GTA V multiple ending surprise with 25-30 hours of play

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2012

Earlier this week, we spoke in detail on how PC users may face up to an eight month wait for the PC version of GTA V. Now, some new GTA V rumors have surfaced, possibly giving us an exciting insight into what the GTA V ending may entail and how long the GTA V single player campaign is going to be.

As most of you are now well aware, it appears that Rockstar has gone into hiding again. After wowing the world with the breathtaking GTA V trailer 2 and a barrage of new screenshot reveals, we haven’t heard any official GTA V news from the developer since and it appears that they are now taking another extended break before giving us the next reveal.

That means, until that moment arrives, we have to make do with snippets of GTA V rumors instead and we may have a beauty on our hands to share with you. Some fresh information has been posted to the GTAForums, details which contain some juicy information about the GTA V ending.

Before you cry spoilers, the actual information is not what the GTA V ending is, but rather how many they are! GTA V has three protagonists don’t forget: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. We’re now hearing that there will be multiple endings for the game and it makes perfect sense if there is going to be three storyline for our three main heroes.

That’s all that was said on the matter but we can definitely see Rockstar putting at least three endings into the game. Maybe Trevor, Franklin and Michael will all have a private ending for themselves and then one massive cinematic at the end featuring all three. To unlock the last one though, you would need to meet certain criteria to get it to trigger – does something like that sound good to you?

That isn’t the end of the information though, as we also have some potentially massive news on the GTA V game length. The GTAForums source states that the game will last 25-30 hours, adding that it will be similar in length to Red Dead Redemption. Before you get worried on how this is too short for a game like GTA, that 25-30 hours is only thought to be the main missions – don’t forget that GTA is traditionally filled with hundreds of hours of extra content and side missions to work through.

It’s also worth pointing out that many GTA V owners will probably not go for a speed run from start to finish. The game is going to be built in a style similar to Skyrim, where players can do a mission – go off and play a round of gold, go and kill some gang members and then head back into another mission. 25-30 hours of mission content is going to be plenty folks – plenty.

What are your thoughts on these new rumors? Do you support our idea of up to four character endings in GTA 5 – three individual ones and then one last ending featuring all three characters at the end? Is 25-30 hours as an estimate game duration good enough for you, considering that there’s going to be plenty of secondary content to work through? We look forward to hearing your feedback on this one.

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  • jes

    I’ve already gotten through it once, and it was certainly longer than GTA IV. I like that there are multiple endings and alternate missions so you can play through it more than once with alternate outcomes and missions that can expand the length of your game. Not to mention going through trying to get silver or gold on every mission which just opens up even more alternate missions which expand the length of gameplay. Tons of alternate outcomes

  • Karl-Gunnar Hultland

    There are many combinations (8) of dead and surviving main characters to provide for different endings of the game.

  • Salman Farid

    Why is PC vers. delayed.It’s the best gaming console,even superior to next gen consoles!!!

  • Salman Farid

    WOW.That’s big.

  • cameron

    misspelling on the word golf

  • Guest

    if they won’t release a PC version of GTA V then I’ll buy a console!!!

    • you might aswell you can snatch a xbox or ps3 for a reasonable price now!

  • Looser_123

    this guys is really a Sh** and Looser…. on daily basis he is making a GTA V article. He says some fresh information posted on GTA forum, but guess what all that details was on forums was posted on Nov 16… lolzzz… he is targetting GTA V keyword for hits.. a big looser….. damn sure so other GTA V article will be posted by this guy tomorrow just wait and watch… 🙂

  • UnknownUser28

    Lol wait, i forgot this is product reviews.

  • Skyrim?? Really? Are you fuckin serious? It will be built similar to GTA, not Skyrim. As the guy below mentioned, don’t even use the name Skyrim in a GTA article. GTA is in a class of its own and it performs similar to nothing else. GTA is like GTA, that it is it.

  • Dymez

    When you know you’ve heard REAL information on the story length, it will come from only one man — Jeronimo Barrera, the Vice President of Product Development at Rockstar Games. He’s the man who gave information on how long the stories of LA Noire was, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, and of course GTA IV and the Episodes of Liberty City as well. Anyone else can do nothing but guess. No one knows exactly how long the game length is right now. The developers only currently know how many missions there are; whether there’s 80, 90, 100 or more, and that’s it. They’ll calculate how long it ends up being during testing. Game testing will take place about 2 months or so before the game’s release, and after that, VP Barrera will do his round of interviews and answer questions about how long it took those testers to complete.

    • flikie

      id say get a xbox they are the cheapest for the bass console and also they will have better graphics so if you only getting it for gta v the 360 is the best one for you

  • sam

    :/ in my opinion 3 playable characters will sorta weaken the “bond” you get like in red dead when you got to the end you got annoyed because you bonded with the character and i just dont think you would get that bond, or maybe im wrong

    • Dymez

      I agree with you. I bonded extremely well with John Marston in Red Dead Redemption and was pissed when I was stuck with Jack in the end, but it let me know that the game’s story was that damn good, that I actually got hooked. Hooked to the point that I would play the game again all the way up until the last mission and NEVER go back home.

      At the same time, Houser pretty much said that he doesn’t want players to really get attached to any of the guys anyway. That’s pretty much a goal of Rockstar this time around. He wants players to flip-flop between who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in this game. It’s definitely something different, obviously. I’m excited to find out how the story play out.

  • Jeff

    Like really. Who really believes Rockstar actually said this? Rockstar has only given 2 exclusive interviews, one to Game informer and one to IGN. None of these guys reported it. Dan Houser said himself that the game isn’t finished and they’re still tinkering with missions, he himself doesn’t even know how long the playthrough is going to be. GTA forums spews out ridiculous rumors on the daily and people stay gullible to them it’s nuts! Even CVG and NowGamer made articles talking about how dumb their rumors are. Stop the nonsense people if Rockstar really is going to give huge information like how long the story is and if its multiple ending, they’re going to announce it on a big deal gaming site like IGN or Joystiq, you’re not gonna hear about it from some guy on GTA forums.

    • Dymez

      Yes! Thank you, very much. I’ll add on to that by saying, developers couldn’t possibly tell you how long the game length is until about 2 months or so before release, because that is when the game testers get to play it, and it is only then they are able to calculate the average time it took for the testers to complete the game.

      • Kids…

        Last I checked they already hired game testers (they had public sign-up last year). Also, game testers don’t actually play the game from start to finish, they replay the exact same gameplay over and over again.

        • Dymez

          That “public sign-up” was a lie. Rockstar said as much on their own Newswire months ago. They have their own in-house game testers and they do play from start to finish over and over again. They’re supposed to test the entire game, not just one mission. That wouldn’t even make sense.

          Here’s the quote from March, 2008 with PSU (I can’t provide a link without mod permission, but you can find it easily):

          [Many of you will recall that Grand Theft Auto IV has approximately
          100 hours of gameplay worth playing; however, it was never confirmed as
          to whether this was actual single-player storyline gameplay or if it
          included all of the side missions as well. Jeronimo Barrera, a senior
          developer at Rockstar, has given a bit of insight on the timing that it
          has taken most game testers to complete the single-player campaign of
          GTA IV:

          “…it takes testers playing 4 hours a day, a good 2 weeks to get through the whole single-player game.”

          If these game testers are throwing in overtime on Saturday and
          Sunday, this would figure out to be roughly 56 hours of legitimate story
          playtime. It makes perfect sense that this would be the case
          considering you can usually spend countless hours completing all of the
          side objectives within a Grand Theft Auto title. Even though it is more
          likely they spent 40 hours completing the experience, that is still a
          substantial amount of time for just the main story of the game.

          As the day of release draws near and everyone’s anticipation
          increases steadily, we’ll bring you anything else new regarding this

        • gamie

          no actually kids right, being a game tester my self not for rockstar games but other companies what we do is we have a big team of testers and we each play a single part of a game like one mission over and over again looking for bugs errors and problems in that one part and we cant go passed that mission. we also have to write a report every time on the bugs, errors and such the reason we dont play the games from start to finish because that would take too long and we could possibly miss a bug or a glitch here and there and that would defeat the whole point of testing the game and also dymez the quote you posted he is talking about the testers doing a quick run threw of the game before release just to make sure that they didnt miss any bugs

        • Dymez

          I, myself, have also been a game tester for EA Sports for 4 years, under the moniker “Game Changers.” We also had the report pad, which all testers must have, to report the bugs/glitches/breaks/audio problems. Over the course of months, depending on the title we were playing, we would have to play different modes of the game all the way through. Basically what I’m saying is, every developer, every game is different.

          I’m not a Rockstar game tester, so the only insight I have to the way they do things is by way of Jeronimo Barrera. Reading the interviews that he’s conducted over the past 4 to 5 years about the length of games and depths of missions, he makes it clear that he has a big team of testers playing the entire game their own way over the course of months. The fact that developers use a huge number of testers is what covers the high percentage of bugs/glitches found, as most players play the game in different ways. It would make a lot of sense to test an open-world sandbox game that way as the majority of the bugs/glitches would likely be found in the actual world (where players spend most of their time exploring) instead of the missions (which is naturally linear). Every open-world game developer always says making the world is the hardest part, that everything is on a string and adding one thing here or there can end up collapsing the entire world, in programming. So, I’m sure the game testers don’t focus solely missions.

  • Ahad Q


  • WHAT??

    “The game is going to be built in a style similar to Skyrim” – You’re kidding right? Skyrim was built in a style similar to GTA and has no place being mentioned in this article, Rockstar wrote the book on open world games. Omfg is right though, this news is way old, and they’re not just rumours, Dan Houser mentioned this stuff in an interview.

    • Antidouche

      If it’s old news, why waste your time and read it again? And if you didn’t, how can you claim it to be old news? It’s not old news to me, this is the first time I’ve read something about it, seeing as I don’t spend every waking minute of my life searching for the latest rumors on this game. Go back into your hole troll.

    • Mysticurl

      No, Shenmue fathered the modern day 3D sandbox genre, if you haven’t heard of shenmue, you have no right to speak on the origins of open world games especially when saying “GTA wrote the book on open world games”, Yu Suzuki did that, not Dan Houser.

  • omfg

    this news is so old. PR, keep up or shut up

    • NgTurbo

      We apologize wholeheartedly, since we appear to have missed the moment when your GTA V news ticker went off.

      • Correction…

        GTAV spidey senses*