GTA V censorship for Wii U risks

GTA V is now on the horizon and at the moment – it is only coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 unfortunately. Rockstar is refusing to confirm whether the game will be coming to PC or Wii U, but we’ve since learned earlier this week that these platforms are ‘now up for consideration’. Is there more to it though which is holding back the Wii U version specifically, such as censorship and Nintendo’s reluctance to bring a ‘controversial’ game to the company’s new console?

It’s fair to say that Nintendo has the cleanest reputation out of all three major platforms, with the general consensus that Nintendo games, be it first party or third party are suitable for the younger generation to play, with no dangers from a parent’s point of view that content is unacceptable for their children.

With that said though, there were more than a few exceptions were Nintendo were willing to bend the rules a little, to bring some of the most violent video games developed over to the select Wii user base who had been waiting a long time for mature games to arrive.

One of these games was MadWorld, which is arguably one of the most violent video games ever created. It caused all sorts of controversy over its extreme gore and this was even an exclusive title for the Wii. Then you have Manhunt which arrived on the Wii as well, which is infamously known for being pretty violent in its own right – evident in the fact that Manhunt games were banned in numerous countries over its content.

So what does this all mean for GTA V on Wii U? Rockstar has said that the possibility of GTA V arriving on Wii U is currently up for consideration, while Reggie Fils-Aime has recently spoke about the good relationship that they have with Rockstar as well. Aime has also said that it is Nintendo’s job to ensure that they have a large install base with their new system and that they need to “create an environment where teams like Rockstar can bring their very best content to their platform“.

That sounds to us like Reggie wants it to happen, but would censorship issues ultimately stop Wii U users from realizing this dream? If GTA V does arrive on the Wii U then it could well be a defining moment as the first ‘controversial’ game to arrive on the system. Some skeptics who write their drivel in the newspapers may argue that Nintendo have changed their stance on violent games appearing on their consoles and this in turn could affect sales from consumers who believe that Nintendo only makes kids games.

Then again, Nintendo has clearly said that the Wii U is the console which is going to bring back the hardcore base – so they definitely need games like GTA V to make this happen in our opinion. Do you think GTA 5 will end up on the Wii U eventually? If it does come out, do you think there’s a danger that Rockstar may have to edit content out of the game to make sure it’s suitable for Wii U? Give us your thoughts on this one.



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