T-Mobile iPhone 5 release hopes take a hit

If you were optimistic that T-Mobile would soon pick up the iPhone 5 and offer it to consumers on contract, we have some new information for you to digest. It turns out that while T-Mobile would love to offer the device to their customers, it appears that they are not going to be embroiled in a pricing war or fully commit to Apple’s demands like Sprint recently did with their monumental contract with Apple.

It’s no secret that a T-Mobile iPhone 5 on contract is hot property in the US at the moment. As it stands, Apple only offers the iPhone on contract with AT&T, Verizon and now Sprint after the company put pen to paper. We saw the same debate emerge after the iPhone 4 and 4S launched without support for T-Mobile and now T-Mobile looks set to miss out on the iPhone 5, unless Apple shows some leniency on their current asking price – which they are obviously not going to do with Sprint showing their willingness and doing whatever it takes to secure the iPhone 5 for their contract customers – even if Sprint themselves will not make a profit until 2015.

T-Mobile COO Jim Alling has been speaking about the lack of an iPhone 5 on their company, admitting that the device is responsible for a loss of customers during the third-quarter of 2013 and will again hit the company when Q4 results are released. That means that devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4 are left to steady the ship for T-Mobile and consumers who enjoy T-Mobile’s coverage and reasonable prices will be scratching their heads as to why T-Mobile doesn’t just sign a similar deal to Sprint.

Does T-Mobile really need the iPhone 5 and future iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 models on contract though, when many consumers flock to T-Mobile with unlocked models looking for a pre-paid plan? Of course, the situation may change significantly when T-Mobile finally push out their LTE service and decide that now is the right time to be striking deals with Apple to carry the iPhone.

At the moment, HSPA+ is the standard for the T-Mobile and Google obviously feels that it is more than capable by building their Nexus 4 in a way where it doesn’t have support for LTE – sort of. Where do you stand on T-Mobile’s lack of iPhone debate? Do you think they should just bite the bullet and pull a Sprint to get the ball rolling?

If you have an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile, let us know if you are currently happy with the plan you are on, or if you would jump on an official iPhone 5S contract on T-Mobile, should it happen in the future.



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