Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 patch leaves lag, connection issues

By Chris Cook - Nov 22, 2012

Most Microsoft console owners would know about the first Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 patch that went live within the last 24 hours, if they play the Call of Duty game that is, and this Black Ops 2 update has followed a number of fixes for the PS3 platform, which is due to some serious crashing and freezing on the Sony console. While the PS3 has experienced a lot more problems than the Xbox 360, it is worth pointing out that both systems have gamers reporting about lag and connection issues when trying to play online with Black Ops 2 matchmaking.

We’ve embedded the Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 patch notes below, which came thanks to a recent update by Activision Community Support that explains exactly what got fixed, and also clearly shows what has been missed and is plaguing Xbox 360 gamers. The first patch, aka title update 1, has fixed some really focused problems with the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops 2 and you can see this in the list of fixes below. These include improvements to live streaming, fixes to emblem icons, UI error messages, spawning, and a lot more.

Black Ops 2 problems remaining on the Xbox 360 – we’ve heard about a number of issues still being experienced after the patch is installed, although the most common problems are focused on lag and connection related problems when playing Black Ops 2 in multiplayer and zombies. One user said they’ve had enough of “inconsistent connections and broken perks“, and explained that all they get is lag while playing with friends and family on the Xbox 360.

Do you believe your Black Ops 2 connection and lag issues are not your end? We’d like to point out that some Black Ops 2 issues can be related to your Internet connection, so if you find a zombie come from nowhere while gaming on the Xbox 360 or PS3, then make sure your connection is not to blame first. The classic “where did he come from, I just shot him 6 times in the head and he’s still alive” can certainly be connection problems your end in many cases. We’ve already heard that patch 1.04 is being worked on for the PS3, which should fix freezing still being experienced by some gamers.

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  • isaidit

    The problems is preordering this f….king s…t if everyone stop running togame stop at midnight on release night these would not be happening.

  • Lourens

    Internet connection you say? Bulldust! If I try getting a match in Black Ops after a hour of waiting, give up and go back to MW3 at the most 5 min I get a match with a good connection getting kills with one bullet, not a whole mag! Your connection & matching problems is f***ing up a potentially great game

  • jeffrey kammeraad

    i was a 3.00 ratio in the first black ops… 2.70 in mw3… I cant hardly go positive in this one!!! this is the worst call of duty ever made…

  • AO

    This f’ing game is BS. I was one of the better players in MW2 and Black Ops and now I’m towards the bottom in most every room rankings. I have Verizon FiOS and there is so much lag that I shoot people a number of times and still die first, normally in a few shots — even the shittiest players kill me with no problems. HUGE disappointment and really turned off by this.

  • codisbad

    Dis game is getting annoying im about to play 2 k 12

  • jordan williams

    it freezez when i selected multiplayer or zombies. even got a different disc still freezes

  • adhachi

    Treyarch can now officially suck my balls. Fed up of firing several rounds jus for them to take me out wit a single shot. Clearly sumthins wrong, never had any lag issues on other cods. Back to mw3 till the lags fixed.

  • LagOps

    Got 100mgs internet but the game still lags humongously im really get turned off this game b/c of it..

  • Lagged Out..

    Im enjoying all 5 minutes of black ops 2 when im not dropping connection from host or lagging so badly my 30 bullets cant beat the enemies 3. -_- Hopefully more can be done to fix this considering the amount of money i paid for this game. You’d think with all the money they generate from the sales of these games (and im talking millions if not billions) they would spend some of it on solving the age old problem of lag (or mitigating some if not most it) especially in this day and age.

  • Brian c

    I have 25mbit bi-directional and the lag is horrendous. It’s so damn annoying. even the other CODs weren’t this bad.

    This is really something else.

  • peahead

    Im not being funny but the connection is pretty bad im my connection is full so is every one else but we are all lagging its nothing to do with the connection even though somtimes it is but this game is laggy other cods arnt well i didnt get black ops one also another thing is the spawning 80percent of the time you get killed because it spawns you in front of an enemy and its done it to me where they spawned in front of me that needs sorting also the game play of it isnt as good as the other cods

  • frt

    Even other Call of Duty games are working fine, dipshit.

  • frt

    Funny how much one person can assume to know about everyone else. Hey Mr. Know-It-All, explain how even with good internet service, my friends and I are only having problems with this game and no others, huh, smart guy?

  • Honky McSlice

    Also, LOL at the nerds spewing thei enraged “rawwrr, I’ve had enuf of these inconsistent Games and LAG, sooooo done wit cod!!!1”

    They say this every year. And every year, they pre-order the next identical game as fast as they can.

    So whatever, tough guys. Wanna show Activision something, stop running BLEATING to Walmart and Gamestop every november to mob the midnight releases. You people are so stupid it defies belief.

  • Honky McSlice

    About 95% of the players on this game right now are prepubescent enraged
    13-year-olds that think because they spent two years making ‘tages of
    themselves jumping off rootops with Interventions, their skill level is
    enough to compensate for having hijacked Mommy’s .65DL/.24UL DSL fax
    line connection to play online. Or, they’re overweight college freshmen
    trying to play on a connection buried under 9 or 10 building proxies. If
    you have a good internet connection the game isn’t that bad. It’s that
    simple. Play on shitty net, have a shitty time. Grow up, get a job, pay
    for decent internet to game on and your time online will be much
    improved. Why people are so insistent on Treyarch devoting the time to
    try to fix ten million ridiculously bad internet connections is beyond
    me. Complainers are hilarious.

    • mr me

      I have good internet i dont know how the other black ops was because i refused to buy it i didnt play my xbox that much i got mw2 3 n the others they are alright maybe my 50meg isnt good enough for it i just thought the servers arnt as good as the others oh and dont be having ago because of what i said maybe im wrong its just that the other games work fine just this one lags especially when playing as a party 80percent of people do lag and i bet you somtimes do even when yoir connection is full

    • We Know

      Some of us don’t like sleep on an inflatable mattress 🙂

  • bob

    Nope i install the game on my xbox360 maps load fast and the game is perfect :p