Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pushed aside by Verizon

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2012

We saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 arrive in the US and go live for pre-order on Verizon Wireless and AT&T around the same time, but as we noted last month the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 had been 3 weeks behind the AT&T launch. We noticed a little red circle promoted on Verizon’s model, which stated the Galaxy Note 2 would ship by Nov 27, in just over a week now, although this has created a lot of frustration for Verizon buyers that feel a little impatient watching other networks have stock for a number of weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 not Verizon’s focus – it is clear that the Galaxy Note 2 has a release date on Verizon in the coming days, but it’s just as clear that this handset is not the focus of Verizon’s marketing efforts right now. You can see this by going to the official Verizon Website and look for the Galaxy Note 2; it is not right in front of your eyes and takes a search. At the time of writing you’ll notice the HTC Droid DNA being heavily promoted, and also the iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, HTC Rezound, and also the Motorola DROID RAZR HD.

Are you going to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon, and if so how has the wait been for you? If you want to read the full Galaxy Note 2 user manual right now, you can do so on the official Samsung website here. The image above is from the Verizon website and shows a Titanium Gray Galaxy Note 2 with a clear ship date, so it couldn’t be clearer for potential buyers to see when the handset is expected to arrive, after you’ve found it on their online shop that is. You can expect Verizon to start promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 more in the coming days as we near its shipping date, well we hope this is the case anyway. The current price is just under $300 for a 2-year contract, although the DROID DNA and DROID RAZR HD are priced at just under $200.

Bottom-line: You can expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to ship on the 27th of this month, although the in-store release date will likely be a couple of days later. The Verizon Galaxy Note 2 will also come with a branded logo on the button, and we’ve recently seen this land at Best Buy stores in preparation for the launch.

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  • I’ve been waiting at least 6 months. In the meantime, I test-drove the Note with AT&T, but decided I want to stay with Verizon. I just stopped by a Verizon store and mentioned the Note II. The guy looked at me with an unhappy look and said it will be in on the 28th and they’re taking pre-orders now, and the best thing would be to stop back again on the 28th to compare it with the other new phones. So now I understand why he said that – they really want to push those other phones.

    The phone will be available at Costco on the 29th, and I will have done my comparisons by then (as if I really needed to) and will be ready to buy.

    The worst thing about the wait is that I really need many of the features yesterday and my old Blackberry is nearly dead. Not sure I need the S-pen, but it’s a nice-to-have.

  • note yet!

    Ok I also ordered oct 27…and i seriously think its so lazy of verizon to cop the who cares if were last stance… I have to be first with phones..and i know ALOT of people who are the yes i have another week to wait becuse of verizon..BUT IT DID GIVE ME TIME TO ORDER MY HOME BUTTON REPLACEMENT AND NEW BATTERY DOOR SO I DONT look like a jack a lope with corporate grafitti… wake up verizon..we can leave you and pay early term fee..and buy at new line price some place else and be dont be lazy when your on top..

  • lovelydasom

    I’m dying waiting for the phone 🙁 I bought it online on October 27th… A whole month before they said it would ship.. I’m just wondering how people have reviewed it on the Verizon website. Are they already shipping it out or are non-Verizon customers creating reviews?? I was curious about that. If anybody has an answer, please tell me.

    • I was also surprised to see 4 (very positive) reviews on the Verizon website for a phone that hasn’t been released yet. One of the people who wrote a review on the Verizon site said he got his early because he has a friend who works for Samsung. So it does appear some people are getting the Verizon version early. (These reviews are more positive than the ones for S3 or Nexus.)

      I note that they waited until after Black Friday and Cyber Monday to release these, which is a message that you shouldn’t expect any deals on the phone, I suppose.

  • sean

    I’m confused, I ordered the Note II and it says that the delivery date would be the 15th of november, given it is not here yet. Did they just lie to me?

  • zach d

    I have pre ordered the note 2 for verizon with a friend who pre ordered an iphone 5 with me. I feel bad because we have to wait for both phones to arrive sometime around the 29th. The wait is unbareable

  • Adam Estep

    I’m waiting to get it on Verizon at Costco. So I will likely have to wait a week after it is available in store. Verizon is the only network around me with God coverage. Don’t really have a choice if I want good coverage.

    To be honest I’ve been waiting for a new phone for six months, a few more weeks doesn’t make a difference to me.

    Also, all this complaining about the home button is ridiculous. If you don’t want to see branding then just go prepaid. Ooo, there is a Verizon logo on the home button. Whatever… Doesn’t change any functionality … sometimes I get the feeling people just like to complain.

  • jrf1009

    One of the reasons that I believe that Verizon is really pushing the DNA is it’s lack of expandable memory. With their new shared data plans, it would be in Verizon’s best interests to have everyone using the cloud. Since there will eventually be no unlimited data plans on their network as more and more people upgrade, they would be in position to gouge their customers who rely on the cloud for storage and streaming. Hate to sound like a conspiracist but when everyone had unlimited data you weren’t allowed to tether. Now that everyone’s data is capped with the new plans, they’re pushing the fact that you can tether up to 5 devices. Just sayin”.

  • ralph

    We have to wait for verizon to add that f n stupid logo on the home button!!! This sucks! And to make us wait on technology is really dumb. Everyone iz just going to take the logo off because its gay

  • Steve

    F*%# you Verizon.mYou have always had something against Samsung.
    You know what? I’m switching to AT&T because you decided to promote lesser phones over this gem and delay its launch.

  • Beny007

    I couldn’t stand the wait. I had to switch back to AT&T and bought the Galaxy Note 2, 3 days ago. I am very pleased with this phone and to the best phone I need the best carrier,AT&T. I live in Palm Beach, Florida and where I work is about 30 min away from the city. With Verizon I had problems with my phone switching to 4G to 3G and most of the time inside the building I wouldn’t get reception and once in a while I would get regular Internet. With AT&T I have an awesome reception 4G LTE inside the building. Couldn’t be happier with the carrier and this beautiful galaxy note 2. Only thing that sucks is that the multi window feature is not functioning untill the newer up date of jelly bean rolls out.

  • Agree that it will be worth the wait in the end but the wait is beyond frustrating. I’m honestly not even sure it’s the wait that rubs me the wrong way though. It’s the very fact as the author points out that Verizon seems to be going to great lengths to NOT advertise the SGN2. It almost makes me wonder if they get a higher return on a Droid DNA vs the SGN2.

    Pre- release…

    Verizon is the last hold out to have release date and pricing even hinted at.

    Branding is blatantly splashed all over the phone (i could care less…)

    Post- release…

    Verizon finally releases pre-order (initially very hard to get to…)

    Actual store release date remains shady to this day.

    Release date is more than a month away from some carriers and over 2 weeks from the 2nd to last (AT&T)

    Verizon Releases a new Droid “DNA” with all the fan fare/advertising/attention over a week in advance of the GN2! Seriously? Why don’t they have to wait a month like the rest of us???


    End of the day for various reasons i’m stuck with verizon and will likely preorder this week… BUT if i could, i’d jump ship in half a heartbeat… Just feel that they don’t care anymore (this feeling being based on more than just the GN2 release).

    • suz

      I’m so frustrated with Verizon. I’m very tempted to jump ship but At&T is annoying too in their failure to update their Note 2’s and provide the multi-window function. Believe me, if they’d provided the update, I’d be gone. I’ve been counting the minutes for the day I could rid myself of the awful, awful HTC thunderbolt I’ve been stuck with for almost two miserable years. I started with the intention of buying the Galaxy S3 but balked when I saw that good old Verizon is still holding off on the jelly bean update. Then I discovered the Note 2 and knew that was the phone for me. I cannot believe I’m still waiting for it and obnoxious Verizon won’t even give me a firm date for its release in the store.

  • I preordered the Note 2 as soon as it was available on Verizon for my wife… it will be worth the wait. 🙂