HTC Incredible 2 Ice Cream Sandwich update still alive

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2012

Are there any HTC Droid Incredible 2 owners still out there? HTC had initially promised owners of this handset an Ice Cream Sandwich update a long time ago – but it still hasn’t happened to this day, with the Droid DNA now the company’s new flagship handset. All hope may not be lost completely though, as HTC has recently acknowledged the delay on the missing ICS update and have given an indication that it still may release in the future.

For a device that released at the start of 2011, consumers will still be hoping that the device gets updated to Ice Cream Sandwich at the very least, especially if the chances of getting an official Jelly Bean update are zero – which obviously looks that way now with the Droid DNA taking focus.

It still remains a mind boggling practice for us, when carriers and manufacturers can decide themselves when to provide official Android software updates – not the other way round with the consumers in charge, or some official law making carriers stick to a strict deadline at least.

Manufacturers and carriers don’t mind pulling out all of the stops to get you to sign on that two year dotted line, but when that period is up and consumers are still expecting some level of official support – where is it? We are now starting to see signs of this with carrier versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is obviously by no means an ‘old’ handset – arguably still the best Android phone available in fact.

While HTC has obviously taken their time in getting Android 4.0 out to frustrated Droid Incredible 2 owners, they have sent out the following Tweet which provides a little clarity on the delay, as noted by Droid-Life above. As you can see, HTC are citing ‘connectivity problems’ for the delay, which is actually pretty open of them as they could have given a bog standard reply and not said anything at all.

With the Droid DNA now available to buy, does it give HTC more time to get working on these apparent connectivity problems and finally push Ice Cream Sandwich out for their patient customers? Hopefully the easy answer to this is yes and that it also means that a HTC Thunderbolt Ice Cream Sandwich update is coming soon as well.

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  • Chris

    What’s the point. I’ll be up for my renewal in Feb. and REGARDLESS will NOT being buying another HTC product.

  • Cranston Snord

    I have a HTC Thunderbolt and I think it is obvious there will not be an update. At this point, this phone, in electronic terms, is old and outdated. I cannot imagine anybody actually spending hours with it trying to get an update made for it. I would root my phone and put one of the plain ICS builds on it, but none of them can get the video camera to work. Apparently the TB runs great on ICS without any of the carriers bloatware on it. I have not had any problems with mine either way, but I think it is time to put these update blogs to rest!

  • Guest

    The reason manufacturers are not updating the OS’s on cellphones is simple. They can’t sell new phones if they do. If you compare the Thunderbolt HTC to the latest iPhone, HTC DNA, the HTC Windows 8 Phone, etc. Hardware wise, camera, internet access, 4G speed, apps, etc. It is not worth upgrading to a new handset for very minor hardware upgrades. The only thing they can really offer is the new OS and apps built for it. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the new standard. Even Apple did it. IOS6 runs fine on the older iPhone and iPad 1, they refused to release it to push people into purchasing an iPad 3 and the Mini.

  • rickBK

    Such BS!