Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is more than a big face

By Chris Cook - Nov 23, 2012

It seems that when people compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to other smartphones it mostly includes those that are much smaller, which the iPhone 5 has been one such smartphone thanks to its popularity, although in fairness the Galaxy Note 2 aims at a totally different user. Foremost it seems the 5.5-inch display is a good reason to want this handset that wants the best of both worlds from smartphones and tablets, but there’s much more than a screen when it comes to the reasons why people choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Earlier today we looked at how the DROID DNA missed out on the kind of battery life you’d find on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which had been due to the lesser size, but real world tests in a recent review had been denied by DNA owners that state they find the battery life enough to get them through the day. We’ve also seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 compared to the Droid Razr Maxx HD, which seems to be the one to beat when it comes to juice, although we’re sure most Galaxy Note 2 owners would agree that the Samsung smartphone has excellent battery life as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is more than a big face – we love the 5.5-inch display but there’s a lot more to this smartphone than a pretty face, and the specs behind that screen deliver exactly what the user needs. PR readers have pointed out that it is the whole package, which includes a 1.6GHz quad core processor, LTE/4G, 2GB of RAM, SD card support, pop up browser, S Pen, Air View, and a lot more. If you already own a 7-inch tablet and plan on keeping it, then you might also want to consider Samsung’s S3 rather than the Galaxy Note 2.

What attracts you to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? We’d love to know why you like the Galaxy Note 2 over other smartphones, and if you own it what attracted you in the first place? The RAZR Maxx might have better battery life but some people hate the square corners found on Motorola smartphones, and also we’ve heard a few of our readers talk about the extremely slow Android updates as well.

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  • cool-running.

    To me it’s by far the best portable device in the market at the moment and by a long distance. The biggest myth about it is that it is too big for the pocket, followed by it’s too big for the palm.

    I went into the phone shop just to browse around. My eyes caught the Note 2. I only held it in my hand for 5 seconds when the myth of its size went out of the window. Having already read about its performance, I knew straight away that it was what I needed.

  • Simon Wetz

    It fantastic big bright clear screen. Fantastically fast processing of games and photos. Lte is great when available. It’s easy to use and customize the os to suit your needs. I have had only 1 app that I could not get that I wanted to and that is notability but I have not fully investigated the s pen and all is features. Isyncr is a cool and easy way to sync my iTunes library/playlists via wifi or cable and works smoothly and easily. And I thank cnet for an article about howvto sync my camera photos with the iPhoto program and photostream.
    It makes my iPhone 4 seem so tiny slow and boring and my iPad 2 has pretty much become a photo viewer.
    And having the split screen to run two apps at once is so useful I use it a lot. It’s only just come out here in Aus this month so there are no cases/accessories but ebay has resolved that.
    Try it you won’t ever look back.

  • Abdullah Naji

    Despite it’s oversizing, the Note II is a great phone as it combines excellent screen clarity, vibrant colors, whopping battery life and CPU speeds. Also, Android and Samsung make a great combination with Samsung’s Touchwiz UI and Android OS.

  • 路人


  • Beny007

    I’ve had my Galaxy Note 2 for about a week. I am so impressed with the power this phone packs and its very light. I’m always on the web, YouTube, I like customizing a phone my way without jail breaking or rooting and this phone fills in those needs better then any other phone. I use my ipad 3 about 75% less now. My ipad is too heavy and its just more convenient to use my phone since its lite and always there 🙂 the screen is gorgeous. I feel bad when I show it to my friends because their ashamed of their iPhone 5 now. If the Galaxy Note 2 didn’t exsist I would have bought the HTC DNA because of its 1080p screen and wireless charging.

  • Levi black

    I absolutely love the galaxy note 2! Not only is it big but still easy to hold in my hand comfortably. The screen is bright and is clear as day. Best part of all is the speed of this phone. I never have trouble with it what so ever. I have a lot of friends that say this phone is to big but after I show them the power and what it can do they what one! I used to have a tablet and laptop but after getting this phone there was not need for either. I can do anything from social networking, writing papers, sharing documents or big files quickly and easily, surf the Internet, take pictures or videos, hand write notes or voice record and more. This device dose everything and it fits in my pocket. No need to have multiple devices to do different things ever again.

  • phone

    i like the note 2 because its the best ,i mean you can do so more things with it .with the iphone its the same thing every year its faster,bigger,and upgraded ios which just means u can play better games on it, samething for every other phone like the htc what can you really do with it what is the point of have that if you can get the note 2 . the s3 is same thing as note 2 but doesnt have the s pen . so why not just get the note 2.the only thing thats going to beat the note 2 is the note 3 thats ohter one year so might as well get the note 2 .

  • Cihangirhan

    I bought Note2 after reading the gsmarena review on 9th October. It was the whole specifications+s pen+air view+sd card slot+removeable 3100mAh battery+5.5″ Amoled+1.6Ghz Quadcore+Out of the box JB+Highest Antutu score at that time. In general it was the whole package delivery. And multitasking came as a bonus after an update and glad it did 😉

    a Amoled Amoled+Quadcore 1.6Ghz

  • Dale

    I love tablets and always had a HP pda. Since getting my Galaxy Note 2, I feel no need to use my two tablets at all. The handwriting recognition is excellent (I have heard you need to write pretty well- which I do.) and I much prefer that to typing.

    The device is lightning fast, tough and has great battery life. I have two very different jobs (one being my own business) so I need quick access to scheduling and note taking and “Note 2” just shines there!

    The screen display shines too, as does the camera.

    Plus, the phone has wonderful clarity and the speaker phone actually has enough volume for a noisy car! That is an absolute first for me.

    As a phone the handset is big, but no bigger than the landline phones
    a fifty year old grew up with. In other words, it’s no big deal.

    I just absolutely love this thing! It flat out works as a tablet and phone and
    I could only give it the best review possible.