Skyrim Dragonborn DLC specifics pre-release

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2012

We have just under two weeks to go until the highly anticipated release of Dragonborn, the third DLC expansion pack for Skyrim. PC players are still angry that there’s no sign of a release for them, or PS3 users for that matter with still complete silence from Bethesda over the missing PS3 Dawnguard DLC. Dragonborn is coming though on December 4 and it will be Xbox 360 users who will have the chance to play it exclusively before everyone else.

Unlike Hearthfire which was dubbed a ‘smaller’ expansion pack, Dragonborn is going to be a much larger affair and similar in size to the Dawnguard content which was also fairly substantial in size – but still nothing compared to the Shivering Isle days in Oblivion.

We want to go back to the main reveal trailer now for Dragonborn, as there’s some excellent analysis available to those who haven’t watched one of IGN’s Rewind Theater videos. They have picked the entire Dragonborn trailer apart and given us an insight into potential storylines that may unfold and any hidden features that are note worthy – remember, Bethesda hasn’t given out any additional details on Dragonborn other than the trailer, so it is well worth a watch if you are pumped up for its release.

As most of you have gathered now, the content is going to allow you to go in search of the first Dragonborn, and ultimately find and try to defeat him – the very cool looking guy in the helmet, who can be seen at 9.45 in the video below. IGN suggests that the Dragonborn villain will have access to some of the same powers that your character does and he’ll be able to use Dragon Shouts against you – setting up a very interesting battle indeed and finally a boss which may provide a challenge for your character.

They also suggest that players will be granted a new type of ‘spectral armor’, which can be seen at 3.50 in the video. We hear how this may end up as the Bonemold armor, an armor that Morrowind players should be familiar with and great news if Bethesda really is planning to give all Dragonborn buyers some new high level armor to play around with.

Watch the video in full below to see glimpses of a blue dragon and more analysis on who the Dragonborn villain at the end could be. With less than two weeks to go, have you finally managed to decipher the whole trailer and work out the storyline for yourself? The question that we want to know is – do you think it is worth another $20 after what you see in the trailer?

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  • L33tmoaf

    Get Skyrim for PC. We already have mods to fix the buggy Gamebryo Engine and have new armors, weapons, npcs, new homes, lands, etc. By the time “Dragonborn” DLC comes out, it’s just another icing on your sweet-roll.

  • Andy

    PC – get mods & some dlc
    xbox – get all DLC but no mods
    ps3 – get jack

    PC – complain they dont get some dlc
    xbox – complain they dont get mods
    ps3 – complain they dont get anything

    PC – should rejoice in some of their epic mods and stop complaining, it could be worse 🙂
    xbox – should just enjoy the game + dlc and await future E-scroll games if they want more
    ps3 – should stop with the vast byzantine conspiracy theories and get a platform that does work, or simply boycott beth and their lamenormous ps3 troubleshooting.


    PC/ Xbox/ PS3 – users should get off eachothers backs and start protesting outside beth HQ if they are that bothered =D we have a common interest, Elder scrolls lets not beat around the frustration bush and fight eachother its so… pointless… everyone gets annoyed and nothing gets solved =]

    • andy

      all that being said, i think i got my moneys worth out of skyrim and hours of play… before the dlc even came out.
      Note:- Still not tired off watching a dragon slam and slide 20 foot across the ground after being hit hard

      can honestly say ive not played another game that allows me to do that,… or farm a number of dragons for that matter =]

  • get some vitiman d

    ps3 gamers get over yourselfs

  • Samuel


    Just because PS3 players have it worse than PC players, doesn’t mean they can’t also be annoyed that they needlessly have to wait another month just because Microsoft buys out Bethesda.

  • PebbleInTheSky

    Now, if they can just make an Elsweyr or Black Marsh game,I’d probably never leave the house again.

  • You stole this article off some guy who nicked it from a bloke that pilfered it out of a garage in Camden.

  • mastersJ

    buy an xbox you winey little pricks just cause you cant afford xbox live

    • Be cheaper to just buy the game for the PC but cheers anyway for your ballsy anonymous comment.

  • lol ops

    ps3 cant get the dlc early because sony cant afford it (xbox all the way(not slacking of ps3 or pc though))

  • gaara1193

    love you bethesda and love my new 360, still kept my ps3 and ps3 copy of skyrim but hey , im more than happy to not be in the dark anymore!! love dawnguard love hearthfire and am going to love dragonborn!!! dont get me wrong at first i felt bad for going to xbox, but any true fan that has done so as well will agree that its worth it. i do hope you ps3 gamers get dlc soon as well as some form of compensation,but i got tired of beating a dead horse and complaining for about half a year now and did the next best thing i could do as an elder scrolls fan.

    • pickANflick

      do u realize u let them win by doing so

      • Flamebird03

        No one wins anything you ignoramous. If an entire console group is unhappy that is by no means a win for the company.

        • ninja

          Um you are the ignoramous. Microsoft won because they sold another xbox and bethesda won because they sold another copy. Please think about this. If you think bethesda doesn’t win by this because they have pissed almost every ps3 player off….think again. If they truly cared dlc would have been released a long time ago. Hell skyrim on ps3 would have been done the right way. The ps3 copy designed for ps3.

        • Flamebird03

          What’s one Xbox to the massive amounts of PS3 players saying they hate Bethesda? This whole situation is bad for business for Bethesda. You think they enjoy an entire platform making comments like yours? Really, if DLC can be released on every platform except one, the only variable is the platform. So is it really Bethesda’s fault? A lot of companies have said the PS3 is hard to work on. Bethesda included. Maybe it’s the better graphics. Maybe it’s the inferior internet. I’ve played both. I played PS3 before owning an Xbox. And honestly, I bought an Xbox because I enjoy Xbox internet more. Regardless, this bad publicity from an entire platform isn’t a win for Bethesda. I do have empathy for you guys, don’t get me wrong. I would be pissed too. But, saying that Bethesda wins with this is false. We don’t even know if it was a used copy or not. If it was Bethesda didn’t make any money off of it. Anyway, he is an unhappy customer. Not a happy one. Happy=win. And saying that Bethesda loves Xbox more, if it were true, is because it’s easier to work with and because Microsoft willingly paid money to get DLC exclusivity for 30 days. No one literally forced the original commenter to be the Xbox, especially not Microsoft. Anyway, I do hope you guys get the DLC soon. I also hope it is bug-free and amazing for you when you get it.

    • Conor

      Clearly a troll fanboy.

      • Flamebird03

        I doubt a troll would have cared enough to write a freakin’ essay. A fan boy wouldn’t have even tried PS3. A fan boy also might not play PC along with Xbox. A fan boy wouldn’t have said that the PS3 has better anything. All of those, I did. I honestly don’t care if you think im just a “troll fanboy” but the statement is false.

  • Maximus

    This article is retarded! How are these specifics. We all know this information already! You’re just telling us something obvious. And stop bitching PS3 owners, Bethesda isn’t doing this on purpose, it has to do with the PS3’s hardware, and if they released it on PS3 right now, it will be a buggy, unplayable piece of crap. Stop being arrogant, and just be patient.

    • HUD

      It’s not the fact that it hasn’t come out, it’s the fact that bethesda haven’t even considered to tell us ps3 players anything or at least have the decency to provide us with some sort of information update. I know a lot of ps3 users are bitchin about why we aint got it, but it’s the miscommunication which annoys me

      • Kenai

        I agree. I’ve been patient, but the same resources should be given to all users. PS3 is a more expensive console, so why do we have to wait so very long for any DLC??? I’m buying an Xbox for Xmas as I am sick of waiting!

        • pickANflick

          well microsoft, your evil plot is working

        • Flamebird03

          *facepalm* you really think Beth would give up all loyal PS3 players because they wanted a little cash right now instead of far more than that in profits from PS3 based customers? Unlikely.

        • Greynorth

          It’s the fact their priority seems to lay with Microsoft rather than the impending and ongoing issue with the PS3.

        • Samuel

          “*facepalm* you really think Beth would give up all loyal PS3 players because they wanted a little cash right now instead of far more than that in profits from PS3 based customers? Unlikely.”

          No, that literally is what happened. The reason that Bethesda has to wait an extra month is that Microsoft has made an agreement with them, ie. they paid them to make the DLC exclusive to Xbox for 30 days. This isn’t some conspiracy theory, it is very well known.
          This is only for the first 30 days though, they reason Dawnguard isn’t on PS3 is probably just that Bethesda doesn’t think it is worth spending too much money/effort on doing it in a timely fashion.

        • Flamebird03

          I was talking about this conspiracy theory that I keep hearing that Microsoft is still giving Bethesda money under the table to keep DLC off PS3. I’m well aware of the 30-day agreement.

        • Why30DaysThen?

          If a person goes to XBox from PS3, Beth do NOT lose. The person who gets the XBox will then continue to buy their games…just for the XBox. And Beth wins short term as they sell another copy. Further, they have given Microsoft the best value for money as this game will have pushed more PS3 users to XBox than any other exclusive deal (including the Halo series). So I just don’t see how Beth are worse off for this. If they screwed up BOTH console versions, I would agree that that is bad for them, but what they have done is what they intended when they signed the exclusivity deal with Microsoft, get money in the short term to convince people to cross the aisle and buy a XBox. Why else do you think they have timed exclusives? They know it’s not about maximising satisfaction for PS3 users – how would waiting an extra 30 days make PS3 users happier than simultaneous release of DLC? As I said, the “problems” they are having with the PS3 have just meant they have done a better job for Microsoft. Further, their jobs would be a lot easier if there were only one console that dominated the market, albeit an inferior one.

    • pickANflick

      its not my fault they screwed up on my platform

    • Greynorth

      My PS3 has been my most stable gaming console, 360 and PC included. My friends who play Skyrim on 360 have had more game-breaking bugs than I’ve ever encountered. It is buggy because of something they are doing. If the base works, the added content can work.

      When Dawngard was released on the 360 most encountered no issue while others encountered bugs that entirely destroyed their files and made them have to start over. If Bethesda had no issue releasing it then, knowing it would not work for everyone, then they should not use the same excuse when applied to PS3. I’m just saying its strange they won’t even allow it for a beta run when they’ve stated numerous times ‘it will work for most’.

      How is anyone being arrogant by simply expressing their irritation at the lack of communication and progress? Is it beacuse the people who play on PS3 are holding out hope? To me that is simply dedication, not arrogance.

    • Thats easy for you to say because you don’t have to wait for your dlc not trying to troll, but it seems a little like kicking the ps3 owners (myself and others) while they’re down calling us arrogant. We have every right to be upset because most of us have been very patient, so to throw those of us who are patient in with a lot of other impatient users seems a little dickish no? Also Bethesda is not doing themselves a whole lot of good releasing more dlc when they haven’t fixed they’re current dlc issues, I think they should focus on one Skyrim project at a time not divide everything up.

      • Flamebird03

        Yes you have that right. But why has everyone decided to antagonize Bethesda and say things like “Fuc* Bethesda!” It is possible to make a statement without saying things like these. After all, this still is GoTY and probably one of the best games of the decade so far to some people. I’m a FIFA fan so not me, but you get the point.

  • GroundBasket

    How is $20 too much for a solid 50 hours of entertainment? A two hour movie is $10. People need to relax.

  • Matt

    did dawnguard come on pc coz I would be pissed if pc has to wait like ps3

    • Maximus

      yes, it’s on pc.

  • 011101111110000000000111110011

    Fuc* Bethesda and fuc* Skyrim!!! They can go to hell and suffer in eternal agony and dispair!!!!

    • DragonSlayer

      for real

      • Bawss

        Still retarded.

    • gaara1193

      grow the hell up

      • ILL KILL YOU

        You mind your fuc*ing own business and SHUT FUC*ING YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!

        • Jthal12

          Lolol dumb people these days getting all worked up over a video game. Haha. Go buy an xbox if you’re so pissed. And btw shut “your f……. Mouth” not “shut f….. Your mouth” lol go get a life.

        • bigice164

          u are right its just a game people really need to grow up they all just need to get a life

    • Fudge gouda!!!

  • KushGabe

    A challenging enemy in Skyrim? That’s new.

  • breeezar428

    Thank god I have a. Xbox 360 slim, I don’t have to worry about skyrim no more so the ps3 owners must be really pissed. Hahahahahaha oh weel the xbox 360 user will have (like me) .

    • DragonSlayer

      dont use my name again u f#ck up

      • Bawss

        You’re retarded.

    • bigice164

      ur right this will be awesome and don’t worry ps3 owners you will get the dlc’s they just need more time to work on it we all know you all have been waiting a long time but bitching isn’t going to do anything beth won’t listen they worry about themselves and how they will work out the next dlc and just remember the ps3 is more complex then the 360 so it will take more time to work out the buggs so just be patient and u will get ur dlc’s

  • DragonSlayer

    search google for the petition against the cruelty that is bethesda. last i checked it was at 15, shooting for 50,000

    • rob2321

      That’s pretty pathetic….

      • DragonSlayer

        wa tever

        • dazor


      • gaara1193

        ppl like that are seriously childish lol

        • ILL KILL YOU

          No one cares what u think! get out of here or ill stove your face in!!!!!!!!

  • sony4lifeturned360FANATIC!

    i think its a good price. and no it’s no where as small as Dawnguard. witha whole new island with towns and quest. I mean we’re getting tto explore a land bloodmoon focused on in Morrowind. on a side note you ps3 owners and pc players must be pissed not only at us getting first dibs, but beta players getting it even EARLIER then that FOR FREE! im sorry ladies and gents.

    • DragonSlayer

      we aint got sh#t wut u talkin about

    • Tim

      Um, yeah. I can play Skyrim with a mouse and keyboard and have access to mods that add features an X-boxer can hardly imagine (SkyUI, Deadly Dragons, animated fart-shouting, Steve Urkel sleeping bags…). What’s waiting a few weeks extra for DLC – that most definitely will work correctly on a PC or else a mod will come out to repair it – compared to that?

    • I’m still playing Dark Souls actually.

    • Richard Crewe

      I play only on PC, am i pissed that XBOX player get it first, um no, becasue you get all the bugs and glitches first which are then sorted out before it hit’s the PC, oh and then there is the mod’s that will follow, so hell no i don’t mind, you carry on playing your standard version of Skyrim and i will enjoy a more polished, expanded version, first dib’s for me translates in guinea pigs.

      • Flamebird03

        I can agree with that as an Xbox user. Both were riddled with bugs but I still enjoyed them. For me, the glass is half full.

  • casper13rocks

    what the hell have pc owners got to be mad about least they get dlc ps3 cant even get a update

  • IchiYamamoto

    $20 will ALWAYS be too much for DLC. That is all.

  • bs

    F u beth for no ps3 release date or anything for that matter.