iOS 6 Google Maps ready for Apple showdown

By Alan Ng - Nov 19, 2012

iOS 6 is clearly a step up from iOS 5 and offers some lovely new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to utilize. With that said though, Apple’s in-house iOS 6 maps app is clearly not the finished product yet and many users have been crying out to hear the current situation regarding Google Maps on iOS 6 and if an alternative will be released or not.

The good news, is that it looks like Google are ready for a new type of Apple showdown, with an all new effort of Google Maps which has been rebuilt for support with iOS 6. It’s no secret that Google Maps remains the number one choice for mobile mapping solutions at the moment on iOS, with Apple clearly wanting to do away with Google’s constant stamp on the iPhone.

This again was evident in the recent removal of the built-in iOS YouTube app, which Google has now had to develop an independent application, which is now available for standalone installation from the App Store. The big issue for Google now however, is the big wait to see if Apple will actually accept Google Maps on iOS 6 when it goes under the infamous App Store review process.

A recent article published by The Wall Street Journal indicates that Google are now putting the final touches on their iOS 6 Maps application and users will be pleased to hear that it could offer turn-by-turn navigation as well. The question is though, does Apple really want to give the green light to another Google-made application that is clearly head and shoulders above apps created by themselves? The Google made YouTube app is already far better than the Apple one – evident in the support for advanced searching with filters, which was never possible on the old app.

Apple also made a big deal about turn-by-turn vector based maps on their iOS 6 app, so they surely don’t want current users to drop their app instantly in favor of Google’s turn-by-turn iOS 6 map if the app is approved – that would be somewhat embarrassing for the company.

How is the current experience for you at the moment, when using iOS 6 maps? Would you agree that a Google alternative is the best way forward, if Apple decides to approve the app?

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  • Amit soni

    Yes friends we want google map

  • MSK

    I am ready to trade my iPhone for any other phone with google maps apps.

  • Christopaul

    I upgraded to iOS 6 on my iPad, not realising I would loose Google maps. Google maps was the reason I bought the iPad in the first place. There is no way I’m going to upgrade to iOS 6 on my iPhone, until I can use Google maps, properly with street view.
    I think that the iPad is only half as good as it was.

    I don’t understand how Apple can get away with, these anti competition, tactics, ŵhen Microsoft got huge fines for only offering Internet Explorer. They didn’t make it impossible to use the competition, just didn’t offer the others.

  • cyberhec

    I sooo much hate the apple maps (it’s been totally useless in the countries I travel) and miss Google Maps. I haven’t yet figured out how to go back to ios5 (I don’t use itunes with my iphone – and apparently I can’t, since if I try to connect it, iTunes wants to delete all data on my phone). I’m still waiting for google maps, but am almost ready to move away from apple.

  • graphics

    Accidentally updated my iOS to 6 today. God, I could kick myself! Google maps worked better than the phone. Steve Jobs is barely gone one year and the company is already making bonehead moves. I remember the non-Jobs years of the 90s when Apple came up with the Performa, one of the suckiest computers ever. Apple, approve the Google map app, restore trust in the Apple brand. Please.

  • Deghi

    I left Android to go to iPhone not realizing how much I’d miss my google maps. Wow ios 6 maps suck soooo bad. Apple needs to listen to their customers and approve google maps ASAP. If they have any concern for the experience their customers have they with approve it.

  • Brin.Barbosa

    One day a massive revolution will take place that will rival the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel.. It will be when the manufacturer/retailer just gives the customer WHAT THEY WANT!

  • Omi

    Waiting for google maps eagerly .. Apple maps is a big pain n best way to get lost..

  • HELLO, My Name Is Len

    I have great faith in the innovative minds at both Apple and Google. If, however, they have been unable to innovate a way to collaborate on this sort of project, the right thing to do is put both products out there and let the market decide.

  • Yves

    Please give us google map for iOS6 !!!!

  • TastyNuggs

    Google maps, you complete me. Apple maps, loose my number.

  • CrossWired

    Just a short while before my contract finishes, if google maps isn’t approved on ios then I jump to the samsung ship. Apple maps are unusable where I live.

  • Jockrh

    Apple maps on IOS6 is very poor. Misplacing a major A&E hospital by 5 miles! No traffic info. It’s trash As soon as Google maps is in the App Store, free or not.

  • Annoyed

    If google maps is not available i will switch to the samsung or htc.

    • Until the app is ready all you have to do is sign in on Google Maps in your browser and it has the link to put the short cut on your home screen. Maybe now Google will allow IOS to use turn by turn which they would not before in the crippled version of Google Maps on IOS

  • Gary

    now the story flips to the other side. Google is thinking whether allowing iOS using google map free. Damn it… No street views, stupid apple map in iOS now

  • cary

    without google map, I will not upgrade to iOS6, thus of cos’ iphone 5

  • K

    I’m holding out on upgrading my phone until they sort put the ridiculous map situation. I have an awful sense of direction and this was one of the main reasons I got an iPhone 2 years ago. It would be very sad to upgrade and suddenly find myself lost again!

  • dpbanker

    Apple should allow both till it is confident of being better. Why downgrade your own product?

  • Netwkmn

    Apple maps is a terrible application, it doesn’t even come close to the capability and complexity of Google maps. I agree with other users in that Apple should put the customer first and allow us access to Google maps. I would be more than happy to pay for the application creating a win-win for everyone.

  • Deepak K Tibrewal

    I am an Apple fan. Recently I used my wife’s htc phone for google map in Bangalore. It worked like a personal guide to Orion mall from J.P Nagar.
    Apple should allow google map until they polish and improve their own. It will be a good policy by putting “customer first”- an aged golden rule of business.

  • Manhattan

    I don’t mind Apple Maps, but they have a lot of problems to iron out. If they could fix data inaccuracies, make turn by turn directions available for all options and put back public transit in the app instead of third parties. Then I would be happy.

  • AC

    I want Google Maps so bad i miss it already

  • Am using iOS 5 until this gets sorted. Otherwise this will be my last Apple device.

  • Confucious

    We need Ggogle Maps. Apple Maps are farcical.

  • Canuck

    If Apple doesn’t approve Google Maps, I’ll be getting another phone.

  • Frustrated w apple maps

    Apple maps is awful even in the US. Was following it to return a car at Seattle airport, it led me to an industrial parking lot, not the rental location. Missed my flight. Went back later and checked… Google had the right location. Plus traffic reports are much less accurate on apple maps than google. I too like my iPhone but if they don’t accept the google maps app, I may rethink my loyalty to apple.

  • Pablosammy

    Apple are at risk of not seeing the woods for the trees. If they don’t let people have a Google Maps app, there are plenty who will jump ship to Android or WP8. Surely that’s the definition of cutting your nose off to spite your face…

  • Neolitik

    I would never update to ios 6 unless there will be a chance to install official google maps with street view.

  • dj

    I love my iphone but google maps is the key app. I have not and wont upgrade to iOS6 as i dont want to lose google maps. If apple wont allow google maps I’ll switch phones

  • Mohammad

    Apple maps is total failure in middle east and I am waiting patiently for Google maps apps. If Apple refused to accept Google maps… I am shifting to Android.

  • Beej

    I have resisted updating from iOS 5 to iOS 6 because I simply will not compromise my mapping ability.

  • Keerthan

    Apple maps nothing in India….

  • Keerthan

    I want google maps….I hate apple maps…..

  • chris

    its an humble request to approve google maps on app store else m switching to android…..

  • JG

    Here here! What were they thinking launching with such a rubbish version of TomTom’s maps – it’s completely un useable and is totally undermining the Apple brand…change it now or lose me to Android (10yr Apple fan)

  • J

    Apple maps is horrific. If I could go back to iOS 5 to get Google Maps back, I would.

    • Kris

      You could. That’s what I did.