Black Ops 2 gamer breaks Guinness record and lives

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2012

Have you been playing Black Ops 2 for days on end ever since its launch on November 13? We can predict that many of you have been racking up endless hours online trying to get those prestige badges, but we doubt you have even got close to the guy we’re about to tell you about. It has been confirmed that the Guinness World Record has been broken for a person racking up a total of 135 hours in one session.

Can you honestly believe that? We wouldn’t think many gamers in their right minds would attempt such a thing after hearing all the stories about similar gaming marathons ending in death – Diablo 3 was the last reported instance of this happening, with an 18 year old man who died playing Diablo 3 straight for 40 hours.

Luckily, some provisions have now been put in place to other gamers attempting to go on marathons to break the record – specifically the inclusion of breaks in between. New Guinness rules state that a person is allowed to take a 10 minute break for every hour of activity. With this formula in place, Australian Okan Kaya, with 4Cabling was allowed to accumulate his break allowances to rack up 135 hours of total activity over a seven day period.

It turns out that he isn’t a bad player online either – with reports suggesting that he managed to get up to 37th in the world on the Black Ops 2 global leaderboards in the process, according to Wired. – Not bad when you consider there are millions and millions of players battling it out online as we speak.

Was the ordeal really worth it though? He has broken a Guinness World Record and lived to tell the tale, so that’s something to tell the Grandchildren we suppose. Just so you know, the previous record was 120 hours in a session and was set by a pair of Canadian gentlemen who used the Resistance series on the PS3 for their feat.

What are your honest thoughts on this folks? Do you say well done to the guy and wished that you could pull off something similar, or do you think he is lucky to still be alive and was a silly thing to attempt in the first place with many reported deaths.

Black Ops 2 in one hand, hamburger in the other – have you tried it?

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  • dustin

    He does not look good tho :p

  • tellingitlikeitis

    “a 10 minute break for every hour of activity” – well he hasn’t really broken the record then, has he. That would be like a Special Operations soldier saying that they wanted to win a medal for bravery, but that they didn’t actually want to go into battle in case they got injured.

  • Vini

    It didn’t win him any cash prizes so its not worth pushing your health like this. Whats the point to any of this if you end up in the hospital paying huge costs or worse ending up dead.

    • Because life isn’t worth living so I’m go hang myself now :3