Black Ops 2 vs. Halo 4 sales, first week on 360

By Chris Cook - Nov 23, 2012

We’ve finally been able to get the Black Ops 2 vs. Halo 4 sales figures for the first week on Xbox 360, and this is completely fair considering this is only for the Microsoft console and doesn’t include the PS3 as well. Just over a week ago we reported the first 24 hours of sales for both Halo 4 and Black Ops 2, but these didn’t look at one platform, so the total units sold that are shown in the figures below are for the most popular on Xbox 360. It is worth noting that some gamers claim you can’t compare these sales thanks to the games going after different markets and types of gamers, although the bottom-line is people want to know what game sold more in week one on the 360.

We already started to see signs of lower Black Ops 2 sales in the UK a few days ago, and now the figures are in thanks to this source it shows global unit sales are down as well. Black Ops 2 moved 11m units on all platforms, 6.21m on just the Xbox 360, which is 2 million less than the 13.36m Modern Warfare 3 did in the same period last year.

If we compare this to the Halo 4 sales for Xbox 360, they’re widely reported to be 3.8m for the first week, which is a considerable amount less than Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360. Both of these first week figures are impressive by any means, but did you expect the Black Ops 2 vs. Halo 4 sales to turn out this way when looking at just the Xbox 360?

Why do you think the first week of Black Ops 2 sales are down when compared to MW3? It is very interesting to see the sales slip between the two Call of Duty games, although we can’t wait to see if this will be the case overall or if just the first week is affected.

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  • Reiyd

    Halo 4 is just another Halo. Slightly improved graphics, slightly new story. Black Ops 2 however has a load of completely new guns, not re skinned old ones, a lot of brand new equipment, a breakthrough loadout system, an amazing storyline that is very deep and is very influenced by your actions rather than a linear campaign, fantastic graphics, and zombies mode. Zombies mode is a good half the awesomeness of the game. Zombies mode could stomp Halo 4 if it was sold as it’s own game.

  • Unbound7X

    Cod Fanboyism much.. Played every CoD upto MW3 and BO, but I agree with Kingsley that 343 industries have done a fantastic job with the new halo, and new free content with spartan ops adds to game lifespan, only gripe they could have done with bigger team games on multiplayer.. IDD CoD with huge open areas ‘like’ battlefield would have been great, throw a few vehicles in too for a bit of roadkill, but 1 guy running round a 1/2 mile sq, shot gun face on each corner, not really gonna win many wars with that tactic.. 7 or more titles and still the same recipie.
    Pvt.”Major General sir, Have a KIA on five terrorists please give me some support”.
    MGnrl. “Here have a Insta guided misile you’ve earnt it”.
    ..Alright then…

  • sim

    you realize the 3.8 million copies was the first day halo sales right? Who let you write this article??

  • Kingsley. J

    Being a let down Halo fan I am not surprised sales where lower than black ops 2 in the first week of sales; however, upon purchasing halo 4, I was pleasantly surprised by 343’s rendering of halo. It felt like the first halo. You know where you walk out to this massive opened area with a huge forerunner structure in front of you. It almost gave me chills, like the first halo, walking out to the floating forerunner structure irrilly floating in the view of my updated helmet HUD. Everything 343 has done has been a great improvement and if they keep this direction we should have many fantastic adventures ahead of us as we save civilization from the menacing covenant and the rise of the forerunners. Excellent work by 343 on the new and very improved halo 4.

    As for black ops 2 what can I say? You play one modern warfare game you have played them all. I was hoping for something like battle field 3 but instead I got the same small multi-player maps and the kill streak rewards. Yawn…come up with something different tryarch.

    • Theodore Rhodes

      lmao you just said halo 4 was good because it reminded you of halo 1 but black ops sucks because its similar to other cod games? yea that makes sense haha

      • Kingsley. J

        You should read things slower or perhaps finish grade school before making comments. Lmao hahahahahahaha!

        • Beersnutz

          I read the exact same thing and he said what T.R. said. The guy is retarded lol. And if you’re looking for a game like battlefield then playbthe game called BATTLEFIELD 3.. lol just stupid. And this cod is vastly different then any other cod game so far…

      • halo fan

        all of the cod games are same js