Samsung Galaxy Note 2 set for innovative apps

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2012

If you are a happy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owner and are running the latest software version on your device, there’s a good chance that you have already had a chance to preview the impressive multi window features that some carriers in the US recently made available in recent updates.

The multi window feature allows true multitasking on that gorgeous 5.5-inch display and lets users bring up two core windows which they can run two apps simultaneously, switching between each one with ease or just letting the two apps run for however long they want.

This feature isn’t available for all Galaxy Note 2 owners yet, but we’ve just heard that the multi-window mode is set to get even better, with Samsung updating the official S-Pen SDK to version 2.2.5, which will now allow developers to create new and innovative apps that specifically make use of the multi-window feature.

If you consider yourself to be a decent software maker on the Android platform, you can proceed to Samsung’s website here and try out the new S-Pen SDK for yourself. Samsung also makes a note to say on their website that the new multi-window feature is dependent on whether carriers have enabled it or not. We told you here how Sprint had already given users this feature in a recent update, while there are also whispers that the multi-window feature will ship with the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 out of the box as well – whenever Verizon decides to release it of course.

The question is though, what custom apps would you like to be able to use which feature integration with the multi-window? It’s early days yet, but we have already seen some underground tinkering with the multi-window feature. A new mod for the Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint adds a lot more multi-window compatibility, than what Samsung initially offer natively. Using the mod, you’ll be able to add any app into the multi-window feature, not just the ones that Samsung has official support for.

Is the multi-window feature on the Galaxy Note 2 receiving daily usage from you, or are you waiting for developers to add some innovative new apps first?

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  • thedarkknight80

    I have had the international version for a month now .
    While the multiwindow function is really nice , but i rarely use it .

    To each his own preference , and for me , i like to enjoy that gorgeous 5.5 display, one app at a time 🙂

  • Saurabh

    crappy phone. worse is their customer service quality. Bought this phone a week back and the funniest thing imaginable – the mother board conked off.. their customer service take two days to come back with this and now I am being forced to change the mother board changed of a brand new 40k phone…

    On requesting for a replacement, i they tell me that its happenin with other notes as well.. and they cant replace every handset… not the way to go Samsung… I was way happier with my last ph… shud have stuck to a brand that I trusted more…

    Guys don’t buy this ph… its has core faults and the worst customer service possible –

    • Eddie G…

      Sounds like you had some bad luck. You didn’t go into what happened to your MB but I’m sure that Samsung will diagnose the issue. I’ve had an excellent experience with my Note 2. Not a core fault to be found. I won’t say you’re full of it, I leave that for others to determine. Motherboard conking off…strange phrasing. Interesting that you apparently know of others with the same issue. What have you and your friends been doing with your Notes if you don’t mind me asking? I find the whole post suspect!

      • Exactly. I’m very happy with my note 2. Very very suspect post.

        • UnbiasedChap

          Exactly, I am very happy with my GN2 too, wonder if Saurabh blended it or heated it till the MB fried? Lolxxxxxx

    • UnbiasedChap

      Maybe you are very demanding that the phone gave up on you? Lolx, too bad…so sad………..

    • jaymuslonestar

      Sorry saurabh, I couldn’t understand you. I don’t speak troll rubbish!