Black Ops 2 PS3 1.03 patch notes for enlightenment

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2012

Are you still having problems with Black Ops 2 patch 1.03? The update is now live on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of the game and at last – Treyarch has gifted us with the official patch notes after initially not releasing them when the update first went live. PS3 users were first to receive the 1.03 patch on November 17, while Xbox 360 and PC users have only just received the update days ago.

Each patch update on their respective platform fixes different things in the game, so Treyarch has released three different sets of patch notes. It’s fair to say that PS3 users have had the worst luck since launch with various game crashing problems as documented here, while PC users haven’t been too happy with a FOV problem which has thankfully been sorted by Treyarch with the 1.03 PC update.

Over on the official Call of Duty forums, you will now find 1.03 patch update notes for the Xbox 360, PC and now the missing PS3 patch notes as well. Unsurprisingly, the PS3 patch notes are the longest with Treyarch no longer able to hide the fact that the PS3 version is suffering the most.

Looking down the patch notes, we see specific lines of text referencing the unique PS3 problems: We’ll include them here below so you can take a look – these are not included in the patch notes for the Xbox 360 and PC 1.03 update.

Take note of the interesting choice of wording by Treyarch, as they point out that there is still a small number of ‘low frequency cases‘ that still need to be worked on for the PS3 version, cases that Treyarch say will be fixed for the next patch update. Ask most PS3 gamers who are still having problems though and they’ll tell you that the frequency of recorded problems is anything but ‘low’.

Elsewhere down the list, we see another fix in place to solve an exploit with the Care Package and AGR canister. This change is now in effect on all platforms, so kiss goodbye to that if you have been using the exploit since launch. To read the full list of PS3 patch notes for the 1.03, head to the Call of Duty website here.

What are your thoughts on Treyarch’s PS3 specific problem fixes above – are you satisfied with the changes and more importantly – have they worked for you since installing? We’ll let you know when the next patch is out or if any other major problems arise.

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  • fedup

    This game sucks to say the least. I have never played a cd game this bad before. Yeah I know there are problems when all of them have been all of them were released but this is the worst ever. Freezing, lagging, getting kicked out to name a few probs, but none worse than needing 8 shots to drop someone. Oh and the knifing in this game is useless. I won’t return this crap because I know I ont get all my money back however this is the LAST treyarch cod game I will ever buy.

  • Disc-usted

    Playstation Network should be just as livid as PS3 users. The developers put a game (Black Ops 2) on their platform that doesn’t perform as advertised.

    I went with PS3 years ago because I thought the graphics were better and the Blue Ray. I’m seriously considering going over to XBOX now because of this issue with lag. It’s ongoing. I’ve forwarded the ports , have 30mb service and still only get a 3 bar connection most of the time while the entire other team has 4. I’ve paid $130.00 total for a product that doesn’t perform.

    The developers don’t seem to care about PS3, they’ve got their money and lots of it.

  • Shayne

    Am I returning this? No. They continue updates, so I’d rather wait for a fix then sell the game and find out they fixed it three days later.

    Am I mad? Yes.

  • FreezingPS3

    I’m returning my game(Black Ops2) today. Just like if I bought a brand new tv and it didnt work, I would return it if the problems couldnt be fixed. Its been over a week for me and the problems are still on going. The constant hard rebooting doesn’t sit well with me, I don’t want to risk permanently damaging my PS3 over a problem that the manufacturer created. Time to send this game back for a refund and pick up a game that actually works. Personally, I would have went with Infinity Ward to create all of the COD games. They obviously do a much better job. MW2 and MW3 are much better games overall. Major fail on Acitivisions part for not using better Quality Assurance over all systems. It’s common sense when you’re rolling out new products or releasing updates. I own a Fat PS3 and I have never had any problems with any of the other games I’ve ever bought until I purchased Black Ops2.

    Good luck to all of you. This game was overhyped and definitely under delivered the subpar.
    -Angry Customer

  • FreezingPS3

    Im returning this shitty game. I’ve never had any problems with any game. It just isnt worth the effort and time. They should have allowed Infinity Ward to make the game instead of Treyarch.

  • KEV

    Got on for one game then froze before getting to the scoreboard….still watiing for an update on patch 1.4 please hurry and get it out so i can put my mw3 away……i payed to play no to stare at a black screen….. and yes my audio on turtle beach headset keeps cutting out and i have to leave game and go into sound settings wich can only be accessed out side the game…then i have to click on the multi port button so sound will come back through headset…

    • Ada

      I purchased BOII on Friday and just now started playing it. Haven’t run into a problem yet. I Played for 3+ hours straight last night and never ran into a single problem. Try deleting the game data and reinstalling the patch.

  • KEV

    yes it is November 23rd how many days after the 13th launch???? Still freezing after multi player games and during start up of black ops 2…….still watiing for PATCH 1.4 TO BE RELEASED ASAP…..and still playing MW3…..

    • MasterSmith

      Lets see the 13th to the 23rd….how many days….do you need a calculator?

  • Ijustpostidontcare

    I am planning on getting the xbox 360 version of black ops 2 becuase i heard many bad things about the ps3 version. Like freezing, i even heard of an aimbotter . Im not sure if xbox is any better than the ps3 but i shall find out.

    P.S (I might of spelled something wrong i know bad english)

  • GKWillington the III

    patch has not worked for me and my ps3. I’m a veteran FPS, avid player and def not a hater but this game was not ready for release IMO. Most multiplayer matches are lagging for half the members if not hanging. My internet is not the problem, checked and rechecked, never been a problem before either. I can jump over to “another FPS” without issue. I’m putting this game on the shelf until I hear of a proper fix and a few of my friends are saying the same. Too bad.