Google Nexus 4 battery life issues helped slightly

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2012

Most Google Nexus 4 purchasers understand that the handset doesn’t offer the best battery life when it comes to smartphones, although talking the price and overall specs into account, this is one of the best handsets currently available that delivers a lot for the money and of course Android 4.2 Jelly Bean right away. Google claim the 2100mAh battery will deliver around 15 hours of talk time, although real world tests haven’t produced anywhere near these claims.

Nexus 4 price vs. battery – when you look at most of the other Android smartphones with a lot better battery life and similar specs you will also find a higher price, so as a few of PR readers clearly point out, “finding another phone with these specs at such a good price will be difficult“, so what can you do if you want a little more juice from the Google Nexus 4 by LG? We’ve taken a look at a few tips suggested by users and also ones that we’ve tried ourselves, although it’s worth pointing out any changes to settings are at your own risk and don’t mean you’d also benefit.

Some ideas that might deliver a little more Nexus 4 juice – you might want to make sure you’re using short ringtones without vibrating alerts unless you really need them, as these are known to drain more power if extra long. Your Nexus 4 battery could drain fast if you use Live Wallpapers, if navigation and map apps are running that use GPS resources, and also if you have long sleep time-outs or a bright screen.

One of the most important changes you can make to increase your Nexus 4 battery life is to turn off extra functions, and while most of us know that GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are battery hungry, it seems most of us leave them running when not in use.

How will you help your Nexus 4 battery life last a little longer? We’d love to know what slight changes you’ll make to increase the life of your Nexus 4, or another Android smartphone running Jelly Bean, so let us know in the comments if you’ve found a few things that work. If you want to see the LG Nexus 4 from the inside then you should see this review, which details a teardown to give you some insight into how easy the Nexus 4 is to repair if you ever need to in the future. Also let us know if you run into any problems with your Nexus 4 once it arrives, or if you’ve ordered already has your device been delivered yet?

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  • jaffari

    I got my one within 3 days after ordering it but I am 3 network which is 3g and I am having trouble with the battary life.

  • EnGassa

    What would you guys say about using a Samsung S3 rooted to run pure Android through a SuperNexus or similar rom? That would give you the best of both worlds.. A pure android experience with the great camera and better than usual battery life of an S3.

    I’m thinking of going this way. The oft-reported earpiece issues paired with a not so good battery life are just giving me the jitters about buying this.

  • Just got my Nexus 4 phone today. The battery went from 100% to about 70% in 1h. I took 10 pictures, a 15 s video and send out two pictures out with Whatsapp and I spent 30s on the phone. Tomorrow I will at what time its empty.

    Camera sucks, the previous Google phone pictures were a lot better. So I am wondering why I got this new version…

    • ha

      The Gnex had a 5mp camera and it was horrible yet it was better than my nexus s camera. The nexus 4 camera is an upgrade for sure.

  • Dave

    CPU sleeper(£1.29) from the play store turns of the phones core’s when put into sleep mode saving considerable amounts of battery!

  • When the GPS is “on” it’s not really on, it’s available for use if an app wants to know your location surely? So if you have the location tracking stuff switched off in maps then you can leave the GPS “on” without impacting much on your battery life — there’s an indicator in the notification bar that shows you when the GPS is active (which shouldn’t be very often if you have maps configured to not track your location).

  • Andy

    Decrease screen brightness, and stop it automatically detecting lighting.

  • Anominous

    there are many free apps that you can download for androids that switch off all wireless data systems (apart from phone calls obviously) when the screen is switched off this makes the battery last much much longer.

  • trace

    Look for Juice Defender on the play store, it turns off data connection when the phone is in sleep, breaks push but it’s good if that’s not an issue and you want to save some battery

  • H2OSKI

    As others have also mentioned, connecting to wifi when available actually extends battery life. Many people are either at home or at work and in most cases both locations have wifi. When you phone has less than a good 3G signal and you are not using wifi is when your phone uses up the battery faster.

    There are other reviews out there ie. the Verge that say they got a full day with moderate to heavy usage. Close to a full day is all most people need really. Most people recharge at night/while they sleep.

  • jvolzer

    Being connected to WiFi instead of 3g/4g helps battery life greatly.