Wii U update problems for Basic owners

By Alan Ng - Nov 19, 2012

If you are just picking up your shiny new Nintendo Wii U console at a glamorous launch event, you may have noticed one or two whispers that are emerging about the day one Wii U patch that the console needs. Unfortunately, it isn’t good news as it has been confirmed that the Wii U day one update is 5GB in size, which could be terrible news for those planning to pick up the Wii U Basic Pack.

If you didn’t pre-order a console yet, we would definitely advise you to reconsider your plans on getting the Basic version for $299.99 which only comes with 8GB of flash storage. This update is going to cripple your storage options after installation, with only a mere 3GB left for your own usage.

Nintendo appears to have been a bit naughty indeed by not revealing the true size of this update prior to launch and as a result, consumers are not too happy on Twitter after discovering this issue when powering on their Basic packages for the first time. It is bad enough that the system doesn’t come with the Nintendo Network out of the box, but Nintendo should have really advised consumers beforehand on the update size.

5GB is hefty amount for any system update and depending on your internet connection speed, you could be waiting up to 4 hours for the download, as well as added installation time before you can actually start playing games. If you have been keeping an eye on Wii U launch issues, you may have probably heard already that one user has managed to brick their device – by turning off the console during the update. It goes without saying that you really don’t want to be pulling a similar stunt during your update.

We can feel the sigh of relief in the air for all those gamers who opted for the 32GB Deluxe model instead at $349.99. What are Basic consumers going to do with just 3GB of storage left though after installing this meaty patch update? No doubt they will be looking for Nintendo to provide some clarity on this, as they are surely entitled to feel a little bit aggrieved over Nintendo’s silence.

Do you have a Basic or Deluxe Wii U? How long did the update process take for you?

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  • Craig

    I got a deluxe. I wish I could tell you how long the update took, but every 20-30 seconds I get booted off the download server… It’s been three hours now. I’m at… Maybe 5%, and my internet usually downloads at 3.0MB/s

    • Super Nintendo Boy

      yeah it’s pretty long there suppose to come out with a patch my Wii u Freezes

  • Super Nintendo Boy

    then your Wii u is finish

  • Super Nintendo Boy

    my update was 1HR long and I have the Deluxe Set I have like 27ish Gigabytes left
    the external hard drive is a 320GB and when it’s plugged in to the console and you save the game in zombi u are most games and it froze up error message 150-1093 Nintendo has a problem right now they have these systems with very low memory and they pretty much F*** every one they should of had 1 console and made it 128GB call it a day give every one Nintendo land and made it $400 now ppl gotta suffer my Wii U keeps slowing down in black ops when to much guys are on screen shooting you get offline lag and the miiverse has to much errors and you can’t MSG friends with out going into bunch of crap needs simplicity

  • ermac

    First wii u bad screen on gamepad second wii u 1 hour 20 mins to update

    • Super Nintendo Boy

      bad screen huh explain u got a bad copy of the Wii u basic or deluxe set

  • What happens if I’m updating and for no reason we went out of electricity for a second or two. Will that mean my console will be broken. xD OMG.

    • Super Nintendo Boy

      yes ur console is done

      • I wanted to pick this console up, but I don’t have 300 $ to put on test of maybing wasting it, by bricking my console –‘. If it gets bricked by accident or faulty material, will Nintendo or my Retailer replace it ?

        • Nintendo will undoubtedly replace it, though you can still replace it through your retailer as well. The console isn’t really destroyed if a firmware update doesn’t get installed correctly. The manufacturer simply needs to flash the EEPROM and it fixes the issue. Unfortunately, you can’t do that without the proper hardware.

    • Super Nintendo Boy

      make sure all is well if your console going to update ur console