Halo 5 plausible storyline with Xbox 720 bonus

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 22, 2012

It is going to be interesting to see how the Halo 5 storyline plays out considering what happened within the current game, which has started Xbox 360 gamers debating what should be included in Halo 5 and how they expect the story to go. If you’ve been playing the current game and following the announcements from both Microsoft and 343 Industries, then you’d know that there’s a trilogy planned in the form of Halo 4, 5, and 6. We’ve seen some really good ideas as to what we need to see happen in Halo 5, and some gamers want to see a more explosive Master Chief that loses it a bit.

Xbox 720 and Halo 5 taking it to another level – following an interview a few weeks ago we published some details from the Q&A, and in this article we pointed out that the interviewer tried to dig for information on the next-generation Xbox, aka 720, and what work is currently being done for Halo 5 on the next generation of hardware. We also detailed a timeline here, which shows how the previous release dates have gone and what names the games received from this franchise, although things could be very different for the next incarnation.

We could simply see Halo 4: Next-gen land with improved graphics for the Xbox 720 at an event next year, but we’d favor something totally new in the form of Halo 5 with some major improvements in physics and graphics, which would be the bonus for the second and third games in this trilogy if they launch on the Xbox 720. If Halo 5 hasn’t been worked on this year then launching it next year might bring something with limited work done, so again this is why we’d prefer to see a Halo 5 more thought-out with a release date in 2014 on the next-gen Xbox.

Halo 5 plausible storyline – be warned that reading on from here and also looking at the comments on this page might deliver spoilers for the current game. Some gamers believe that Halo 4 had been “rushed“, and that Halo 5 will be the “golden egg” with a bigger and better storyline. Some of the ideas we’ve seen for the Halo 5 story include the possibility of an episode in the theme of “Search for Spock“, which could see Master Chief leave Earth looking for Cortana, although we also hear that a lot of fans want to see how the Spartans were created and how they were broke to make them a Spartan. This would also deliver a lot more insight into how MC had been created, and what process he had to go through.

How would you like to see the Halo 5 storyline proceed, and what do you want to see from Master Chief in the next game? We’d also love to hear from Xbox 360 gamers about the possibility of the game being a launch title for Xbox 720, if it happened how would you feel about this?

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  • thx1138

    A new Cortana AI or maybe a possible Cortona flash clone is produced and clad in stolen spartan armor is by the one armed and mad Dr. Halsey who is out for revenge. Dr. Halsey and thus this new Cortona is allied with the elite loyalists, kig yar pirates, brutes, hunters and ONI’s new head of command’s black market papa. This new evil Cortona is possibly sent in as a spy or as a scorch earth operative, possibly used to mess with the MC’s head, driving him beyond his sanity. USMC, ONI and thier allies are targeted as well. The forerunner tech. could be activating by Dr. Halsey figuring out her half of the key, the stealing of the other half of the key. Or the newly composed didact appearing as a forerunner AI, assisting in a huge multi flank revenge scheme.

  • WillydaKid

    Play and watch Spartan Ops people- it will give you more of a sense of what could come

  • stevie p6898

    id like to see how he reacts to the other spartans and what the unsc does with the innies now the covennant war is done

  • They should make humanity forge an alliance with the forerunners and the storm elites. They should bring back the brutes and the flood

  • I think that arbiter should return and that the the flood should reemerge I also think that MCs original team should appear after ending up in the micro dysonsphere on onyx

  • kNOwBhODY

    I’m having an epiphany and I need to express my thoughts on a good plot for the next game. 1st off, Chief is all depressed about the loss of cortana, but he hides it through anger and pretends that he’s moved on, possibly signing himself up for a near-suicide mission targeting a very influential/ covenant individual or group. Upon failure and capture by the covenant, master chief is questioned and learns about the librarian and a possible connection to Cortana, maybe he finds cortana in a state similar to the promethean knight soul in spartan ops since she was in the didact when he was pushed into the composer. Inspired by a chance of recovering her, He escapes in all manners of badassery and hijacks a covenant ship on a course for the librarian. Wherever this is, he meets guilty spark, the librarian, and carries an artifact containing a rampant cortana and the didact’s “souls”. the librarian releases both of them and other stuff happens that i haven’t put much thought into. Maybe the flood return and all these characters become unlikely allies? Chief meets up with the arbiter too? We shall see. Give me feedback!

    • kNOwBhODY

      Oh, and I forgot to add something. Maybe we could see flashbacks of Chief’s early days resulting from pent up emotions. Maybe there could even be playable memories (Assassin’s Creed style?). Developing a distrust of Halsey from his memories, Chief decides to take a risk with an opportunity to bring Cortana to the librarian instead by hijacking/sneaking aboard a covenant ship. I feel like these are really good ideas, not trying to be cocky. I hope 343 is headed in this direction, tell me what you guys think.

    • T

      If cortana and the Didact were composed then maybe in the process of chief trying to bring her back a horrible miscalculation occurrs binding the didact and cortana.. presenting a difficult task for the MC to either separate or destroy them both.

  • Michael

    Im playing through Halo 4 spartan ops and currently it seems the librarian is still alive but inside a device and the covernant are trying to relese her i think halo 5 will be infuenced alot by the librarian and the changes she made to chief

  • Some guy who plays Halo

    The flood was never killed. If anyone played Halo 3 than you know that MC just ran away in the UNSC Forward unto dawn. He wasnt even CLOSE to killing them off! Also, Didact is probably dead but if no… WE ARE SCREWED!!! HOW COULD HE SURVIVE THE SUPER CORE THING!?!?!?!?!?

    • art

      read the forerunner trilogy books their armor can keep them alive in INSANE places

  • I am not happy that they are not supposed to be bringing it out on the xbox 360. Yes it can be on the next-gen console for the people who are interested, but if you are one of the people like me who detest giving Microsoft anymore money, they will be forced into getting the ‘720’ out of force of habit just so we can play halo.

  • MyNameIsNotWill

    Maybe between games (like halo odst, halo wars and halo reach) 343 could make a game that goes back to when Master chief was 6 years old and “kid-napped” by Dr Holzie. From that point on to becoming Spartan 117 (one of the greatest spartans known to humanity)
    So from Master chief at age 6-when he was put in cyro-sleep
    they could also add some type of scenes from halo reach at the end of the game due to the fact that Master Chief awoke right after halo reach ended.

  • It would be an interesting plot twist if master chief becomes the villain of halo 5. I mean darth vader style. He lost cortanna, which was essentially his current link to humanity, and there goes the saying that “he live long enough to see himself become the villain”

    And the (new) protagonist of halo 5 is someone who would defy master chief, and somehow bring back master chief to his senses. A risky plot though. (yeah angry fanboys, come at me).

    Actually i have mixed feelings of whether or not 343 industries should bring cortanna back or not. I liked her, and master chief deserves some good things after all he’s been through. But, by leaving hear dead, it would be a lot more memorable to gamers (FF-VII style).

    There is even talk in the forums about the possibiity of cortanna become a real human form. After all, the composer could digitize living things and the librarian even talk about effort of returning them to life forms (although failed). Cortanna is esentially a flash clone of dr Halsey’s brain, so it’s possible

  • Couldhavebeenbetter

    Bungies games even

  • Joshua

    I dont like the idea of a next gen console now because all the updates on the xbox 360 was made for the purpose of having it for a long time. Making a game like Halo 5 and then just making it on a next gen console will only hurt them in the process. The graphics looked great on the xbox 360, so I have no problem. This is a spoiler so do not read this if you haven’t beat the game, but they showed Master Chief’s face at the end of Halo 4 when you beat it on legendary. Of course, they didn’t show enough, but trust me it got me excited. Can’t wait for what is in store Halo 5!

  • valarmorghullis

    I definitely think they are going to explore Halo’s universe and history more deeply. They have now introduced the super ancient precursor race, and now that the forerunners are somewhat de-mystefied, the precursors would be the next step. I’d say get ready for a lot of slipspace jumping and galaxy exploring

  • Ben

    The next gen xbox will not be called “xbox 720” instead it’ll be known as “The Xbox”. Check it out. It was all over google news last week.

    • art


      xbox 360
      THE xbox

      well its definetly a step backwards lets just call it “IT PLAYS HALO GAMES BUY IT NOW”

  • BionikDust

    Also to the people wanting to kmow about the origins of the Spartans read dr halseys journal that u get from limited edition halo reach, thats quite interesting

  • Spriggs

    Well guys,

    I started playing halo when I was about 5 yrs old with Halo CE(at that time I was only allowed to drive warthogs and not shoot at all). Every Halo game has always excited me, and with the exception of ODST, have been my constant go-to games. Halo 4 has pushed away my doubts about 343 and I can’t wait for 5. My one main concern is that I’m worried it will only be released for the 720 which will seriously put a dent in my gaming funds.

  • MatDamon001

    I Think that the Arbiter Will Be in Halo 5 Because The Whole The Prophets Are false thing in halo 3 is now debunked(Forerunners) and i want to see how that affects his new group of Elites.

    • art

      glasslands and thursday war books by karen traviss


    I hope that we see Master Chief get a little stronger or more bad*** because everyone loves Master Chief. Also I want to see the Flood and the Forerunners, like the Flood attacks both of them so it’s more of a giant battle. I also want to see just a huge war or more of the back story on Master Chief. Because they don’t give us much, and I want to see his face.

    • Haloman1234

      I think chakas (343 guilty spark) will come back to help the master cheif cuz he was found and oni has a hold of him amd chakas wanys to find the librarian which i think that when the librarian takes you to power you up she copies cortana and gives the copy to cheif and keeps the real one. Then chakas and mc trvel back to requiem and find cortana and the librarian. Also the librarian saved cortana from rampancy. Then the didact is still alive and tries to kill them and then i dont know what may happen next but tell me if you think this is cool.

      • fsjal

        You have the grammar and thought process of a 12-year-old. If you’re that young, get off the internet. If you’re an idiot, kill yourself.

        • Haloman1234

          I am 12 freak I bet your a cod 10 yr old who cries and wets his pants when he loses a match and I probably have much better grammar than you old man

      • Kingsley. J

        He’ll look like Darth Vader. Imagine being lock inside a suit for a decade, without any sun light. He’s going to be a pal 7′ monster. Maybe, he’ll look like Kane from the WWF.

        • Dragon God

          The 7ft is with the armor. Without the armor, he is technically 6ft.

        • vPLethality

          He’s 6’10” without armor, and 7’2″ with it. Look it up.

        • Dragon God

          Okay, I made a mistake, but that still prove my point. John is LESS than seven feet.

      • FlamingHornet

        Cool, i was thinking the same thing with Cortana and the Librarian

  • AlliedToasters

    I want to point out to the author and any “fans [who] want to see [in Halo 5] how the Spartans were created and how they were broke to make them a Spartan [ sic ]” that the origins of the SPARTAN-II program are clearly laid out in Eric Nylund’s Halo: The Fall of Reach , which was released over a decade ago with the release of Halo: CE. The Spartan-II’s were indeed conceived and created before any contact with the covenant (or any alien life, for that matter) and so, as a military unit, they were necessarily created to fight other humans.

    If fans care enough about this part of the story, please go read the book. It’s an excellent read and answered many questions I had about the Halo universe. However, I disagree that the story makes good material for another Halo game. A bunch of six-year-olds at a military boot camp, without live ammunition or truly threatening enemies, barely able to function as soldiers would almost certainly make for a downgrade in the playable character’s abilities. Consequentially, the game would suck. Maybe cinematic cutscenes that “flash back” to said training could be incorporated, but I suspect 343 is holding off on such cinematics until the release of the [as of yet still unannounced] feature-length film…

    So, like I said, read the book. ENJOY the book. =D

    • AlliedToasters

      Well, I clearly failed to properly utilize italics. I intended to italicize “sic”, “Halo: The Fall of Reach,” “Halo: CE”. Ignore the odd formatting that resulted from whatever I did.

      • art

        bingo brats nowadays dont bother reading the books I HAVE READ EVERY LAST HALO BOOK RELEASED TO DATE….except for the second half of halo evolutions

        • Brandon Wolf

          Books are good for you. So is Halo.

  • 098

    If any one has been paying attention, we hear that Spartans exhibit sociopathic behavior and were originally created to suppress human rebellion. So far MC has been a 1 dimensional character. Without Cortana we could see him developing some serious issues. And that guy interrogating the Dr seemed pretty shady…

    • Kelly

      It’s pretty clear from that cinematic that whoever that man worked for intends to re-create the Spartan II program. He doesn’t care about Dr. Halsey’s crimes. He wants to know what was missing that they don’t know.

      • art

        well whats to miss
        1. chief was stolen away as a child without consent
        2. he was put into spartan camp with other abductee’s
        3. they trained him until around the age of 13 and then gave the spartan II’S biomedical enhancements
        4. those that survived became spartans
        5. upon being viewed as freaks and whatnot by the other military units the spartans withdrew into themselves thus causing antisocial / sociopathic behavior tendencies
        6. the only time spartans come out of their shell is around mendez, halsey and other spartans…..chief had an extra one because he had cortana who is techincally halsey because cortana is a smart ai made from a flash cloned version of halseys brain
        7. their introvertedness is the key to their sucess and its hard to force somebody to be introverted

        • 5. They weren’t viewed as freaks. nobody really new about them. They are antisocial because when most kids were learning patty cake and house they were being dropped off in the middle of Reach with fragments of maps and ODST’s with batons guarding their only way back. Going through what they did go through would make you crazy. They were never trained to be intergrated in society.

          7. For John, it was his luck. There were others that were better than him. But his key was luck. I remember reading that one of the spartans escaped and found her family. Her flash clone was still alive. Something that was suppose to die had survived like 15 years. These kids were the best our genetics as a species had to offer. Thats why they were picked. 150 candidates. 75 were chosen. 32 became spartan II. Natural Selection.

  • MyNameIsNotChris

    I would like to see something completely new. Perhaps the genetics that Master Chief has be spread to other humans creating villians

    • art

      i want to see chief do what he was made to do beat the crap out of insurrectionists, or you know an open world halo game might be nice like mass effect but you know…halo and fps with bits like crysis were you can pick up stuff and use it as an improvised projectile

  • MyNameIsNotRick

    I’d bet that the flood comes back. If the firing of the halo array couldn’t stop them originally, then why should we believe the Chief actually finished them off in Halo 3? Plus the Didact is probably still alive (and pissed), so he’ll probably make a return as well. Hopefully the Arbiter will be back, but I’m not too sure about that one. The plot line will probably revolve around a race between Humanity and the Forerunners (specifically the Didact) to obtain the Mantle, with the flood constantly spreading to mix things up. It’ll end with some sort of cliffhanger, and then, in Halo 6, Chief will come back and finish the fight or something.

    • Brandon Wolf

      The Forerunners do not hate humanity, only the Didact. So the Forerunners should return, the Flood return, and instead of their “weak initial” attack in the previous Halos, they take out their full potential and unleash havoc like how they did hundreds and thousands of years ago (in-game, not real life obviously).
      So the Didact gets punished, the galaxy is attacked by the Flood, the Forerunners assist humanity and the races from the Covenant, and Halo 5 will be much darker.

    • Forunners or Precurcor

      I think that so because if you played Halo wars, that is the answer, they were on a sheild world like reqium and the creator (precursor) to the Flood should also come back. I think the other forunners will come back on Halo 6 when Didact dies. And Arbiter will come on Halo 5 and will assist MC once more.

    • Halokilla117

      I Think Exactly like you only I think the Precursors will be involved in this. Remember The Librarian Indexed mankind and hidden seeds from the Didact that took 1000s of life times of planning, then master chief says “Planning for what”? I think it’s planning for the Success She wants humanity to have when the Precursors test them. Then all the things you said may come into play.

    • ddd

      My name is not rick the reason they came back after the forerunners fired the arrays was the forerunners kept samples then the humans released them that is how they returned in halo 1