Black Ops 2 PS3 freezing delivers corrupt message

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 22, 2012

We can’t help but feel the new Black Ops 2 zombies mode is the best to date, but at the same time playing the PS3 version has been met with a number of problems, which most notable is the crashing that happens less often since patch 1.03, but still happens. If you own Black Ops 2 on the PS3 then you might have experienced freezing as well, which in most cases means a hard reset and this has led to some big problems that no PS3 gamer wants to see with their system.

Since the launch of Black Ops 2 we’ve been hands-on with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version, so that we can deliver an impartial take on both versions of the game, and while the Xbox 360 version did suffer from connection issues during our time with the game, it has been the PS3 version of Black Ops 2 that has had the most serious problems.

The image you see below is what happens when you keep having to hard reset your PS3, and thanks to Black Ops 2 crashing and freezing it meant a corrupt message had displayed. This isn’t a one-off and has happened a few times a day when playing Black Ops 2 zombies and multiplayer, so having to check the system for corrupt files is not what you want to keep doing, especially considering crashing can cause damage to a hard drive if it continually happens. It is worth noting that this issue is only happening with Black Ops 2 on our review machine.

Have you seen corrupt messages on your PS3 after Black Ops 2 freezes and crashes? Let’s just hope that this problem is fixed permanently after Black Ops 2 patch 1.04, and also hope that it doesn’t take until 1.05 or later to see a fix. It is also worth noting that we’ve had a number of our readers explain the issues went away after the last patch, although just as many are reporting bad crashing still and this is even after reinstalling the game as well. Personally things have got better since the last update, but the freezing problems are still there and happen every couple of hours.

If you’re an Xbox 360 user then you can see the full patch notes for your first update in this article. Other than the freezing in Black Ops 2 on PS3, are you experiencing any other issues and how do you find the new zombie maps?

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  • ceri

    Had to restart twice now, corrupt files both times.

  • David

    Umm guys can u help me every time I go to the zombies main menu it just freezes and I have to turn off my whole ps3 off do you guys know any solutions?

  • bertr2013

    Black Ops 2 causes an overheat issue to older PS3 models,which causes freezes.That’s why the last fix was just for connectivity.The real issue is this game will ultimately cause YLOD on older models from repeated attempts to play.It almost seems this game was developed just to force an upgrade to the SuperSlim.

    I figured it was an overheat issue when I saw that when I first turned on the PS3 and tried to play,it would allow me to for a while…and then it would repeatedly freeze.I noticed when I let it cool,it would let me play again until it over heat.

    Then I tried this…I let my PS3 cool down and made sure the vents were clean.I stood my PS3 on it’s side,placed it on a stand and ran a floor fan directly at the air vents on the PS3 bottom.

    I’m happy to say to everyone that this is WORKING for me.I hope it helps you as well.Do this and you will save you PS3 from a YLOD…and you will be able to enjoy your game.


  • Brian

    I also think everybody should get together and file a class action suit against the company who created this issue and get our money back.I paid 60 dollars for game I can’t play and made wipe every other game that I’ve ever played of my system.

  • Brian

    my whole ps3 system crashed look up online how to boot into safety mode wipe your data and start over. I am very angry with Activision for making me have to play all my games all over again and now I have to have hours of grinding to complete games that I had already completed.

  • A_TWN

    Playing on Town, Grief Mode and on round 18, (it takes ages on grief) took me an hour, all the perks and great scores, then my PS3 Slim 320GB FREEZES UP. I like Treyarch games a lot more than InfinityWard and their Modern Warfare series (apart from the first) and loved the campaign, but the freezing is stopping me from making my money well spent. I hope they release a patch for these errors soon. (I mean no offense to anyone in anyway in this comment)

  • unhappy_wiv_bops2

    as yet i still have not played any black ops 2 online and that’s 2 weeks from when i have got and activision are not much help

  • They will probably fix this fast

  • As of the 27/11/2012 I’m still seeing this issue frequently only when using Black Ops II. Also connectivity errors and other things we didn’t see in MW3. Not too impressed with them at all. I expected more from such an established and successful company.

  • Zombie freak

    everyone should send back their games and demand their money back, consumer rights faulty product, full refund.

  • Zombie freak

    its a fookin joke, even after the patch mine freezing on average 4 times a day, they better fix this NOW or im never buying their games again, so we all made them rich and we are stuck with shite games what a joke

  • stuck

    here is a message i want you all to read. IF you are a console boy, and know nothing about hardware….please stfu about which system is more “powerful”. Both of these consoles are using ANCIENT hardware that was behind the gaming PC’s even back in 2006. The PS3 uses a modified GeForce 7800 which was a low end budget card for PC gamers all the way back in 06. If power and good hardware is what you want….sell your 250 dollar low end ancient console and fork out the 1,000$ and up it takes for a good gaming PC. And if you do FPS’s exclusively you will not regret it. Gaming a FPS on a mouse and keyboard setup is so much better than using a analog controller. Ever wondered why COD has built in aim assist in its games for consoles???

  • Toocool

    I’m a ps3 owner and I bought the black ops 2 and it was workin good at first then it started to freeze and I had to do a hard reset twice so I stopped playing it for a few days. I bought a new ps3 and put the black ops 2 in and I did the 1.0.3 update and not even a minute in playing multiplayer it froze and I had to hard reset again. So I will not play black ops 2 again until it has been fixed.

  • disqus_iFOwzc1Qvf

    I have had well over 70 freezes because of black ops II, its practically killing my ps3, i cant even load the game it just freezes on a black screen. Takes more than a half hour to get it play.

  • jonthebeserker

    3 player game of tranzit. Round 27, jump into a warp hole and BAM hard freeze. Have to restart ps3 and scan it, re load BLOPS 2 and no score on the leaderboard, yet the rest of the team DO get a score. RAGE

  • Chris5355 psn

    I have a original 80gb ps3 and mine works absolutely fine, but my brother has a 250gb ps3 slim and he has the same problem as all you other peeps.
    Has any one else got a old ps3 with no problems, could it be the newer consoles them selves.
    List up your console if it’s ok or staffed and see what we get from a few results?

  • codered666

    keeps happening to me this is garbage

  • chief

    Click O…

  • Gamer

    Keeps happening every time I go to play on multiplayer, really really annoying!!

  • Zak Hill

    I can’t believe my data hasn’t been corrupted yet. This freezing is inexcusable.

  • benbob

    i keep on getting freezes and that fuckin’ restore screen.i REALLLLY dont want to my 320GB PS3 to corrupt and i lose alllllll my music/games/videos that i paid for because of COD. not a single patch yet, for us canadians anyways.. CODBO2 isnt that good to begin with… for zombies anyways. no mule kick or flopper!? and with tiny ass survival maps like wtf man. and zombies without heads can STILL down you. so lame. like come-the-fuck-on…

    • DMANI

      get a new ps3 i got a new ps3 and it’s working

  • this freezing is still happening every 10 minutesduring zombies. cant ps button out of game.constantly hard resetting the game. constabtly being told to check system for corrupt files.
    im just gonna send the game back and ask for a full refund and never bother with the crap again

  • g man

    so did anyone found a selution for this problem coz i just changed my playstation slim to the super slim coz i thought its my playstation fault coz its too old

    • anon

      i did the same thing and i have the same problem… 🙁

  • youkillefmyPS3

    I had so many crashes my system wont even work now!!! Glad they made 500 million first day….enjoy ur blood money on some island as i try to rebuild my ps3 ur damn game broke! Burn in hell jerks!

  • 69 on kino-

    And I can’t help but feel that your an idiot! You have no right playing video games if you think the black ops 2 zombies is the best! It’s awful anyone that’s a true zombie fan knows this…

    • correct

      You’re an idiot,idiot

    • zombie fuhker

      Tru….i hope new maps come out soon. I miss Ascension and Moon. i think im kickin it old school tonight and playing some WAW and BLOPS zombies.

  • Cod fan123

    i bought and played black ops 2 and it froze up my system alot and now it wont even come on.. so now i’m going to send the bill to the makers of cod

  • sergio

    If xbox is less powerful than ps3 and ps3 cant handle that how is it supposed to take more? I used to own a ps3 and realized it sucks xbox is way better i will never goback xbox rules

    • what can i say, you are so wrong. have you even opened your xbox and see how inferior that thing is? i suggest you open both consoles and do a comparison between the two, and then you will know how wrong you are.

  • I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to hard reset before & after the patch have e-mailed activision about this issue & told them if this problem causing a breakdown with my ps3 I shall be sending them the bill for a new ps3 I totally agree with what Ri5ival has said come on its not rocket science to develop a game on the more powerful console but as always with cod X-box users get priority

  • Ri5ival

    This is what happens when you develop on a less powerful machine then the PS3, if your going to make a console game make it on the PS3 which is generally more powerful and it would have less glitchs that way like Rockstar has done on their games and then port it to lesser Xbox. I’ve stopped buying call of duty games since 2010 even then I wasted my money on black ops but never again will I buy a cod game

    • CoD is for noobs.

      That’s cute. “lesser” lol.. I play on PS3, X360 and PC and I can tell you one thing for sure, the “lesser” platform are consoles in general. P.S PSN is terrible.

      • tails

        I would say hes talking about hardware specs…so instead of being ignorant and looking like an idiot think your comments through. the ps3 has way higher spec hardware and the fact that this game was designed to fit the Xbox lesser specs can be appointed some of the issues.

        • CODfreezing

          are you an idiot? PS3 has way LOWER specs than a high end gaming rig. (PC) granted… will cost you 1,000$ to 2,000$ to build a top end rig…however you are an absolute TOOL if you think ps3 has better hardware in it than what is available to custom PC builders.

        • rickardo80

          are you an idiot? The only hardware he mentioned was PS3 and Xbox. He was clearly just comparing the two – no mention of PC. Also i wouldn’t call people tools when you don’t even know where the dollar symbol should go.

      • Eward Greene

        If you