for a company that just shun their fan out and do not say spit spat or spaghetti on how they are coming along with the dlc or its a loss cause but personal I choose the latter.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    I cannot help but notice the recent change in attitude toward Bethesda and thier lack of communication. Originally it was of anger toward bethesda and sympathy toward PS3 players, where as now it has shifted toward the idea that PS3 players should simply give up or even spend more money to buy the game and dlc on other systems. This idea seems to me as a waste of time and more importantly money, if Bethesda cannot release the download on PS3, then I see no reason for PS3 players to invest more money in a company that obviously does not care about them enough to even keep them properly informed.

    • Thank you. All I can say to keep myself going is PlayStation Nation! Stand strong.

    • I agree. I think if it’s not coming out they should just man up and say so. It’s frustrating. I honestly will not buy another game new from them again. I want Dishonored but I plan on waiting until I can find it used so the company makes no money.

      • The188

        Dont do that! Bethesda didnt make it! Arkane studios did, Bethesda just published it!!!!!

        • If bethesda is making money off it then i refuse 2 buy

        • violents

          But if you buy dishonored It will still put money in bethesdas pocket because they are the publisher. If you want to show them how you feel the only way to do it is to hit them in their wallets. Unfortunatley arkane will have to bear some of the flack. But if everyone did that other studios wouldn’t want them to publish thier games anymore for fear of being persecuted for having ties with bethesda.

    • GamerGirl

      @d55ab6ee455319c9efea4e3db979242a:disqus I agree with you there, i love my ps3. x-box sucks because you have to pay for everything. you have to pay for online! but ps3 free online~! so i love PS3 and im standing strong

      • And then you bought BlackOps2 and couldn’t play it because sony’s hardware keeps on freezing. Online is just better on the 360, but for the adventure type of person, a PS3 is a must have.

    • violents

      I totally agree. Its really stupid, I’m a ps3 owner and i did like skyrim, however I refuse to buy the pc version so I can play the DLC packs because that is just supporting bethesda and thier rediculous sales tactics. Why would you give more money to a company that has already screwed you over. Sold you a broken game, took what like 3 months to fix the major gamebreaking bugs, then screws you out of the dlc while PC and xbox owners get to enjoy it all.

    • You know i understand the frustration of not having the dlc for PS3 but if people decide to jumpship and go for PC or Xbox 360, but all it shows is that its ok for Bethesda to not care about the costomers, instead only worry about making a profit and helping Microsoft in there profits as well. It shows the costomers simply do not matter to Bethesda. I will NOT buy Skyrim for any other system I will stand strong in support of Sony and I will wait till its ready!!

  • adsehteb uoy kcuf

    What is the point in these articles seriously we dont care about people changing platforms were here because we want updates on our dlc’s

  • HearMeRage101

    Stop posting these annoying articles that doesn’t involve the official release date of Dawnguard. i mean come ON!! every time i look up the release date of Dawnguard, these shity ass blogs pops up… IT DOESN’T HELP OUR FRUSTRATION SO STOP DOING IT!!!!

  • Nice to see a different take on the issue for once.

  • Susan

    I totally agree with this article and the PC platform offers so much more with Skyrim than both the PS3 and Xbox 360. As a PS3 user with a PC that handles Skyrim, it made sense to purchase it for that platform after the problems with my PS3.
    To all of you that are moaning about this article, stop taking your frustration out on them because this isn’t the news you wanted. And it is news as there are PS3 owners moving to the PC to play Skyrim, so get over it.

  • aaaaa

    …It’s like they can’t find news so they report things that are totally meaningless. Next one will probably be “Skyrim PS3 Player Tweets that He is Pissed at Bethesda”

    • MuffinVonCupcake1

      Actually, another news site has already done that one.

  • Shayne

    Make it “PC Dawnguard” and not “Dawnguard PC.”

  • Ray

    What exactly is the point of these articles? This isn’t news!

    • krh

      Site traffic, which = advertising revenue. It is pathetic.

  • letitgoalready

    Even more biased, My post has to be preapproved before it can be seen by everyone else.

    • RickyT

      Get a life.

      • awww

        Ohh big strong man telling someone to get a life… over the internet…. -_-

  • haveyoutriedac3?

    OK enough with the useless posts. Or at least change the title of your article to express what a bore it is to read. Unless Its about the release date or their telling us it cant be done, as a PS3 owner I think its time to let it go… Your title is misleading and I feel like I’ve wasted those 50 seconds of my life reading it were only rewarded when I took the time to express how useless this article is.

    • RickyT

      Could not disagree with you more, this situation is just what I’ve done and I love my PS3 but have just purchased Skyrim on my PC for DLC and mods. All I needed had been a better graphics card.

      • Logan

        That’s exactly what Microsoft wants you to do.

        • I agree you shouldn’t need to buy another copy of the game. It’s stupid. I’m just going to wait for the DLC’s on the PS3 and if they never come… so be it I suppose.

        • you do know Microsoft make no money from pc games purchased right? Or am I miss interpreting what you are saying? Are you referring to windows?

      • violents

        So you showed how upset you are as a consumer for being jipped with the orignal product by purchasing another product from the same company? Thats why its not being fixed. Its because too many people like you just give them more money by buying the same game on another platform. Show your anger by closing your wallet, its all big corporations understand.