DROID DNA lacks Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 23, 2012

We’ve seen a number of people claim that the HTC DROID DNA is the ideal smartphone, although when we quiz them on negatives it seems most fans bring up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery in comparison. After watching user opinion for a number of weeks it’s obvious the majority of people prefer the Galaxy Note 2, but why is this? One of the biggest differences between the two devices is battery life, which comes thanks to the HTC DROID DNA featuring a 2020mAh LI-ION embedded battery while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 includes a Li-ion 3100mAh removable battery.

Removable battery key for some people – it seems that a growing number of smartphone buyers understand the importance of a battery that can be easily replaced, and this is something you can count on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S3, but certainly not with the HTC DROID DNA and Apple iPhone 5. We’re not sure why some people are so passionate as to this feature being needed, but it might be to do with batteries failing for some people, which would then show a need for removable only in the future.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. HTC DROID DNA battery life – you can see a couple of images below that were taken from a detailed review of talk time and web browsing, and compared these two devices for those tasks. You can also see a test on video playback and more insight via this article. The clear winner is the Galaxy Note 2, which is obviously due to the extra size of the battery but again Galaxy Note 2 fans will also point out how easy it is to replace the battery as being a major factor as well.

Those of our readers that don’t care much about the battery life and want to see some power benchmark results for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. HTC DROID DNA can do so in this article, which runs a number of tests to see the most powerful device from the two. After looking at the battery life tests and also the benchmark tests, did these results change your mind on what handset is better or were you already decided?

We’ve also reported in the past that Verizon Wireless has already decided what handset they prefer thanks to their promotion of HTC devices, which you can read about in our article from earlier this week. You can also see the DROID DNA specs clash with the Nexus 4 here. How important is a removable battery for you in a smartphone?

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  • SeoulDave

    If you fly medium- or long-haul (or travel by bus or train for longish journeys) you need to have a removable battery. You usually cannot charge your device during your journey so a fully-charged pop-in is ideal. I’m guessing that traveling business-types are the main buyers of these things.

  • stony

    I have RAZR Maxx HD, and there is no better battey life out there. Its also the most durable phone it also has the best HD picture. That’s a fact. Oh yeah… 32 gigs beoches!!!!

  • Any phone is better than the IPhone 5

    • LA

      Maybe for you and others, but you don’t speak for everyone. There are millions who use iPhone, and everyone that I know who uses it, are not iSheep, and many are computer techs and developers, and who do not own this phone because of a logo on it. I know many flame wars that happen right now between HTC and Samsung users against each other… very lame! How come those who are against Apple like to bash? Is it really that important to bash something that is a personal choice of many? Silly to get your jollies off on something that is a personal preference.

      • Andrew Ruffolo

        I can always tell when my wife is home when I call her… cause the reception on the iphone 5 sucks just as bad as it did on her iphone 4. I’ve never had a dropped call at home with my Galaxy Nexus (VZW) and that phone is notorious for having really bad radio reception (I am also running hybrid radio software which seems to work best for me). Dropped calls all the time for her.

  • RockSox

    I believe they heavily underestimated the battery life on the note 2, the thing is phenomenal with the 3100mah battery.. Once again another way biased for apple review.. I have plenty of friends that have the i5 and have done numerous test the Note 2 triumphs.. Especially in battery life! Ignore this rubbish excuse for a review.

    • Andrew Ruffolo

      The biggest issue with battery life will always depend on your reception. I am fortunate enough to have a 4G LTE tower outside where I work, so I leave it on 4G all day since its much faster than the wifi at work. I left work the other day with 79% left on the battery (10.5 hour work day). I have about a 30 minute commute home in rush hour and with my 2.1 amp car charger I was up to 96% when I got home.

  • Stanley Chien

    Don’t listen to the reviewer; this phone is stellar. I had one for a week and it was great and I have no complaint whatsoever with the battery life. Certainly one of my best choices this Thanksgiving!

  • Chon

    BS, I have a DROID DNA and for turkey day I played on this thing ALL day surfing the web, streaming music videos, downloading games, etc ALL using Verizon’s 4G LTE network, no wifi. And I took it off the charger at 8:08 am and at 10:15 pm I still had 23% left, and I even went to sleep without putting it on a charger and woke up to 20% battery life at 7am and finally just decided to put it on the charger with 13% left at 9:12 am. People thats over 14 hours of heavy use and additional 10 hours of standby time. Without a doubt this phone’s battery life should not be a reason not to get this phone. Im still amazed at how long the battery lasts. I have only charged this phone twice since I got this phone on 11/21.

    • LA

      How is the signal reception on your phone? I have the S3 phone, and the signal reception is not good, but my iPhone 5 and Razr Maxx phones are equal on signal reception… thanks!