Samsung Galaxy S4 smaller with S3 beating specs

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2012

We’ve seen a number of S3 owners make suggestions for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and while some people want the specs to include better battery life, an enhanced display, tailored software improvements, and an aluminum or metal casing, it seems that some people want to see a smaller Galaxy S4 when the specs are finally revealed. This seemed strange at first considering we know that Samsung launched an S3 mini not too long ago, although after taking a closer look at this possibility we start to understand it.

The slightly smaller Samsung Galaxy S4 – the S3 sold well over 30m units and showed that not only do people love Android, but they also love this handset created by Samsung. Most people love to see things improve and change will happen to some degree when we reach the Galaxy S4 release date, but what new features should be added and what should stay the same?

We’ve heard from a number of PR readers that want to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 a little smaller, so it “fits better in a pocket” and while some people point to the new S3 mini, it is worth pointing out that the specs have been reduced on this device to gain a smaller size. Samsung can make the Galaxy S4 form factor smaller by decreasing the size of the bezel on the sides, which would create a true edge-to-edge screen and reduce the width slightly. The top and bottom of the handset could also be reduced slightly and still allow for a screen size the same as on the S3, if they wish to do this.

Would you like to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch a little smaller with S3 beating specs? This can be done without reducing the screen size too much, although if the size is reduced what is the smallest you’d like to the Galaxy S4 screen? Personally we’d love to the Galaxy S4 with a reduced screen at 4.5-inches, from 4.8-inches, and with an edge-to-edge display to allow for a notability smaller device in your hand that hardly reduces in screen real estate. Add to this the fact that the Galaxy S4 will gain much more advanced hardware like an improved camera, and a faster processor, then you have a slightly smaller more power handset that could top the sales of this years flagship Samsung phone.

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  • 鳴 吳

    my s3 crashed! 無法關機!三星S3手機 逾30支「死當」

  • 鳴 吳

    Mysterious 6.1 inch Huawei Ascend Mate phone has us saying “enough is enough”

  • Samsung fan

    I think it should be as small as the iPhone 5, ie. 4inch screen size, as anything bigger is difficult to hold. I have small hands and the S3 as it is, is way too big and uncomfortable. If people prefer bigger things, look for an iPad that can call. I love Samsung but if it gets big, I’ll consider switching to Samsung’s competitor – iPhone.

    • Rappy

      There’s always one! Go run to apple then fake Samsung fan, because Samsung aren’t going to go that small just to suit the minority.

  • Chris

    For me 4.8″ is the perfect size, would not like to see it any bigger and definitely NOT smaller. Perhaps the dimensions of the S4 itself can be made smaller but not screen size. Would like to see bigger battery, I think this is always a want for smartphone users.

  • Rob

    As long as it’s not easy to damage and scratch aluminium, I don’t care what it’s made of.

  • james sydney

    i think bigger screen is better but no plastic body this time please.

  • Remza

    bigger screen for sure, otherwise I am buying something else.

  • hubert satheesh

    Battery greater than 3000amp (preferably 3500 or more), solid build quality, less than 125mm in length and 66mm in width & 10mm in thickness, faster updates like nexus and never do away with the notification light, which means a lot.

  • I’m waiting for the S4. I love the rumors of the improved specs. But if they come out with anything less than a 5″ display, I’ll settle for the Note 2.

  • RGA

    If they make the screen smaller, I probably wouldn’t buy it. I think keep it the same size, but make it thinner etc. They would do well to concentrate on other stuff like increasing internal phone memory to a minimum of 64GB and 4GB RAM for better multitasking. Also maybe a 2 GHz processor would be about right for a 2013 beast. A better camera would be a big plus too.

  • chacky

    Smaller?Its that a joke? No thank you. Thinner yes but the screeN size that everyone its looking for in the s4 its 5.0. So making a phone with smaller screen size its going back to the past, no to the future.

    • domatuthecaveman

      + 1,000,000,000. People need to quit living in the past with qwerty keyboards and tiny screens, it is these very folk that prohibit our freedom of choice and slow down innovation for the rest of us.

      • RJ

        Um. Huh? Isn’t it freedom of choice that allows me to choose a device with a qwerty keyboard, a screen that is quite big enough for a phone and that can be slipped into my pocket without you thinking I’m very pleased to see you..? You like a big screen? Good for you buddy. I like the physical keyboard on my blackberry. If I want to consume media, I have a tablet for that. When I want to communicate, I have a phone that doesn’t pull my jeans down.

  • jim

    I need a Notification LED on this THANG!! lol. That is something I think most people would like, because download a app to make the flash notify me of a missed message is quite annoying.

  • Edd

    Atleast a 5″ screen. Bigger if they go for on screen soft buttons (as they occupy display area). For people wanting smaller screen please go for the mini versions.

  • james

    i would like to see 4.99, bigger is better today, given the multimedia and other greater capabilities of these phones, it’ll be fit for more me with smaller screensizes typing on touchscreen will be HARD, i have a nokia n8 right now and let me tell u typing kills all my nerves and fingers

  • sameer somu

    yes the ideal size for the screen should be ~4.7″. or at the biggest, the same 4.8 inch on the s3. this way, any new screen tech they have in store will look better and will be easier to hold in one hand since this is still a mobile phone .

  • Andrew

    i would like to see a 4.5 to 4.8 inch screen… 4.8 if they shrink the edges, or 4.5 if it has similarly sized border.if they do go 5 inches, they better make it edge to edge