Wii U freeze problems highlighted for future update

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2012

Nintendo’s official Wii U support pages are starting to become a big talking point at the moment. After the pages revealed the bombshell about Nintendo Network IDs, Nintendo has now admitted that the console is prone to slow load time problems, whenever a user is launching a game or application – a problem which many users are complaining about on messaging boards.

At the moment, it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the now infamous 5GB day one patch install is to blame for the game crashes and slow loading times. When it does occur though, users have had to unplug their console completely and power it on again in the hope that it doesn’t repeat – obviously not something you want to be doing over and over again to your lovely new Wii U console.

Both the crash and load time issues have been officially acknowledged by Nintendo on their support page, although the company has stressed that freezing on the Wii U ‘is rare and unlikely to occur’. Multiple complaints from our readers as well as on this thread though implies that there is a big problem at hand, with freezes happening all over the place – during gameplay itself and browsing through various menus like Nintendo Network setup or using the web browser.

If you are experiencing frequent crashes on the Wii U, Nintendo has offered up some initial support. They advise affected users to unplug the console from the wall and leave it out for 10 seconds. They also make another point to ensure that users are updated to the lastest system software – ironic if it turns out that the 5GB install is actually to blame for the problems.

What is the situation like for you at the moment? Many users have told us that their problems have gone away after one initial freeze and gameplay and menu browsing have remained fine. Is this the same case for you now, or are you still having problems with the console?

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  • Super Nintendo Boy

    Nintendo has to release an update fast I’m reading every ones comments I feel there pain I wanna enjoy my games I spent lots of money on #1 titles like MarioU,zombiU,darksiders,creed3,2k13,black ops plus Nintendo land was free I wanna play with out a freezing up every 45 minutes sometimes its good sometimes it’s not playing Wii games its ok but wiiU games nope that update F***** up my WiiU Nintendo needs a big patch update sometime this week

  • Super Nintendo Boy

    Wii u is still freezing when I play darksiders 2 the game will make a loud beep sound that doesn’t stop and the image on the screen is frozen solid I unplugged everything from the console even left it plugged out for 1 day and when I play it freezes not offten but it gets annoying and if my Nintendo gets messed up from unplugging it I hope Nintendo will send me a new console if not this is the last Nintendo ill ever buy


    Change your miiverse settings to English only, that will solve the problem. IGN posted the fix.

  • Mine only freezes BEFORE I start playing a game. I either have all day, or 20 seconds. It’s not that it happens often, it’s just happened enough times to be thoroughly annoying. Also… The new Paper Mario should be on the Wii U. Not the 3DS. :/

  • Ikubi Akius

    Nintendo Land has started freezing for me frequently. First time was
    when I was trying level three of the Zelda minigame single player (as an
    archer.) Freeze with buzz sound shortly after starting to play the game itself,
    and so unplugged/replugged the WiiU, restarted Nintendo Land, beat
    level three and shrugged it off as a fluke. Then it froze on the start
    of level four. I gave the console a rest for a half hour or so, and then
    went back and started up Nintendo Land again. This time, I didn’t even
    make it off the “game select” cards menu. The WiiU crashing 3 times in
    the span of an hour is definitely a Bad Thing.

    Yes I was online if that’s what’s causing issues.

  • Juanantonio

    the question is,when is the patch going to come out that would fix this problem?

  • TriforceofWisdom

    My Wii U started doing this today.Apparently it is a network issue to do with miiverse. To fix the problem disconnect the Wii U from the internet.
    Go to system settings
    Internet Settings
    Connect to internet
    Delete the connections
    I have had no problems so far and will continue to play offline until a patch is released by Nintendo.

  • Jess

    Mine freezes on Nintendo Land within the first 3 minutes of playing the game 100% of the time now…it worked great for about two days and now the game is completely unplayable.

  • Wii University Professor

    Mine started doing this today, I looked on forums and apparently it is a network issue to do with miiverse. If you disconnect your Wii U from the interent it seems to be fixed.
    1. Go to system settings
    2. Go to internet settings
    3. Connect to internet
    4. Press “X” for connections
    5. Delete the stored connections
    I have had no problems so far and will continue to play offline until a patch is released.

  • Kevin

    Mine wasn’t freezing until today now every 30 mins it does

  • Miketodd1969

    Have same issue with system freezing and buzzing only 2nd day of playing system worked fine yesterday. Today got buzzing freezing. Also system is slow going from screen to screen.

  • dun

    i just went through 4 separate freezes with my brand new, just unpacked wii u. now it seems to be running fine but we’ll see.

  • Continuous freezing only when I play Nintendo Land. After 1-5 minutes of game play, I have to unplug the sytem, and when I restart it, the same thing happens. I have had 5 consecutive freezes on me, until I finally gave up and switched to NSMBU which worked without freezes.

  • Daniel

    Just decided not to even attempt to continue playing my Wii U because after it froze four times in about 20 minutes and never getting to play a full game on Nintendo Land got a bit frustrating

  • My console froze three times during play of Nintendo Land in the span of 10 minutes, twice on the candy game and once in the setup screen for metroid. I have the latest update.

  • Michael

    My wii U froze when I had a friend over, I guess my friend won’t be getting a wii U and im very disappointed in Nintendo for dropping the ball on this.

  • tedo1381

    Wow is this the day the wiiu breaks or what mine ran fine yesterday and today freeze galore… getting a replacement tomorrow though… cross fingers

    • 8-Bit-Alex

      Mine was doing just fine up until today as well. Since this is all happening at once it’s likely something related to the network. Go into your Wii U’s network settings and delete the connection to your router if you want to play for now. Just wait for a firmware update. I’m almost certain it’s not a hardware issue.

      • tedo1381

        Cool thank you i will attempt that, it is frustrating although been though this before with 2 other console launches so i guess par for the course. I love the system though it is alot of fun. We got nintendo land and mario. Itsfunny that everyone is talking about it freezing during nintnedo land and that is what m wife and son were playing when it happened 3 times in a row. In your opinion do you think its worth it to bother getting a replacement?

  • Carl

    Mine froze twice on Nintendoland. I’m glad i’m not the only one and I hope they fix it soon.

    • Mine has now frozen FOUR TIMES on Nintendo Land. I’m perturbed.

  • 8-Bit-Alex

    I suddenly started experiencing the lockups after the system update and more Miiverse use. Nintendo Land locked up about 6 times in a row very quickly. Going into the options and disconnecting the Wii U from the internet seems to have fixed it. Probably a software bug and they it will probably be patched soon if I had to guess.

  • In the past week, our Wii U has frozen 5 times, mostly while playing Nintendo Land. (6th time just happened as I write this). It seems to happen after it’s been used for a while, such as today where my wife spent the afternoon watching Netflix and then tried Nintendo Land only to freeze in the same spot when trying to play one game. It is a very inconvenient nuisance which shouldn’t happen at all for such a new console. But I guess this is why I don’t usually get the first generation of hardware on anything.

  • Just took mine out of the box. The set up was wonderful, but after about 20 minuets of NintendoLand it froze. I unplugged, start up went fine then it happened again. Trying to re install the NitendoLand update, if I’m still having issues I will disconnect from the internet. When I called customer service, they said that an update should be out in three to four days. We shall see.

  • Keeps freezing tonight.

  • anon

    My wii u has frozen all of 4 times, all during NintendoLand. it’s kind of ridiculous at this point…


    SOLUTION: just disconnect Wii U from internet

  • KieferSkunk

    My U has frozen twice now. Once in NintendoLand and once actually in the classic Wii Shop Channel (I was trying to download a Virtual Console game – it got partway through a download, the download halted and errored out, then when I acknowledged the “Please try again later” message, screen faded to black and console went unresponsive.)

    I do hope the upcoming patch fixes these issues. This smells of “rush job”.

  • Gamer123

    Just froze twice in Nintendo land! Very frustrating to have these issues on a brand new system!

  • Sir

    Mine froze twice. Followed the instructions and now I am fine.

  • Kuya B

    i’m 5/5 on the freeze/buzzing within a minute of playing nintendo land, i’m 2/2 freezing with the youtube app, yet i’ve logged in over 10 hrs of zombi u w/o any problems

  • Vanfar

    Mine has froze 4 times now. All on Nintendo Land. Two friends that also got a Wii U has had theirs freeze up once each also. Both times in the menus and not in the games.

  • Tim

    Lots of freezes

  • Clayton

    So far, only had one freeze- and that was in the main menu when switching profiles. Other than that my unit has worked great, except for the slow download speed due to wireless network issues(which could be my routers problem…)

  • Zikau

    Mine froze once when I was trying to start a game in Nintendoland. At first I didn’t realize it was frozen but when I did I had to unplug the console. It started up again just fine but about 10 or 15 minutes later it froze a second time. but this time the screens on both the TV and game pad went black and a jarring electronic buzzing came from both until I jumped up and unplugged the game, this time to leave it off to cool down. I haven’t tried to play Nintendoland again since, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it happened again. Hope they fix this soon.

  • D3

    After playing it a solid amount Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mine decided to freeze in Nintendoland on Wednesday. Pulled plug and let it sit, plugged in and froze within 2-3 mins of entering Nintendoland again. Put it up for the night. Not happy to be researching this now…. Come on Nintendo!

  • izach

    mine actually only freezes after i score my first TD in career mode in madden 13 during the first regualr season game, i can play it for hours before that updatent hut when i start careers mode and play a regular season game it freezes, i havent updated it yet so it shouldnt be a problem i dont play online either.

  • Toyer

    Im still having problems with this situation, already updated the lastest version, 3rd time already. ffs

  • i got mine on Sunday…like the rest of us…i started it up and ever since i’ve had anywhere between 10 and 60 seconds before it froze….and it has frozen over a dozen times(Every time it gets turned on) …the only place it doesn’t freeze is the System Settings menu…so if there was an update, at least i could do that….i wish they’d come out with the patch before the weeks end…i have friday off and wanted to log some serious Wii U hours.

    so this Freeze being rare to happen is a load of BS

  • Mencken

    Just froze. Pissed.

  • john

    Just spoke to nintendo. They told me they are pulling all store inventory off the shelf… Believe that! They want me to send mine in. Told me free Wii U if I did. I updated the OS and signed up online…then all started freezing. Look up Johnnyj92037 on Youtube. you will see it.

  • john

    don’t believe me then.. Look up youtube wii u freezes…

  • Soulrak

    Mine doesn’t last 20 minutes before it freezes again. Huge fan of Nintendo and I hope they fix this issue soon. If the consoles are in need to be replaced, who knows when we will get them back.

  • John

    Mine freezes every 2 seconds. Went to target and there was over 50 returns in carts. Looks like Nintendo isn’t being truthful. Freezes the manager are what is prompting returns.

    • Qwert

      Freezes every 2 seconds and over 50 returns at one target? I have a hard time believing you. Aside from the generally sluggish UI, I haven’t had any problems with mine and I’ve been playing it as much as I can in my free time.

      • Soulrak

        Did you initially connect your Wii U online? I’m wondering if this is happening to the online users. I know the Miiverse was hacked a day or two ago, I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

      • Brendon

        While mine doesnt freeze every two seconds, it did freeze multiple times (4 or 5) in a 20 minute period yesterday, forcing me to put it up for the night. While I do not intend to bring it back, it is a rather unfortunate ordeal to have been stuck with. I hope that further updates can solve the issue.

        • Jake

          Sounds just like what happened to me yesterday! After the 5th freeze, I left it unplugged for about a minute just to be sure. I still got some long wait times switching between apps but, no freeze yet. I’m still stoked to have a Wii u and I hope updates will fix this.(Pretty sure they will.) I would hate to have to send it in…

        • Interesting. If a long pause between turning off and turning on again helps to reduce the problem, than this could be an hardware problem. Some overheating?