T-Mobile iPhone 5 release hopes take a hit

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2012

If you were optimistic that T-Mobile would soon pick up the iPhone 5 and offer it to consumers on contract, we have some new information for you to digest. It turns out that while T-Mobile would love to offer the device to their customers, it appears that they are not going to be embroiled in a pricing war or fully commit to Apple’s demands like Sprint recently did with their monumental contract with Apple.

It’s no secret that a T-Mobile iPhone 5 on contract is hot property in the US at the moment. As it stands, Apple only offers the iPhone on contract with AT&T, Verizon and now Sprint after the company put pen to paper. We saw the same debate emerge after the iPhone 4 and 4S launched without support for T-Mobile and now T-Mobile looks set to miss out on the iPhone 5, unless Apple shows some leniency on their current asking price – which they are obviously not going to do with Sprint showing their willingness and doing whatever it takes to secure the iPhone 5 for their contract customers – even if Sprint themselves will not make a profit until 2015.

T-Mobile COO Jim Alling has been speaking about the lack of an iPhone 5 on their company, admitting that the device is responsible for a loss of customers during the third-quarter of 2013 and will again hit the company when Q4 results are released. That means that devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4 are left to steady the ship for T-Mobile and consumers who enjoy T-Mobile’s coverage and reasonable prices will be scratching their heads as to why T-Mobile doesn’t just sign a similar deal to Sprint.

Does T-Mobile really need the iPhone 5 and future iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 models on contract though, when many consumers flock to T-Mobile with unlocked models looking for a pre-paid plan? Of course, the situation may change significantly when T-Mobile finally push out their LTE service and decide that now is the right time to be striking deals with Apple to carry the iPhone.

At the moment, HSPA+ is the standard for the T-Mobile and Google obviously feels that it is more than capable by building their Nexus 4 in a way where it doesn’t have support for LTE – sort of. Where do you stand on T-Mobile’s lack of iPhone debate? Do you think they should just bite the bullet and pull a Sprint to get the ball rolling?

If you have an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile, let us know if you are currently happy with the plan you are on, or if you would jump on an official iPhone 5S contract on T-Mobile, should it happen in the future.

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  • jm

    ps i have tmobile for many years now, i have 5 iphones on their network. im running on edge wich is not fast but ill sacrifice as long as we have an iphone. At home we just use wifi everyone is happy. If they get the iphone 5 i would probably have to get 5 of them. samsung is nice but they feel like crappy chinese toys, iphone feels classy more than just a phone.

  • jm

    i love the apple commercial – if you dont have an iphone-well than you just dont have an iphone:( nothing can state it better than that.

  • tMobileCoach

    When phones stopped being just devices to take calls and text, the product of Mobile companies became devices AND service. Having a great network is not enough anymore. T-Mobile needs to merge with a company with an Apple contract OR sign the contract IF they want to be around a while. I’m sure they know this or they have their head where the sun doesn’t shine. Apple knows the value of their products and so does Sprint. The market defines what’s necessary and iPhone is one of them. I do not work for Apple and am long time t-mobile user.

  • Sierra123

    I have a question do you have to go to the apple store or can it be any store like best buy ? Because Im trying to get the iphone 5 but without a contractbut it cost so much money if you say “I would like to buy AT&T’s version of iPhone 5 without contract and also say “device only”. How much would it be ?

    • bleeew

      Same price as the 4S before the iPhone 5. Or add $100 to the 4S price, and thats the unlocked iPhone price. the device itself for 16GB is 649, and 32GB is 749 and 64 is 849. dont forget ~$50 in tax

  • miguel martinez

    Good for you T-Mobile you got balls to pay Apple for their crap… Its a shame because it it also doesn’t seem to have worked for Sprint either…they keep losing more customers (me included) every quarter. In order to profit from those customers they attempted hook with the IPhone, they need to maintain those customers. They lose more post paid customers than they have them sign a 2 year contract.Their services suck and customer service even more. So with that said Good for you T-Mobile.

    • bleeew

      Sprint didn’t loose any customers since the Evo Wimax.

  • chuckdr

    I got my daughter an iphone 4s. Runs like a champ on tmobile. It also gets att 3g signal occasionally here in CT…..picture messages work . Browser is reasonably fast…..overall give it a b+

  • AppleHater101

    I’m pretty happy with my plan for iphone just hoped i would be able to buy the iphone 5 factory unlocked but thats apple’s fault.

    • ACI

      You can buy it unlocked. In fact AT&T’s iPhone 5 is unlocked when you buy it without contract. So this is what I did and I have t-mobile. I went to apple store and said “I would like to buy AT&T’s version of iPhone 5 without contract and also say “device only”. Once you come home, just take the nano sim that is in the phone and replace it with your carrier’s sim. Now turn the device on and do the setup and it will activate itself as unlocked!

      • rljackson25

        How on earth did you do this? I just got off the phone with Apple and they said they only sell the iPhone 5 with a contract. I’m really wanting this phone and have T-Moble. Help! =)

        • ACI

          Just like I said go to the apple store and say that you want to buy device only and they will ask you on what carrier, say AT&T. Many people did this!

        • rljackson25

          Thank you soooo very much! I did exactly what you said. Now I have an unlocked iPhone 5 with T-Mobile as well. =)

        • ACI

          I am happy for you and hope you got a perfect working unit! It is very difficult to get an iPhone 5 without some annoying issues.

        • FeuSauce

          I assume you need to go to t-mobile and get the correct SIM card that will fit in the iPhone? What about for the iPad? Will the iPads under AT&T unlocked like the iPhones?

        • How much did you pay?

        • Tan

          I went to check out it and the seller said original is $649 and plus tax is about $701.00. I’m not sure that it has T-mobile network – maybe i’ll check it later and tell you or not 🙂

        • How much did you pay for it?

      • Tan

        Did they also give you any accessories like earphones, adapter … ?

        Waiting for your respond!

        • bleeew

          YES. It comes with everything included, just without service, and maybe an unactive ATT sim.

      • Tan

        One more question .. How much did you pay for it ?