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Nexus 4 LTE code adds surprise functionality

Remember the big news about the Nexus 4 and its hidden LTE chip that Google hoped we wouldn’t find? A recent teardown discovered the dormant 4G LTE chip inside the device, but was initially thought to be useless since it needed a LTE radio to operate. That was a few days ago, but now it has been confirmed that 4G LTE signal is actually possible on the Canadian version of the Nexus 4, and we have a video to show you which proves it.

As most of you should already be aware by now, the Nexus 4 ships with HSPA+ and GSM capabilities only, with Google this time opting against partnering with US networks such as Verizon like they did with the Galaxy Nexus which was 4G LTE capable. The Nexus 4 will instead output slower HSPA+ speeds, which will then make it compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T networks should you wish to drop down from your current LTE handset if you own one.

A new video has emerged online though, showing how one user input a simple code and was then allowed to get a 4G LTE signal up and running on his Nexus 4 model in Canada, which he bought on the Telus network. As far as we know though, this isn’t restricted to Telus though, with further feedback from users coming in suggesting that it works on Rogers and Bell as well.

The Nexus 4 LTE code that you’ll all be wanting to try out is *#*#4636#* when using the Nexus 4 dialer app. Unfortunately though, this doesn’t work on the European or US Nexus 4 models, as the LTE Band is different to the LTE Band 4 that makes it possible on the Canadian version.

Having said that, we didn’t think it was possible without an LTE radio though, so anything is possible I guess if the chip is there – other users have clearly managed to get this working. The video we’ve provided below clearly shows you that a 4G LTE symbol is present at the top of the device. Also pay attention to the demo which is included as well, which shows the Nexus 4 managing to achieve speeds of around 8MB.

Nexus 4 owners, what are your thoughts on this? Will you be trying the code out to see if you can get it working? What other hidden features of the Nexus 4 are we going to find out we wonder?



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