BlackBerry 10 eliminates need for laptops

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2012

BlackBerry 10 is not too far off a release, with loyal consumers hoping that the revamped operating system provides a much needed boost to the platform and provides a welcome alternative to the ongoing onslaught of multiple Android devices and Apple’s iPhone. RIM recently unveiled to the world that BlackBerry 10 will have a release date of January 30, and now we have some recent comments from CEO Thorsten Heins to share with you on his visions and hopes for the new software.

Mr Heins has been pretty optimistic it has to be said when discussing the fortunes and future of RIM, with an overall sense that BlackBerry 10 could be the deciding factor between success and failure. At the end of October, we gave you a little teaser on video of what BlackBerry 10 looks like, including some past comments from Heins again on how BlackBerry 10 would change everything for the company.

Now, Heins has been speaking again and has this time spoke about BlackBerry 10 eliminating the need for consumers to ever need a laptop computer. At the moment, we are starting to see evidence of tablet devices replacing the need for laptops, but what about a smartphone managing to solely pull this off? Nobody has managed it completely so far in our opinion, if you head into a Starbucks coffee joint for example – it’s still all laptops and now tablets.

BlackBerry 10 could change this trend though according to RIM’s CEO. In another interesting insight, Heins has told The NYTimes that BlackBerry 10 phones will supply consumers with all of their laptop and desktop needs, so much to publicly state that “You will not carry a laptop within three to five years.”

That is quite a bold statement when you think about it and possible evidence that BlackBerry 10 really is going to be worth the long wait. Right now, we still can’t imagine not needing a laptop in a public space completely – especially considering the iPhone nor top of the range Android phones can pull this off either yet. Laptops are still very much an essential part of travel, so it will be interesting to see what makes BlackBerry 10 so special that we won’t need laptops in ‘three to five years’.

Are you fully on board the BlackBerry 10 bandwagon? The new software launches on January 30, so will you be first in line to pick up a device at the first opportunity?

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  • Dave

    Backberry is one of the best born business phone, looking at the new OS of BB it is again going to be one of the best Business phone …as long as i am gong to receive a mail on my BB open the attachement and show the PPT on big screen …i would prfer buying BB over any phone , i know androids and apples can do it but BB is BB ….i would be the last one to discard my BB..

  • Troy Cares

    He did say that they would hook up to a monitor and keyboard at work. So to replace a laptop, you would want a bigger screen. Of course, I would want a bigger screen to watch Netflix so what do I know.

  • Anonymous

    Love the idea of smartphones as mini desktop computers which can be plugged in to a moniter, mouse, etc. Go BlackBerry 10!

  • chrlon99

    “BlackBerry 10 eliminates need for laptops”. Thats great, currently I use my laptop to perform all kinds of mechanical engineering design work, the thing is my laptop only has 16Gb RAM and a useless 3610 i7. But RIM will provide the necessary computing power for me to leave the laptop back in the office. Oh and I always had the problem of the fact that 90% of the software I use for work only works on windows xp upwards (not on any andriod or iOS based device). Thumbs up to RIM for bridging that gap.

    • Troy Cares

      In 5 years, smartphones will have 3 times the computing power that they have now and probably much more RAM. Of course, he was talking about the average user, not power users like you and me.

  • cuebert

    RIM created the smartphone segment.
    RIM is now in the process of a new segment. Strictly mobile computing.

  • “BlackBerry 10 eliminates need for laptops”
    so that means….i will be able to play world of warcraft and battlefield 3 on the new blackberry 10…. nice !! 🙂

    • ROG

      I think what Thor meant is get to work, plug your BB into a 19″ monitor, connect bluetooth keyboard/mouse and start working. Playing warcraft with all the quad cores (on a A series BB10) is possible though…

    • Fred

      what a retarded comment.

      • Actually I think he has a good point – if you can’t do the things you want to do on a Blackberry then it isn’t going to be replacing laptops.

        Being able to plug the BB into a big monitor and a keyboard is nice, but the trouble is if that is your primary mode of working, BB doesn’t make a good laptop. You can do that with an iPad too (well I don’t know about the monitor) but the iPad also doesn’t make a good laptop. For those who need a lot of portability, using a phone as the sole computing device might work. But for those who need less portability and more power and compatibility, it simply makes more sense to use a dedicated laptop.

        • Troy Cares

          He said in 3 to 5 years. Computing power will be 4 times as great, probably. RAM levels will be higher too. Will have to do some cloud computing though, I would suspect.

          Anyway, he is talking about the robustness of the BB10 OS with QNX as its micro kernel.