Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 by flexible power

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2012

When buying a new smartphone for the first time, it used to be features such as camera, display screen size and storage space that many consumers would look for above any other specs. Now though, with the media features continuing to get more and more impressive with each release, battery life is now taking priority above anything else and often if a smartphone doesn’t have a removable battery – consumers aren’t interested.

Having that said, it’s a well known fact that Apple doesn’t allow you to tinker with the battery on the iPhone in any way, and that hasn’t stopped people flocking out to buy them. As a result, many consumers complained about battery life on the iPhone 4S and Apple had to really put battery life as a priority when building the iPhone 5 – a task which they seemed to have coped with pretty well so far.

Being able to actively remove a battery yourself though is still the deciding factor for many Android owners though, which is another factor in why the Samsung Galaxy S3 has become such a hit with consumers. Samsung has allowed for the Galaxy S3 battery to be removed, so that consumers can buy a spare if they need to and avoid any of the problems that other Android devices and indeed the Apple iPhone have endured over battery life complaints.

While the freedom to take out the battery is good in itself, many consumers are now starting to take that to the next level, with a flexible power battery pack instead – proving just how crucial battery life is if they don’t mind decreasing the sexiness of a device by carrying around a big power pack attached to their usually slick phone.

Mophie has become a popular company for providing ‘juice packs’ to smartphones, which aim to offer almost double the battery life that you would normally get, at the expense of a battery pack adding a little extra weight to your phone. Having said that, juice pack designs are getting thinner by the day and the Galaxy S3 juice pack from Mophie doesn’t actually look too bad.

If you are willing you give Mophie’s Galaxy S3 juice pack a try, you’ll be rewarded with an extra 2300mAh of power to use on your device. One of the smart features of these packs, is that there is a toggle switch located at the bottom of the pack, so you can simply switch it on to start utilizing the extra power when your built in battery is starting to run low.

This luxury comes at a price though and $99 for the Galaxy S3 juice pack certainly isn’t cheap. Where does the iPhone 5 factor in all of this though? Some users may be starting to grow frustrated with the lack of a removable battery, but you’ll be pleased to know that Mophie is working on improving this situation for iPhone 5 users for the future.

On their website here, they confirm that they are working on juice packs for the iPhone, but unfortunately they are still unavailable at this time so consumers will have to hold on a little while longer to get their Mophie fix on the iPhone 5.

Is battery life the first area that you look for when purchasing a new smartphone? If a device doesn’t let you remove the battery, do you tend to ignore it and look for an alternative? Let us know if you have used a Mophie juice pack in the past and if you would recommend it to others or not.

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  • Steve

    If the article is only an opinion, then it belongs on a forum and not as a product vs product review! If you feel that the SG3 is the best product on the planet then that is your prerogative but don’t base it as a fact, it comes across as adolescent ranting.

    Oh and please, before you make opinionated statements about who stole what from whom read up on the legal battle and development timelines! Each company have very valid claims against each other; you are not a lawyer with intimate details on the case so please stop acting like you know it all.

  • kninecrew

    All you have done here is to vent your anger at Apple. You are obviously angry at Apple for what in your opinion is theft. Other than that you haven’t even attempted to make even one tangible comparison. In effect your comments are useless. You start by making the earth shattering statement ” SG3 is the best phone on the planet based on my observation.” Than you fail to include any aspects of your observation. All you do is dress down Apple for being a “copy”. You obviously have an ax to grind. When you have an ax to grind, objectivity is unattainable. I was interested in learning (both facts and opinions) of the iPhone 5 vs the SG3. You offered nothing.

  • Brian Sov

    Samsung Facts and Controversy against Apple. “I’m posting this comment because I don’t want to build a website. There are probably more readers interested in reading this if there is only one comment on this page. Please enjoy and read. If you’re an Apple Lover, Please don’t read. Not recommended because you will feel that everything in the statement below is false and is based on the interest of Samsung Corporation. The following statement below are opinions made by me and are not intended to harm any individual. In addition, you have the right to disagree on what I intended to write and you must know that you have the right to not read. By reading this, You fully agree to the terms and there are no unlawful comments like libel involved in the statements below. They are Opinions.

    SG3 is the best phone on the planet based on my observation. I Phone 5 is a COPY, not new. The I Phone did not start the touch screen era and is not the first smart-phone to come out. They sued Samsung for things that Apple did not invent. Therefore, they say that Samsung stole their ideas, while it was not Apple’s idea in the first place. Ideas like design should allow the lawsuit to be unenforceable because the design is an obvious feature that all smartphone uses, such as slimness. I believe that features like thickness of a phone should be guaranteed as a freedom of idea for each phone maker. Without freedom of design or idea, there would be no incentives for companies to exist since their products would be “less desirable” as their competitors. Samsung did not copy exactly. They made their own signature style. No they don’t have Circle Button. Thus, Apple makes their products look innovative, but it is actually a copy. They should not go out and “bully” those that are known to be better than them. They are just plain jealous and ridiculously overwhelmed that Steve Job is no longer available to help plain the design.

    Apple is on the verge to lose market shares because of their lost of ideas for their phones. They always have the same plain look, while Samsung improves their product’s design besides the performance. Apple is a fool to me cause they knew they had an advantage to win in the United States Court System. The majority of Judges have I phones and are Americans. This means that the Korean Samsung would lose 90% of the time because United States would want to help their own country perform better and they probably owned the phone.

    SG3: PATENT.


    (VERDICT: SG3 is faster than I phone 5)

    PS. Samsung might be the next to build their manufacture plant in the United States like Honda. While I phone will rely on China to build their products. The day will come.

    • Ticker64

      You write English like a Korean!