HTC Droid DNA deal breaker fears with 16GB

By Alan Ng - Nov 19, 2012

After weeks of teasing and spec leaks, we’re pleased to hear that the Droid DNA has now been outed in an official capacity by Verizon and HTC. The device packs some really impressive hardware features, but some consumers are in a state of outrage unfortunately, over the revelation that the Droid DNA only comes with 16GB of internal storage and no option to expand this with MicroSD support.

If you are planning to pick up the Droid DNA, you’ll want to know that Verizon has now confirmed an official release date of Wednesday November 23rd. Contracts will start at $199 on a two year contract and Android Jelly Bean is confirmed to be shipping inside the box upon release.

The much rumored 5-inch 1080p display has also been made official, with HTC revealing a “true 1080p HD super LCD 3 display with Corning Gorilla Glass 2” screen officially. Other strong points include 2GB of RAM, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 4G LTE connectivity and wireless charging support as well – must be the newest trend these days.

Undoubtedly though, the big talking point is the onboard storage of the Droid DNA, with Verizon making no mention about this on their overview of features on the now live Droid DNA pagewith good reason. We usually see something like “features 32GB of internal memory, expandable up to 64MB with MicroSD” on smartphone overview pages, but there is no sign of this until you look further into the tech spec information.

This is because the Droid DNA only ships with 16GB internal memory and rather inexcusably, there is no option to expand this due to the lack of MicroSD support. The situation becomes more severe when you realize that consumers will only get around 12 of the 16GB due to system allowances, which is obviously not enough memory at all for most media requirements.

It’s odd too, since HTC and Verizon are touting the device as a new smartphone with all kinds of media powerhouse capabilities – just look at the ‘Two Incredible Camerassection here and then again on Verizon’s official press release. How can consumers actively record frequent 1080p videos, when there will only be around 12GB of memory available? Add that to the high quality images that users will take, utilizing even more memory and further more when PhotoSphere comes available in Android 4.2.

There’s no denying that the Droid DNA looks great and features some of the latest hardware around, but has HTC ultimately shot themselves in the foot with these apparent memory constraints? If you were previously planning to pick up the Droid DNA, let us know if you still feel this way after hearing about the lack of MicroSD support.

Is 12GB of memory enough for you?

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  • Latorre25

    What are they bananas? Need memory when it comes to pictures and videos, not to mention new Apps. What went wrong HTC?

  • I was going to get the DNA, but because of the lack of memory, I’m not. I’d rather hang on to my Rezound since it has the same internal memory, plus I have a 32GB card in it. Right now after cleaning my phone out I’m still using more than 16GB between my internal and SD storage. 16GB isn’t enough for anything. I just don’t understand why they would put out such an amazing phone with the best of everything and not have more storage. I could live with there being to SD expansion if they at least provided 32GB internal storage. 16GB however is just not enough for such a powerhouse of a phone. It blows iPhone away in every respect, but won’t compete because of the lack of storage. I was really looking forward to this phone and now I feel let down by HTC and Verizon both. The Galaxy S3 is better than my Rezound, but not by a lot. It gives no reason to spend $200+ to get it when my Rezound is still a great phone. The DNA was woth spending the money in specs and everything, but not for storage and that’s pretty important. It looks like I’ll be waiting until next year for HTC to maybe come up with something better with hopefully more storage.

  • When you debloat it with CM10 you can gain like 3 or 4 gb’s and 14 is plenty for me.


    No expandable memory, definitely not the phone I was looking for!

  • I checked out DNA, RAZR HD and Galaxy S III at Verizon today. Been an HTC fan since the Eris, then Incredible and currently, Rezound. Like the DNA a lot, but memory will be an issue. I’m always maxing out my SD card now with video & PDF/Audio books;photos. Wouldn’t hesitate if memory were expandable. HTC DNA: like the feel, the screen, the weight, even the size, although I didn’t want to go to a larger phone.

  • Tricky311

    I love everything about this phone, but what everyone else doesn’t: battery and storage. I want to want this phone and I have been due for an upgrade since August and iphone5 was a huge disappointment. Now I fear the DNA will be added to this list. There are rumors of a 32gb offering, but nothing solid. If the DNA came with 32gb I would buy this Friday when it comes out. I guess I will be waiting into next year to replace my droid x

  • Rich

    It’s a TELEPHONE folks….not a desktop PC!! Ever heard of Dropbox, Sugarsync, or any other of the number of clouds for storage/retrieval of data????

  • gdchmcv

    Verizon made the choice…the same phone for the Japanese market came with expandable memory. Verizon went to the trouble of removing that feature

  • Davny

    i am ok with 11gb useable memory; after all, it’s a PHONE, not a freaking hard drive. How many MP3 do you need on your phone, seriously? I have tons of mp3 and photos in my iphon4 and i still have tons of space left unused. The only matter I worry about is unremoveable battery and I will try it out this Thursday and wait for reviews come out before decide whether or not I want to dump the iphone 4

  • ZKSteffel

    I’m not too sure people actually look at how much space they’re using on their current phones before analyzing the new ones. After a quick look, I’m using about 3GB on mine, and there’s a lot of stuff on there I don’t need. Sure, I’m not using it as a primary media device (I’ll probably stream anything I want to use the phone for), but having 12 gigs available will be just fine for me. The battery is more of an issue for me, but considering I’m sitting at a desk with my charger 3 inches from my hand when I’m working, I’m not sure that’ll be as much of an issue for me either.

  • Pest 22

    Was going to get this phone in December with my upgrade. Although I’m not a real Moto fan it looks like it will be the Razor Maxx HD . If HTC ,is that crazy for no .expandable SD storage. I’m upgrading from my second HTC phone the Thunderbolt. I figured I’m use,to low,battery life even though that should be much better also. Maybe HTC should stick to Windows phones from here on.

  • trob6969

    I’be been following this phone since it leaked back in April and looking forward to buying it but when it’s official specs came out I went from REALLY wanting the DNA to not even considering buying it due to its lack of swappable battery and expandable memory…very disappointed in HTC…well, I guess I’ll be keeping my rezound longer than expected.

  • no one

    Anything less than 64GB internal or external, I’ll pass no matter how good it is.

  • tmann4usa

    Htc has made the biggest mistake in smartphone history bringing out a phone this powerful with limit memory and a weak battery with no way of upgrading the memory or the battery, i wonder who was the idiot at htc that made that call.he needs to be fired and replaced. If htc was planning to make come back it ain’t going to be with this phone.

  • No thanks I will stick with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 32gb of space… yes I know the actual amount is about 28gb of user space but that’s fine.

  • After using 32GB One X for a while, I think 16GB is not enough for me.

  • DroidUser777

    Thanks for the info. I was pretty much set on choosing this for my next phone but the lack of memory expansion would definitely be a deal breaker for me.