Skyrim Dawnguard DLC leads to PS3 switching claims

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2012

We understand how good the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is after spending hours playing it on the Xbox 360, and previously investing over 500 hours on the PS3 playing Skyrim, but the idea that any user would trade-in their PS3 thanks to no Skyrim Dawnguard, or Dragonborn, just sounds like madness. The problem is this claim is being made by a growing number of gamers after months of no Skyrim PS3 DLC, which would’ve certainly been expected by these people when they first purchased the game.

It is fair to say that the upset caused would result in comments like this in the heat of the moment, but we’ve also heard from a few people that actually traded in their PS3 and went and purchased an Xbox 360, which had been just for the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, and of course any future content like Dragonborn. It seems crazy and you can count of most switching console claims to be rubbish, but it does seem a little sad that this kind of thing is even being considered.

The majority of PS3 users want Skyrim Dawnguard still at the right price – we posted an article just over a week ago that had well over 200 comments, and this revealed that the majority of PS3 gamers would still like some sort of Skyrim DLC, and are keeping a copy of the game in-case it ever arrives. We’ve seen previous confirmation that some sort of new content is on the way, but thanks to the lack of clarity with the way Bethesda communicate little is known what this might be.

What do you think about the people claiming to be switching consoles for Skyrim DLC? You got to understand why they feel this way, but to sell a PS3 just for some DLC seems complete madness, even if it is such a good game like Skyrim. We’d also like to point out that claims of the PS3 RAM being the problem are rubbish, which is certainly not the reason why no Skyrim DLC has arrived on PS3. You have to consider other games have been just fine and Bethesda’s history with bringing content to the PS3 hasn’t been the best, especially when compared to what looks like PC/Xbox 360 favoritism in the past. You can also read about the empathy asked for in a recent tweet with Pete Hines here, which strangely revealed Hines has to check to see if Skyrim DLC is coming to the PS3, or what looked like his hands being tied when it comes to information sharing.

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  • Monstermash32

    I’m a ps3 gamer and I would do anything for dawngaurd because I have 10 ppl 4 vampires 6 of them are a wear wolf and I can’t upgrade them so wtf can I do? 🙁


    I prefer Skyrim & Reckoning on the PS3, but I need an XBOX because of Fable II & III. I’m seriously thinking about buying a used Skyrim on the XBOX due to this DLC issue….. But, it would be temporary and I would eventually rather it on PS3 anyway (not because of game saves – I love creating new characters). No sense in buying it twice! It comes down to overall gaming quality for me. Besides, the HD stopped working on my XBOX anyway.

  • Just a Guy With a PS3

    Sidenote: Why is my battlelog picture on here… lol

  • Just a Guy With a PS3

    This is unexceptable. Plain and simple. DLC should be released on the contingency that ALL platforms will recieve them in a timely manner. How would your kids feel if you fed two of them and told the third you couldn’t share any information about her dinner; but you were “close” to something. This is how I feel about my Skyrim experience. I’m hungry for new content and haven’t gotten serving one… Meanwhile my gluttonous sibling are close to getting their third helping. Way to show favoritism “dad”.

  • pissed off fan

    just orderd my xbox halo 4 edition and skyrim… screw ps3 leting comanys screw us.. its not just beth they let do it!!!!! gt5 is about as glitchy as any game can come.. so for us people who have backed ps let them know we had it..iv bought every system they offer even hand helds, stops now microsoft will get the thousands of dollars i spend on gaming every year.. but yess it is worth geting a xbox for your gaming platform so u have to pay to play, but u wont have the dame online gliches in every psn game or hackers ruing ur time cuz thats what u pay fo.r so yes trash ur ps3 cuz its trading power is about as good as leftovers from a year ago and u will never buy a system for one game is total bs i did and would do it a hundred times over f ps3 psn and its shity buisness ethics.. bill gates may be a douche but he treats his customers way better than psn……………………… no exscuse sony stand up for the pepole that have made u all very wealthy and mabey just mabey we will try a ps4 if it not the piece of crap ps3 is………………………..

  • Truth

    Come on guys, switching consoles just for skyrim? Skyrim is already a large game if you get bored switch to nother games like fallout. It will come some day so you don’t have to be nerdy and kill your self just for Skyrim, IF BETHESDA CAN’T MAKE IT WORK ON PS3 IT’S NOT THERE PROBLEM AT LEAST THEY TRIED SO LET’S JUST HOPE FOR BEST! This attitude is not gonna lead us anywhere.

  • I feel it’s pointless spending a bunch of money 4 1 game

  • Xbox no lol

    Free online play: PS3
    Better game graphics: PS3
    Blu-ray capabilities: PS3
    Better online community: PS3

    Easier online purchases: PS3
    Skyrim DLC: Xbox360

    Somehow, the scales just don’t seem to tip to Xbox’s side for me.

  • HeavyP81

    Owned a ps3 for years after remembering waiting for fallout goty to get dlc decided to switch. Bought a console for Bethesda games in the first place so it made sense to me… I must confess.

  • All of the ps3 owners should have got a clue… I preordered it for ps3 and played it days on end with a friend playing his 360 version on a separate tv in the same room. We racked up hundreds of hours in gameplay and in the course revealed that his 360 version just had typical Bethesda glitches whereas my ps3 version had bug after bug after game breaking glitch….it was the disgust I had with skyrim on the ps3 and xboxs more exclusive titles that made me switch consoles altogether,, oh yeah compare the Kinect with the move too. It sucks that Bethesda doesn’t properly support sony users but in a developer ran world that’s the way it works…

  • Im not going to switch my PS3 to Shitbox no way in hell , They can keep the shitbox and the shitrim

  • Fallenlords

    I don’t think getting an Xbox just for Skyrim DLC is madness at all. Skyrim is an epic game and if I was a PS3 owner I would seriously consider it. Plus the current batch of consoles are at the end of their life-cycle, prices are low and you can get access to those exclusive titles you have missed out on because of the petty war between the consoles.

    On the flip side I am thinking about getting a PS3 just for ‘The Last of Us’ because that is looking to be another epic game. If Microsoft had any sense they would offer a trade in for a PS3 version of Skyrim against the cost of the hardware.

  • Fairplayer

    The most sensible thing to do would be to purchase the PC version of Skyrim instead of buying a new console. Besides of the fact that you have to be crazy to buy a console for just one game, Skyrim also runs more smoothly on the PC.

  • Just Saying

    As a pc gamer and a lover of all things sony (they gave us so much that microsoft cant live without) dont trade in your ps3 dont give a single penny more to bethesda and thats what you be doing. I myself wont buy another bethesda game again unless its second hand so i cut them out of my money

  • The_Airsofter

    *Jealous sigh* I wish I had more money than sense…

  • Dang!! Just saw the new GTA 5 trailer! WOW!! They are not going to port it to the PC and the Xbox can’t handle it at all. Good bye Bethesda and it might be forever.

  • Berenskin

    Right well.. In may last post I briefly cleared up the reason HOW this DLC problem originally took place.

    But the more controversial question is WHY. Try this; You are the Chief game designer or Marketing Director of Skyrim. You have fantastic and professional graphics & design, storyline, music score, logistics, etc etc and mere weeks before the scheduled release, the lead programmer comes and tells you, ‘Ummm, we still have a huge list of bugs we haven’t ironed out for every platform’ -Right there you realize that this will cost dearly in reputation and $ and how do you explain to your producer (Bethesda) ‘My coders are incompetent but we’ll have to spend more $ on them so we can patch the game.’

    Months later, just as the bugs are thinning out, your chief programmer comes to you again and says, ‘Erm, doesn’t look like we got the DLC coding right for the PS3 either’. So now, as you’re steaming beneath your collar, you go tell your Producer, ‘Ahem, ah.. seems we won’t be getting any more revenue ($) from PS3 users unless we spend more $ on the programmers (that maybe I should have fired) to fix that too…’ Just as you are told to take a long walk off a short bridge, duck under the water twice and come up once!

    OR….. Betehesda told you, that it was the game plan all along because they are in Microsoft’s pocket. (nasty!)

    Incompetency or conspiracy?

    Why not a little from column A and a little from column B? -you choose. Then go play outside….. 😉

    • Berenskin , What’s your point?

      • Berenskin

        Gasp! Point? -oh no. Points can get you hung. Well ok, since you ask politely. The point would be; unless Bethesda root out the apathy of their coders (it’s been going on not merely with Skyrim) they stand to loose allot of money from PS3 users (Skyrim; more than 2 million copies, do the maths for DLC income). Approximately 50% more income for Bethesda for just a little extra work. And unless we keep posting and posting (in a non vulgar fashion) and yelling;

        ‘What about Me!
        It isn’t fair,
        I bought the game now I want my share
        Can’t you see,
        I want to live,
        but you just hold back DLC’

        …then they won’t fix what’s broken. That’s me point 😉

        • The point is that Bethesda is “Lazy” when it comes to making games for the PS3. It’s football season and Bethesda is taking the holidays off. We won’t be hearing anything from them till March 2013. Then GTA 5 comes out the same time as PS3 Dawnguard. I’m sure this is what you mean, Mr. Berenskin.

        • Berenskin

          March? Intolerable! (if it’s true that is). The word I used was “apathy”, but “lazy” will do if you wish. So I guess we’ll see if you are right; If there is no DLC before March. I just hope you are wrong, I want something for Christmas
          Subject: [productreviews] Re: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC leads to PS3 switching claims

        • PS3 Oblivion only saw one DLC out of seven on the Xbox. PS3 Skyrim will see none until all the Oblivion DLCs are on the PS3. That’s Bethesda’s math.

  • Ps3/xbox Fan

    I have a ps3 and xbox360 ….but sadly i have skyrim for ps3

    • Berenskin


  • Sir1

    This is pathetic. I give up.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      hey man i feel ya

  • BS

    Im done waiting. We gota face it. There is not going to be any content coming out. Its been how long since dlc came out on xbox and pc. If its not out by now its not coming. They just dont care about us ps3 owners.


    I have to say this news is pointless and people knows this already.Second i don’t really care anymore i moved on playin mafia 2 and once GTA 5 comes out I wouldn’t really think about skyrim no more skyrim who? LOL. Bethesda really messed up bad and should not get away with it.They should have took the time to make a original version for ps3. Thirdly people shouldn’t be blaming the ps3 or sony it was bethesda anyone blaming ps3 or sony is just a Xbox or pc fanboy being a smart azz.

  • dapackman

    To everyone complaining:
    Bethesda has announced a breakthrough in the programming errors they’ve been getting and they said that there WILL be DLC for the PS3 soon. However, they have not said WHAT it will be and WHEN we will get it. Save the $200 and wait for some DLC. Who knows, maybe the price will be reduced for us?

  • This is BS

    Maybe… Just maybe … There’s a secret deal between Microsoft and Bethesda to extend the exclusivity of the dlc and the whole “we are having problems” issue is just a way to stall us from getting our hands on it while the exclusivity runs out( which I believe is about six months typically). It’s a conspiracy I tell ya.

    • Thumper

      That’s what I’ve been saying for months now! I’m glad I’m not the only tinfoil hat nutjob around here.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      They might be bcuase they did that several times with their other games.

      • DON-EAZY-E

        because i mean

  • danny-john

    Yeah…i traded in my skyrim ps3 for xbox…no more bethesfa ps3 for me

  • People swapping consoles are idiots. First off, you’re unnecessarily punishing Sony, who do not deserve this kind of crap, they work hard and produce quality products that stand out in the market. Secondly, you switch consoles and you’re buying another copy of Skyrim, plus all the DLCs, I’ll assume you sold your PS3 copy of Skyrim for less than you bought it…With the current issues I wouldn’t be surprised if you settled for half the original price. What does that mean? It means you’re paying Bethesda basically for 2 copies of Skyrim, and the DLCs DESPITE all the issues and problems we’ve had to endure. What does that teach them? Screwing people over is a good thing and we might even get some more money from Microsoft if we keep sucking their dicks and sending users their way. Bethesda you are in control of an extremely awesome and influential brand that is home to fantastic games, loved by the world over, stop brainwashing these console-switching noobs and stop screwing us over. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

  • will

    trading your ps3 for an xbox360 that hurts the playstation company and that could be a law suit about to happen but that is if enough people do that i sure ant going to i like the games on ps3 and the free online


    STOP KEEPING US IN THE DARK! IS IT EVEN COMING! IF SO, WHEN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    I appreciate that Bethesda is not releasing the DLC until they believe it is solid enough for all players to enjoy without crapping out. I just wish they would keep us more informed on what they were doing to fix it instead of just saying, yea we’re sad about it but we are doing everything we can. It seems that’s all they have been saying these last few months giving us no idea on whats happening, besides that it’s not here. To me Skyrim alone is an amazing game as is, which I believe makes DLC not a vital part of the game. I would never sell my PS3 just for this game. I have been playing Skyrim since it game out and have beat it multiple times and I believe I’m done with the game for now. So when Dawnguard does come out i will probably not be purchasing it because there are too many other games to play and Skyrim has wormed its way down to the bottom of my pile. it’s a bit sad, but as with most games this large and detailed you can always bet on some problems along the way.

  • Krh

    For heaven’s sake, stop posting these useless non-articles.

  • Red

    I’m honestly surprised I care anymore.

  • Jacob Bielema

    I will never sell out, screw it! There are amazing exclusives and other games like Borderlands, even Gearbox can get dlcs like The Secret armory and Captain Scarlet to work! What the hell, Bethesda? Really try to commit your time, and tell us how progress is really going! Don’t be a Microsoft sell-out!

  • ps3 user

    I think selling your ps3 is not the right way to go, i’m simply going to get skyrim for the pc. it will run better and there’s dlc and mods. and of then i will still play my ps3, without having to use a xbox.

  • K.

    I want the DLC’s since they both (Dawnguard and Dragonborn) look awesome. I just hope that they will release them at some point before GTA 5 comes out because I’ll be forgetting about Skyrim for awhile to go blow things up with a jet…

  • old italy

    what pathetic loser would trade in a ps3 for an x-box 360, are people that desperate for dlc that you would pay for something as pointless as playing online, grow up and move on with your life

  • DragonSlayer

    i want to burn u guys down so bad, u need to give me my dam ps3 DLC bethesda.

  • Killa

    I’ve since left my PS3 sitting collecting dust, Skyrim on PC is far superior. Loading times at most 10 seconds, rarely no lag, and the graphics are by far 1000x’s better, (especially at 2560x 1440) I waited and waited…. and waited……… they offered no solution and no timeline. At this point I never bother playing it on PS3 again.

  • Lets see here. Owning the Xbox with online for 2 years = $192. How much is the Xbox? cheap? That’s why Xboxers still live in the ghetto.

    Owning a Playstation? = Priceless.

  • IROC-Z

    I did not sell my ps3 but i did buy a 360, the ps3 has disappointed me and no dlc was the last straw, id rather pay for my LIVE services and get everything when im suppose to, not months later like any dlc for any game does

    • Conor-B

      How does it feel to jump ship to a console that f*cked you (and every other PS3 user) over in the first place? How can you blame Sony when it wasn’t their fault but clearly Bethesda’s. It looks like Microsoft f’ed you big time. They paid off Bethesda to annoy us PS3 users and then you buy their console which was their plan all along. It’s your life to do what you please but it’s sad that you bought an xbox just to play dlc for ONE game.

      • DON-EAZY-E

        I totally agree dude F**k em’

  • damon

    I switched from the 360 to the ps 3 do to sub par longevity in the 360 flaws in hardware
    issues trump software issues at all times if Bethesda dos not get it together its there fault not Sony’s ill dump them before the play station and i have dealt with them since Morowind .

  • Layla

    I wasn’t going to sell my Playstation, I was just going to buy an XBOX

  • HO HO HO Merry Christmas to all the PS3 players. Bethesda has a gift for you fanboys. It’s called an Xbox. Ho ho ho. Wait for it, it will come down the chimney. It will be under the tree by the fireplace. Those without a chimney, a tree, and a fireplace will have to missed out on it. HO HO HO!!

    • Jacob Bielema

      You don’t have to be a fanboy to not want to waste money on another system, especially in this god-awful economy, so shove it up your ass, Xbox fanboy!

    • dapackman

      If Bethesda gave me a free Xbox and game, i would sell it on ebay anyway so please give me one

  • Dave S.

    the fact that Skyrim was able to be made on both systems confuses the hell out of me as to why there is even a problem with the ps3 dlc and not the same problem for 360. i mean, the base game had it’s format that was made, so why not use the same format for the dlc?! i, personally, think it is a bit of madness, but with a game we love to play, we want the extra content and should have no reason to have to get both systems (or trade-in). i’d be lying if i said i hadn’t thought about it…

    • dapackman

      PS3 uses a different processer than the 360 and PC. The 360 and PC are very similar when it comes to programming because they’re both made by microsoft. Since PC’s have been around longer, companies are better with the programming. PS3 uses different programming and Bethesda hasn’t taken the time to learn the new programming and they have a hard time de-bugging errors in the game, which is why PS3 is lacking any DLC

  • Draco

    Anyone how would get rid of any console just because one game doesn’t get its dlc is an idiot. Bethesda is at fault for not making Skyrim work properly on PS3 and they are at fault for not making a dlc for it on PS3. To blame the ram configuration for their lack of skill is absurd. Bethesda should be careful showing so much favoritism to the Xbox 360 as that will not only piss off the PS3 fans but it will make the PC fans mad as well.

    • This is BS

      Maybe… Just maybe … There’s a secret deal between Microsoft and Bethesda to extend the exclusivity of the dlc and the whole “we are having problems” issue is just a way to stall us from getting our hands on it while the exclusivity runs out( which I believe is about six months typically). It’s a conspiracy I tell ya.

  • Jeff Dion

    Holy sensationalism Batman!!! When you start out with a statement like “We understand how good the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is after spending hours playing it on the Xbox 360” it really does piss PS3 owners off. Great job Mr. Chubb. Pulitzer all the way. ….douche.

    • Dave S.

      nice cmnt 🙂

  • iamowe9223

    Everyone seems to obsessed with the idea that no one could possibly own both a PS3 and an Xbox 360. In all seriousness, I would not even consider trading my Playstation for an Xbox but if I had the money I’d gladly purchase a 360 for Skyrim dlc. I’m a huge elder scrolls fan, in fact Oblivion and Skyrim are the only games I deem worthy to put hours into. Therefore buying an Xbox for Skyrim and its dlc makes sense to me. If Bethesda does eventually put out dlc for the PS3 I’ll be happy but if not I’ll end up buying an Xbox for it, but I’m waiting until well into 2013 before even entertaining that idea.

  • Steve

    PS3 players should not switch consoles just for the Skryim DLC. I mean, come on. It’s just Skyrim. There are more games to play other than Skyrim. Just because PS3 doesn’t get the DLC doesn’t mean that there is no hope left for the PS3. We PS3 players need to stay strong and endure, and play something else.

  • ninja

    This isn’t a Sony problem. This is bethesdas problem. Sony is trying to help them fix this. They know we are angry. Punishing Sony is like punishing arkane all over again. It’s bethesda that needs to do a better job.

  • Donlion

    Any article that states “PS3 RAM is not the issue” clearly doesn’t know anything about developing games on consoles. If you take into consideration that the game was developed with 512MB RAM in mind, and had to port to a system using 256MB RAM. If the person that wrote the article can think back to the file size issues the PS3 had within the first 3 to 4 months of Skyrims launch, they may realise why adding more content to the game is very much a RAM issue.

    • Derek

      Well maybe PS3 RAM is the issue, but I don’t think that’s an excuse as to why there still isn’t any DLC for the PS3 version. The PS3 has been out for, what, 6-7 years? If a company still cannot develop games correctly on it then that’s on them. Bethesda shouldn’t have released Skyrim on the ps3 if they knew they would have run into issues, or they at least should have warned customers that they may have problems on the console.

      • Jamie

        That’s true but then ps3 fans will complain about not gettin skyrim it seems no matter what sum1 isn’t happen the ram issue is a serious one its true ps3 ram is crap any1 stating otherwise knows nothin as for other games out there show me 1 the same size n depth as the elder scrolls series (none) and I’m sure it will e fixed but on another note tes has even on Xbox n pc longer than playstation

        • you are such a dumbass why the hell do you think the ps3 ram is crap clearly you don’t know nothing at all and why do you think bethesda made fallout 3 and new vegas with the dlc’s to go with it for the ps3 if the ram was rubbish huh?……clearly bethesda has sold out to microsoft… and there is no reason for waiting 4 months for dawnguard.

        • Jamie

          Yeah I’m the Dumbass check this u thick nugget simple Beth hasn’t sold out to micro since the elderscrolls and make sure u check this was on PC THEN XBOX the PS came later and has less of a fan base than any other platform u Moron even the sale records prove that also who cares ps owners just hate even when people try crap happens u jut want everyone to be as sad as u, ps is the cheapest nastiest console out there end off and u ad all the hacking bank account robbig and everything else on the ps3 simply because ur all too cheap to pay a membership to keep ur consoles safe and when they pay for content first it’s because Xbox owners go a little further to show their support for dlc and stuff by paying a membership don’t like it go play metal gear sold or final fantasy

        • Doesnotgiveacrap


        • Samuel Ferrings.

          I think you’re an illiterate, gangsta wannabe wanker. Please try to stick to the topic Jamie, and, if possible, stop wearing Burberry and breeding with your sister. It’s just…nasty.

          The PS3 has split RAM in an attempt to better process video and audio
          It’s not perfect but Bethesda are at fault for trying to release a game for all platforms 6 months before it was ready. In respect to the Xbox/PS3 comparison. Both systems have their faults but the Xbox has a failure rate of 3-1. I think you refer to it as the red ring of doom.

          Anyway. Points: Less in breeding, better education, say no to Burberry and generally stop smoking your mothers tobacco. It’s naughty and stains your fingers.

        • yes i do know about the elder scrolls (morrowind) going to the xbox in 2002 and i know TES started on PC (arena in 1994) and for ps3 it was oblivion 2007. i was a xbox fan until the red ring of death. but anyway if you understand how the two consoles systems work then you know what you are talking about.(my guess is that you don’t know anything at all.) please use the internet to do you homework on subjects like this. also about the membership they just rip you off yes ps3 does have free online play but they also have playstation plus which is the same thing but 10x better and a little cheaper than the 360 but not all people get their parents to pay for memberships like that, so that’s why people sometimes go for ps3 and yes you still are a DUMBASS!!!

  • Fish

    Really? Don’t change consoles just because of no DLC for ONE game. There are plenty of other games to play, Skyrim isn’t the only. Don’t change consoles because if timed exclusives either, you people are the reason they have them. Not really sure why the ps3 still doesn’t have any DLC for Skyrim, so I won’t pretent that I do know.

    • BADA$$MOFO

      Still you see how Activision released a statement on twitter saying they are working on the freezing and bug problems for the Ps3 on B/O 2 that’s the type of thing Beth should be doing.

  • Tired of Waiting

    Why does Bethesday treat their PS3 customers so badly?

    It’s like they keep pouring salt in our wounds. I’m about ready to give up on them.

  • Trains

    Even though there isn’t a dlc for ps3 yet doesn’t mean to just go out and waste like 120 dollars I already got a Xbox but plus skyrim and 3 dlcs’ I don’t get that idea. I will admit that I am ticked off but I no sense to no lt just rage like that. Lol I am cheap but ill just wait and play other games to pass time. But if dlc still not come I going to flipping be ragin.


      The reason i am thinking about switching from a ps3 to a xbox is that xbox clearly makes sure its customers get what they want. Playstation doesnt even have their own customers back. I have been a ps guy since the first one, and believe they run better and longer, but enough is enough. If there isnt any skyrim dlc for the ps3 by christmas i will be switching consoles. This does not meen i will sell my ps3, but what it does meen is i will no longer buy multiplatform games for the ps3, or even a ps4 when it comes out. Now let me tell you why. I am not an expert on Beth games as i have only played fallout new vegas, oblivion, and skyrim. So i do not know how far back their shitty playstation problems go, but i do know that when i played oblivion 3-4 years ago Beth was having dlc on ps3 problems. So here is my reason, Sony Playstation knows that Beth makes shitty buggy games for the ps3, and do not listen to the ps3 customer. They know that Beth is releasing broken games and continue to let them do so. So If there isnt any ps3 dlc for skyrim by christmas the only way i will continue to spend any money on the playstation is if Sony starts a class action law suit, and bans Beth from selling their shitty ported games for the Playstation consoles. SONY WE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS STICK UP FOR US AND LET BETH KNOW THAT THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I know you guys are trying to help them get it going and that does show a little bit, but you (sony) are allowing a supplier to screw YOUR customers over, and multiple times. IF YOU WILL NOT STICK UP FOR YOUR CUSTOMER THEN IN THE END YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY. Here is a example for all of you tards that dont get what i am saying. Most automobile companys have parts of their product made by other companys. So say that Ford has a supplier that makes there windshield wipers, and then ships them to Ford to be used on their cars. So say all the windshield wipers are faulty and only last a week. I would be pissed if i bought a bran new car and the wipers fell of in a week. There would be a mass recall on the wipers and i would bet any amount of money that if that supplier didnt fix the wipers Ford would tell the supplier to get bent and would get their wipers somewere else. This is similar to what is happening with BETH except our Ford (Sony) is telling us tough luck we know they produce shitty parts, but we are still going to allow them to produce the said shitty part and put it on our product.

      • shut up

        oh my god, who the hell cares

        • Nate

          I get where he is coming from since I own a PS3 console and a copy of Skyrim, but…. Oh my God, the grammar.

      • Nuuj

        Absolutely not.. Cars MUST have wipers, your PS3 doesn’t come equipped with Skyrim, nor is Skyrim necessary for your System.. There are plenty of trashy Games and DLC released on all Systems, but it’s up to thr Consumers to buy them–which is why a majority of us PS3 Gamers plan to show Bethesda the depth of their failure by NOT buying any further editions to Bethesda’s line-up.. Microsoft began this by lining pockets and you mean to tell me there are those of you are willing to waste money on not only returning your original PS3 copy ($60), purchase an entirely different system ($150-$300 maybe more depending on edition), buy a replacement copy for the new system ($50-$60), pay a monthly/annual online rate (not sure of the price), all for the purpose of buying DLC (at full price per each I might add) for a game you ALL READY HAD??? Will you be proving Microsoft right in their actions? Will you encourage thi as type of business tactic to continue? Or worse, will you cause Sony to start getting the same ideas snd start pulling the same crap on XBOX Gamers? You’ll never know WHAT system to buy anything on if this BS persists or starts going both ways.. Don’t make these under-handed tactics successful, because if profit is made from it, it will only continue and grow, guaranteed.

      • Not Sony’s fault at all. Read my recent post. It applies to you.

      • dapackman

        Almost everything you said is wrong. This has nothing to do with Sony this is a Bethesda problem. PS3 uses a new way of programming and Bethesda hasn’t taken the time to learn it, where PC and xbox uses the same type of programming because they’re both made by microsoft. Don’t waste your money on getting an xbox because betheda has already said there’s going to be DLC on the ps3 they just haven’t said exsactly what.
        PS: Your car example wasn’t the same as this because this has nothing to do with something breaking, its a lack of extensions that werent originally with the game.

    • Dave S.

      i don’t even know why you feel angry. just trade in your skyrim ps3 version for the xbox one.