iTunes 11 release date within days

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2012

We have some good news for those of you who have been waiting patiently for the highly anticipated release of iTunes 11, which will come with a brand new interface overhaul among other new features. Apple has unsurprisingly been very quiet on the status of their delayed software, but some new information released this week suggests that the new version could release within days.

It was back in October that we gave you the latest status update on the iTunes 11 release date, with Apple having to delay the release of the software in order to fine tune some features and make it a better product when it is finally ready for the public. Although not one to make public statements unless absolutely essential, Apple has stealthily been putting the final touches on iTunes 11 and has already sent out word to music labels to prepare for the release.

One German music distribution service has apparently spilled the beans a few days early, as Apple has told them to start informing artists to prepare promotional materials ready for usage on iTunes 11. In an email screenshot provided by MacRumors, Apple is asking artists to submit 1200 pixel images to be used in the iTunes 11 gallery, to which normal users will be able to browse through when selecting music to purchase.

Considering that Apple sent out word last month that iTunes 11 would be ready by the end of November, we expect these details are accurate and a clear sign that iTunes 11 will be up for download by the end of the month. The new software has apparently been stripped down to make it much easier for users to navigate around, with a new slick interface making that transition much smoother.

Are you excited about being able to use iCloud features within iTunes 11, or have you already settled for a rival music database on your computer? We’ll let you know when the download goes live, but it is looking very promising at this point.

Is iTunes the best music software around in your opinion?

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  • Boomzilla

    No, iTunes is NOT very good music software. It repeatedly loses data, corrupts libraries, and refuses to work properly with multiple devices. Although some have no problems, the number who do is becoming astronomical. Additionally, the multiple purposes to which iTunes is put make it a “jack of all trades, but master of none.” Apple desperately needs to split iTunes into at least two or three different applications, each of which is better at their core functions. Anybody who says that those who have iTunes problems are “dumb asses,” obviously lives in a very sheltered world. The consensus of magazine writers, online analysts, and the general public is that iTunes is one of Apples WORST products and that it needs updating badly.

    I hope that Apple doesn’t try to stick a “band aid” on iTunes by merely modifying the interface. iTunes needs a major modification to its underlying structure.

  • Jon107

    Your a dumb ass than cause iTunes is one of the easiest and most used programmed in the world. Next time actually try

    • Boomzilla

      Jon – You’re an illiterate jerk.

  • D

    ITunes has been the hardest program for me to ever use. I’ve had a ipod, ipod 160 gig and I phone 3g, gs and 5. At least seven out of ten experiences have not been good for me. I don’t like the usability of iTunes.

    • Boomzilla

      D – You’re not the only one who doesn’t like iTunes. Ignore the illiterate jerk.