PS Vita 2.0 update with web browser delight

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2012

We have some more details on the upcoming PS Vita 2.0 system update for you now and it’s really good news. In our initial report, we spoke about the discrepancies between the free PS Plus content between US and EU PlayStation Stores. That was thought to be the main feature coming in the 2.0 firmware update, but we have just learned that the PS Vita is getting another major change too – in a positive way.

If you don’t already know, the PS Vita firmware update will be rolling out to US PS Vita owners some time on Tuesday and then on the following day for consumers in Europe. The firmware update will coincide with the long awaited arrival of PlayStation Plus on the handheld and with your existing subscription, you’ll be able to score a variety of top notch PS Vita games for free along with the free games that you are already getting on PS3 – it really is good value for money.

With the added benefit of Sony’s Cross Buy incentive where PS Vita owners get certain games for free if they own its PS3 counterpart, Sony really seems to be making an effort to make their digital distribution push as reasonable as possible for consumers with limited income to spend.

While the arrival of Plus is a great thing, many owners are still hoping to see standard improvements to the core PS Vita experience and we’re delighted to say that the PS Vita web browser is getting a massive update in the 2.0 firmware update as well.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has sent out a Tweet through the night, confirming that users will now be able to access the web browser in the middle of a game. At the moment, users have to quit the game first which is a major hassle, but with Sony changing the web browser status to a ‘small app’, it now becomes possible.

That’s not all though. Aside from the in-game browser support with the 2.0 update, Yoshida also adds that the general performance of the browser is better with the new update as well, with browsing speed faster than the existing one. It’s no secret that the web browser that launched out of the box needed some improvements and it’s great to see Sony going back into the Vita specifics and bringing these changes to users.

We’ll provide feedback once the update is rolling out, so we can see the new and improved browser on our 3G model. Let us know your thoughts on the web browser changes and what else you would like to see in the PS Vita 2.0 system update.

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  • Josh101

    Seems like I answered my own question. Web browsing and all seem to be working better but at&t is still sluggish when it comes to messaging or connecting to leaderboards.

  • Josh101

    Has anyone had internet problems on 3g? I see you referenced improved 3g we browsing. I’ve horrible lag for the past 2 months in peoria illinois on at&t network, though I had no problems before then for 8 months. I would praise at&t to high heaven as the fastest coupled w the Vita, before these past 2 months…. Please let me know, I wana see if i need to send for a replacement vita. Mind you, I have NO problem on wifi thats not at&t.

  • antwalk9

    I think there shud b a uk Netflix app with the 2.0 update

  • gill

    finally, my hopes in the vita have been restored