GTA V co-op realization brings mixed feelings

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 22, 2012

The lead up to Grand Theft Auto 5 revealed a lot of hints that later received confirmation from Rockstar after new screens arrived, and the latest magazine exclusive also detailed loads of information, which is likely to keep gamers going for a little while longer. Once we heard that there would be three playable characters in GTA V, co-op came to mind right away and we could imagine some great gaming sessions with friends and family helping with great teamwork, although our dreams were killed when this feature had been ruled out.

You will get to enjoy open world multiplayer in GTA V, but not a targeted co-op mode that some PS3 and Xbox 360 fans really wanted. IGN held an interview with Dan Houser almost a week ago now, which we’re sure most of our readers have read, and in this interview Houser explained very quickly why there would be no GTA V co-op. In a nutshell, if gamers want a high level of “precision” in GTA V then they’d have to miss out on co-op gameplay, which this decision has already been made by the developers.

Mixed feelings for having no GTA 5 co-op – we’ve heard from a number of PR readers in relation to this news, and while some people take it on the chin and have accepted there’ll be no co-op, others are pretty upset. We’ve seen some gamers state GTA 5 “needed co-op” and they feel “extremely disappointed“. It didn’t help them by hearing Houser say they could’ve created “a great co-op game“.

Other people claim that GTA 5 is “screaming for” co-op and three main characters had been a perfect opportunity for Rockstar to do something truly innovative. Other gamers feel a number of game companies are “underestimating co-op” options for big games, although in our opinion GTA 5 will take things to a new level for a game that has a great track record already, but we’d agree co-op would have been amazing.

Do you think GTA 5 should’ve had a co-op mode? It’s worth pointing out that the next Grand Theft Auto game will feature a “compelling” multiplayer mode that will be set in a massive open world, which Rockstar promise will be a truly memorable experience.

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  • Pure Fox

    Same console co-op would just make the game perfect. And if split screen is to hard for them, just make it like the San Andreas edition was. Sitting next to your friend while blowing up cars is priceless.

  • why no co op

    I mean for them to add a little more fun by adding co-op would be easy, they add a mutual friend of all three characters. So you get the main people to follow the story and the friend would tag along and help. It doesn’t have to be some amazing way to do co-op, just something as easy as this. Dumbass Rockstar crying because co-op would ruin their story, I call bs.

  • roy

    co op would only be good if it was split screen and on the same console

  • JD

    Rockstar has delivered nothing less than a groundbreaking experience with every new game. They say that adding co-op would have taken away from the experience they’ve built, so trust them because they know what they’re talking about and the people complaining do not. They are delivering something that hasn’t been explored with the switchable character system and they wouldn’t if it wasn’t fun. I’m really excited to see how it plays out because I’m bored with the recycled Call of Duty run and gun games that do nothing new short of a new gun and perk. To those open minded about the new mechanics, you have my respect. To those moaning about lack of co-op, trust the developers and wait to see what multiplayer brings. To those who can’t even deal with character switches, grow up! That is all 🙂

  • Co-op sucks

    Ok, there’s no co-op. So what? Get over it. Sounds like about 10 people on the planet are whining. LOSERS. The game is going to rule anyway without co-op. If you want co-op so bad then go make your own game – and good luck with that.

  • why the whining?

    all these people saying “Co-op will ruin the game”, i have 1 thing to say. don’t play co-op if you don’t want.
    like this saying “Don’t-Don’t, Do-Do” meaning: if you DON’T want to do something, DON’T. if you DO want to do something, DO

  • Tom

    Not preordering this now.

  • drzeuss

    Not gunna lie, would prefer a co-op mode than online multiplayer! Much more fun and makes it more sociable to play.

  • Malice

    Co-op would have been epic if they had actually planned to put it in the game, but what dissapointed me was was not being able to buy houses…hopefully you can buy businesses….im super curious on the details of the “economy” of GTA V

  • Paul carrasco

    Co Op would have been amazing, but ill life without it

  • Senior Carmano

    I have a feeling most people’s opinion on the subject is more of a “they changed it now it sucks” point of view. A co-op option would probably have been great, but there are way too many things that could make or break it. Better to be on the safe side than to just get it over with, look at Duke Nukem for example.

  • Bollokks

    Co-op are expensive anyway. Morrisons or asda is the best

    • sparkangel

      ha ha haaaaa

  • boosh

    i have never played co-op even if my friends have the same game. So if its there or not i will not play it and ignore it

  • Shiu

    No coo

  • Isaac

    It is not like they are removing multiplayer altogether. Co-op would suck anyway.

  • Al

    why the hell would you want/need co-op in an essentially single player experience? Moreover why the hell do you need co-op when you have multiplayer options, which is basically an expanded co-op mode with free-roam, racing or other invented pursuits which would be markedly more fun than blundering through scripted missions.

    another pointless misleading titled chubb article for web page clicks, what a douche…

  • Big Rob

    I’m sure that if Rockstar had indeed implemented a co-op aspect to the multiplayer side of the game, it would have been pretty special. As Houser said though, the other aspects of the game may have suffered because of it. What I really want is a solid single player sandbox, with some nice action packed and quirky missions. Anything after that would be a bonus. The important thing for me is to have the feeling I got playing GTA San Andreas all those years ago. GTA IV lacked something. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong. It just felt a little thin somehow, slightly stiff, not forced, but unnatural in comparison to the previous GTA titles we all fell in love with. I still played through the story 4 or more times, It just didn’t have the wow factor I expected. It was almost as if San Andreas, although older gen, set the GTA standard a little high. I cannot wait to play GTA V and I have very high hopes.

    Rockstar are undoubtedly one of best games companies around and they.will continue to prove why, I’m sure.

    • michael cernat

      in my opinion a good sandbox game needs an economic system,for every mission u do u get money (and make it so you will earn cash very hard not a billion in 1 h)and after that to have smthing to do with the money…buy weapons,weapons upgrades,houses,furniture for houses(like in scarface),go to casinos and gamble etc…

      • Big Rob

        I couldn’t agree more about the economics thing Michael. That was something thay was really lacking in GTA IV. I don’t mind the absurd of the amounts of money you have always been able to amass in GTA titles, as long as I some way of spending it. I’m sure I’m not breaking this news to you or anyone else here, but Dan Houser has said GTA V is all about the power of the dollar and there will be an extensive economy within the game.

        Can’t wait for this to drop.

  • The truth

    What are you guys dumb? Seriously they took away housing and the whole San Andreas gameplay. You guys for got about how you could get fat a loos weight in the gym and learn moves at the gym. Wow people truly dumb now these days. Co-op is pointless gta needs to work on making the game more realistic and have the player feel like a sims character where you would have to keep him in shape. There is 10000 other things they took out but all you media and other retards look at useless things.

  • PWhilly

    Forget Co-Op, personally I don’t even care about multiplayer. I have yet to hear any news that has tarnished by anticipation for this game, bring it on.

  • SuperSam8484

    I don’t think it needs a coop mode, It would throw off the rest of what seems to be an awesome game

  • Dymez

    Grand Theft Auto was built on single-player. GTA V doesn’t “need” co-op, but it would have been greatly appreciated by myself and, I’m sure, many others. I think Rockstar does underestimate the power of the cooperative mode. Saints Row (minus the first game) is a big time franchise mainly because of their co-op mode. No one can make an open world like Rockstar can, nobody. To be able to experience that and the epic stories that Rockstar always puts forth with a friend would be amazing to say the least.

    I honestly believe the reason co-op isn’t in GTA V is because Rockstar started its process in 2008, right after GTA IV. Co-op wasn’t a big splash then, like it is right now. The blueprint for this game is well over 4 years old. I’m sure GTA VI (or whatever they end up calling it) will have a full co-op story. The lack of co-op in GTA V isn’t going to hurt this game in the least bit, it will still be a game of epic proportions. However, co-op would have added more replay-ability for this game, and made the wait for the next GTA much, much, much easier.

  • co op will be stupid in the story plus how u surpose to swich characters if someone else is playing the other guy then if he dies it be on ur stats stop complaining everyone around the world

  • Drunk On Drank UK

    Co-op….Good with food.

  • GtavPlayer

    Put gta 5 on the wii u, 1 plays on the tv and one on the gamepad. Co-op with 2 is better then none at all.

  • Scroogy

    I would think there will be the co op missions like they had in GTA IV and Read Dead and they were pretty good. Hopefully it will be co op heists.

  • Redd

    4get co op I just wanna play the damn game how can u b that dissapointed ovr co op

  • Nick

    God, no. Co-Op would ruin it. In my opinion, it’s bad enough with the multiple playable characters. The Co-Op would just make it worse.

    • Whyrd

      I agree that having multiple playable characters isn’t that great, but the option of co-op would at least make it better.