iOS 6 jailbreak and new iPhone 5S, 6 hardware

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2012

Last week excitement levels were raised once again after an image landed on Twitter showing an iPhone 5 that clearly included an iOS 6 jailbreak, although whether that software had been 6.01 or even if it’s more of a failbreak is unknown. You can see our article from 5 days ago here, which included the image and a few tweets from planetbeing that also led to certain expectations from jailbreakers.

When we heard that certain pieces were missing it meant we are no closer to knowing if an iOS 6 jailbreak could land for iPhone 5 and 4S in days, weeks, or months. Some people think that it might never come, but some research we’ve just found shows that there might be a much bigger plan that the hackers are working on. It seems that Joshua Hill, aka @p0sixninja on Twitter, has not been working on an iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 4S / 5 and he might have good reason to be busy with something else.

This article suggests that Hill is working on something much bigger, yep bigger than a run-of-the-mill iOS 6 jailbreak, and it could be that this hacker is looking at future devices like the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 hardware. While it is obvious we, or the hackers do not know the exact details of the next generation iPhones, it seems that the focus of Hill is on a bootROM dump. This is a task that he may never complete thanks to this never being achieved on the 4S model, which has been the case after Apple changed a few things, although it’s the view of some hackers that a change might have happened with the iPhone 5 hardware that created a few bugs to allow for a bootROM dump.

How are you holding up with the wait for an iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 5, 4S, and other iDevices? Head over to the source via the above link to understand more about bootrom dumps, and what it would mean for you if one is actually found. It is also worth noting that planetbeing is working on a kernel exploit, which if all the pieces are found could arrive for iOS 6 in the coming weeks. For now the recommendation from these security researchers is not to update to iOS 6.01, although we’d love to know if you did install the new software?

You might want to read about a few release rumors for the iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6 as some people like to call it, in our earlier article that are very unlikely to happen, although there’s a chance that WWDC 2013 might bring some new iPhone hardware.

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  • Nick

    Not only are Apple making it harder and harder to jailbreak (which is still legal on iPhones) they don’t seem to care about customer loyalty. Only a few weeks after iPhone 5 is released they’re already looking to mid 2013 to release the next one? Not to mention the kick in the teeth for iPad 3 (sorry, the new iPad) purchasers in March with the release of the iPad 4 recently. It seems that they have the tech available now to release what would probably blow every other smart phone and tablet out of the water but instead they hold it back to release cynical 6-12 month revisions because they know people will be gullible enough to pay for it. I love my iPhone and iPad but the way they’re fleecing their customers and dictating what I can and can’t do with property I own means goodbye Apple as soon as my contract is up.

    • Jon

      Amen to that. They are able to make small revision in each version of their hardware and sell them because they think the sheep will buy them. I have iPad 3 and MacBook Air (2012). These will be my first and last Apple products.

  • Jack

    I have to agree that iPhone 5 may be a good phone, but without jb it really sucks. Unfortunately this is the direction Apple is heading. They want to close all exploits.

  • Bill

    Dan, do you work for Samsung or Android? Hop off their nuts. This is an iPhone article not a S3 article

    • csglinux

      How could anybody work for Android? It’s just an OS. Maybe you mean Google?
      IMHO, Dan has a very valid point. iPhone 5 may (arguably) be the best phone hardware available right now, but it runs stock (non-jailbroken) iOS 6, which sucks in comparison to Android.

  • mohd.shareef

    i seriously wanted ajailbreak 4 my ipod 4g running at 6.0.1 version

  • mohd.shareef

    never there is a legend to come that is me !!!!!!!$$$$$$$$

  • Dan

    The iPhone 5 looks so gay. Long and narrow. Not much improvement from 4s. No jb. Not cool at all. It is for sissy.

  • Me

    No jailbreak no iPhone! I can care less about majority of the apps but the tweaks are what makes the jailbreak worth it

    • Dan

      Samsung s3 does not require jb for tweaks. You have full control.

      • arsenal6

        but samsung sucks

        • Trollhater

          And you suck fart too.

  • Jodash

    C’mon guys you’ll can do this, im stuck with my boring iPhone 4S for weeks.

  • Dan

    Jailbreak is dead. Time to move on. iPhone sucks without jb. Android is way better as you don’t need jb.

  • Alan Smith

    I guess the chase died when Steve died 🙁

  • Fez

    You can do it!

  • Interesting.

  • JaK

    So they arent even trying to make a ios 6 jailbreak for the 4s or iphone 5??

    • They are trying, just certain hackers are looking at the bigger picture and trying to create something that can’t be stopped by iOS updates.