Galaxy joins Nexus 7 with 4.2 Jelly Bean problems

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2012

It appears that Google may have one or two things to iron out with their new Android 4.2 update. After launching the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 with the new version of Android, we’ve had a continuation of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean problems occur to those who have already begun using Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on other devices, such as the Nexus 7 after a recent custom update became available.

Over the weekend, we initially told you about Android 4.2 problems that users were experiencing when using the software on the Nexus 7 tablet. Now though, these problems have extended onto the Galaxy Nexus as well, with a collection of bugs that are causing consumers considerable hassle.

One popular issue that had been doing the rounds online, was the rather silly bug which caused the December listing to be missed out on the Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.2, when inside the contact lists app and organizing birthdays. You can see over on Google’s official Android project website that the problem wasn’t affecting a minority, but rather all users who had already installed Android 4.2 on their Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 as well.

That isn’t the only gripe with Android 4.2 though, as a problem compilation by Android Police details some of the other issues related to Android 4.2 as well, specifically an annoying auto-brightness bug that appears to be affecting Nexus 7 users more than Galaxy Nexus devices.

Bluetooth appears to be having major problems functioning on the Galaxy Nexus as well, while in worst cases some users are also complaining about random reboots which obviously needs to be fixed up asap by Google. As far as we’re aware, the collection of issues all appeared strictly after updating to Android 4.2, so Google are going to have their work cut out to solve the problems and try to keep users happy.

Are you still experiencing Android 4.2 problems on the Galaxy Nexus? Keep checking Google’s official project website here and we’ll inform you ourselves if Google plan to issue a swift update before the end of the week.

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  • JP

    Had rebooting issues, overall lag and brighness issues with the Nexus 7 4.2 update. Once I did a factory reset, all the bugs disappeared EXCEPT for the auto brightness and calendar. I just leave the brightness on manual so its not too bad (im sure they’ll fix this soon. That said, it not right that I had to do this just to get the device working right. Reinstalling all the apps was time consuming but worthwhile now that the the annoying reboots and lag are gone. I was getting 2-3 reboots a day. So far the device has been stable for 4 days straight.

  • juanesteban

    It is possible to do a downgrade (Galaxy Nexus)?. The camera is not that smooth anymore. The notification bar as well as the camera is suffering many lags. I started to hate my phone after the last upgrade.

  • So far I have flashed a lot of stock and custom roms on my i9250 and 4.2 is riddled with issues so for those to say they haven’t got any are quite lucky.

    Before each install i always ensure my device is factory reset and dalvik cache wiped.

    With stock JOP40C yakju I have had “Launcher has stopped” errors, Camera and Gallery Crashes, Phone not hanging up properly, Battery Drain issues, Power button press not always bringing phone out of standby. I have only had one random reboot but I still think this rom has some serious issues.

    @google-f201504225e147baf498e8b1affe9213:disqus I don’t think this is a pointless news story, I think its a news story that may have been overdone now but this is a news and reviews site so why not report on people having issues with these devices? If you don’t like it why read it in the first place? Just because you haven’t experienced these issues doesn’t mean others haven’t. A lot of hard earned money is spent on these devices and for the money the consumer wants reliability.

  • David D

    Nicholas M you are clearly an android fan boy…no one is criticising Android just for the sake of it. I was the first to praise Android 4.1 but 4.2? its terrible…

    – auto brightness is dysfunctional, this is nothing to do with flickering because it working fine with Android 4.1 but since updating it has been a nightmare.

    – Project butter is out the window cos the lag has returned with Android

    It is fan boys like Nicholas that allow google and apple to release such shambolic updates. Google need to get their Android house together because this is a joke!!

  • skedone

    Only date issue on my devices maybe try updating your device properly including boot loader because Bluetooth works fine on mine I use it all the time

  • maggie

    Screen gets dim and then brightens up on my nexus 7…so irritating.

  • khaleel

    I m also getting random reboots ,even when also the device is idle

  • Nick Anteau

    This is why i backdated to 4.1, going to put a custom rom on there soon.

  • PK

    Tons of problems on my Galaxy Nexus after updating to 4.2.
    1.) The LABS setting for the stock browser no longer works correctly. The address bar just stays stuck on the screen with the first few letters of the web address frozen.
    2.) When using the Nexus to listen to music, which I do all the time, the music “widget” I guess is what you call Play’s controls on the lockscreen cover the clock widget and are less responsive than the previous version.
    3.) When listening to music on shuffle and skipping through many songs (on the lockscreen), after maybe 30 seconds, the screen dims. I have to hit the unlock button to get brightness back.
    4.) Touching a widget wrong causes it to act like you want to move it around. I don’t, in fact I don’t want it there period.
    5.) It takes longer to launch the camera and take pictures than before. Aside from Photosphere, which is cool but not that functional yet, the camera is worse than before.
    6.) Accessing Google Now from the homescreen caused my screen to flicker strobe style for 10 seconds.
    7.) Having issues with SMS messaging too. For some reason, the app jumps and does not display the most recent text sent/received.
    8,) Google Music app crashes more than ever.
    9.) Phone seems to have trouble on and off getting a gps lock.
    10.) Phone freezes now, including the on screen keys. This happened under previous versions of JB but never the on-screen keys.

    One thing I will say actually works better is the JB/Swipe style keyboard. Kudos to that, please fix everything else.

  • Herman H.

    Problems with reboots and lag since update on my Nexus7.

  • Tin

    The brightness on my Nexus 7 keeps fluctuating since the most recent update.

    • Nicholas M

      Unfortunately friend, the Nexus 7 has a few quirks in it’s hardware design, and that screen flickering has been around since the first Nexus 7’s shipped with 4.1. Many people think it’s a mix between the Tegra dimmer codec, and something with the WiFi antenna. It’s gotten better over several updates, and seems to happen under certain conditions with a weak WiFi signal. Read up on the web, and you’ll see the trend. Not keeping your brightness at 0% is a way to help. It happens mostly apps/images with white backgrounds. Even with the quirks, the Nexus 7 is a wonderful device, and I don’t regret purchasing it. All devices have quirks; most people never notice until sites like these point them out. Good luck my friend. Use and enjoy your devices, that’s what they’re there for. Life’s too short to analyze all the imperfections of everything around you.

  • Nicholas M

    No problems on the Galaxy Nexus or the Nexus 7 for me; but I guess if you didn’t stir the pot with desperate articles like this, how else would you get people to read your pointless articles?

    • sigamore

      you must be kidding, right ? thousands of folks are affected world wide (including myself), most leading technology site are constantly reporting on this 4.2 fiasco and you claim this is a pointless story ?