Black Ops 2 Wii U graphics analyzed vs rivals

By Alan Ng - Nov 19, 2012

If you are now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Nintendo Wii U console, we have a feeling that one of your launch games purchased was Black Ops 2. It’s now available to play on Nintendo’s new system for the first time and we already have a fantastic video for you to watch, giving you an initial look at how those ‘next gen’ Wii U graphics compare vs the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

Those of you playing the Wii U version of the game are probably loving every minute of it as well. After experiencing a significant amount of cut content in the first Black Ops game for the Wii, we’re pleased to say that Treyarch has ultimately given gamers the exact same experience as Xbox 360 and PS3 users – as far as we can see anyway, minus one or two exceptions like Call of Duty Elite, which isn’t even available for other platforms yet anyway.

The key area that gamers will want information on though, is how good the Wii U version looks compared to other platforms. A video has been released giving you a clear look at this – comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions with Wii U on a selected campaign mission.

Before you start watching though, we do have to point out that the PC version is listed as well – although this shouldn’t really factor in this comparison as generally, the PC version would look far superior to any other platform. With said and done though, the video shows you that the Wii U version can definitely hold its own and arguably looks like the superior version too with a crisper resolution and lighting effects than on console.

Microsoft once said that the Wii U is a ‘basically’ an Xbox 360 when you look at graphical capabilities, but we have to disagree on this instance. The Wii U version looks fantastic and even better when using the GamePad for some unique navigation features not available on other platforms.

If you are dying to see what multiplayer looks like, we’ve added a Wii U Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay clip for you too, with another revelation to make on the return of the killcam, which is now present on a Nintendo Call of Duty game finally! Take a look at the graphics comparison video first though and let us know what version you think looks the best.

Are you surprised to see the game looking so impressive on the Wii U, despite all of the early criticism over hardware potential?

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  • Spenfen

    You know what? Look at some of the first games on the 360… yeah, the graphics weren’t really anything special. But now look at games like Skyrim, Halo 4, and other new ones. Notice the MAJOR graphical improvement. If the Wii U looks this good with launch games, imagine how it’s going to look once developers are familiar with it!

  • VSanity

    Congrats a brand new console is as good as a 7 year console…

  • lehr0069

    It states in the article that the pc version is superior… if you took the time to read it

  • Jake the Snake

    I honestly can’t tell the difference at all.

  • Iz

    This is total crap. Count carefully here…we have 4 systems and two screens…what is the screen on the right from? Don’t tell me it’s a mix of PS3/XBOX/PC because not only would that be a joke, but would be impossible to do without losing overall quality. This is basically a comparison of Wii U vs. a single sample, I’m gonna guess PC because it would be easier to sample. If not, probably an X-Box. Don’t get me wrong. The system is cool, but not impressed with the graphics for it supposedly being a next gen system.

    • Anthony Yanez

      Again wtf is up with graphics nowadays? I understand HD is something that actually should be required, but seriously graphics just seem top notch to me on all consoles. It doesnt bother me if this game looks better then this game as long as I have fun with it. Here’s a example many people still play ocarina of time and consider it a great game, but you dont see people comparion legend of zelda graphics to say red dead redemption we see them arguing about whose gameplay will last through time. Why do we always compare graphics and not gameplay nowadays???

      • yohiyoyo

        we do compare gameplay, just only when its appropriate (zelda against red dead redemption)

  • John

    PC’s are one a different level of Graphic’s and have no comparison to consoles. This is Consoles have Kept PC’s Gaming From Advancing for the PAST 4YEARS!. This is biased. None the less when the next gen Xbox and PS3 hits the market. Nintendo will be left in the dust as usual.

  • The WiiU version has a much crisper and detailed picture than the PS3 and Xbox can’t really throw the PC into these comparisons but even though the old Wii isn’t as powerful at least it lasted me from the beginning till now with no faults but i’ve been through 4 brand new PS3’s and 6 brand new xbox’s in that time and they were all crap stick to Nintendo at least it won’t let you down

    • VSanity

      Really? You must beat the crap out of your systems…
      I’ve had my PS3’s Blu-ray laser break twice but it’s easy enough to fix, though I will admit I have had my Xbox360 get red ringed under warranty and it had to be replaced.

  • Anon

    As far as I’m concerned Wii U graphics may be behind the next gen but I’m not complaining. The graphics on PS3 and 360 now look really good anyway. Plus, I can’t wait to play HD Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc.

  • josh

    also you can tell whoever did this video put the green up pretty high on the ps3/xbox360/pc version

  • josh

    i have played the game on all console and i actually experience the best frame rate on the ps3 but lighting is a tad off at times. xbox looks vey good but experience some frame rate drops for me. the wii u i experienced the most frame rate drops but looks almost as good as the xbox. and on pc it looked the best with perfect framerate

    • Anthony Yanez

      wii u runs at 60 frames a second and at 30 when using split screen with the gamepad ps3 and 360 both run at 30 frames

  • josh

    well the ps3 vesion probably looks the worst because it is ported, due to the fact it cost more money to specifically code a game for ps3 and it is harder, though it has the highest graphical capabilities out of all three major consoles. on the otherhand the graphical capabilites of the wii u are still the worst when compared to the ps3 and xbox 360 but the 360 is very close. exclusives look best on ps3 and cross console games look best on 360 excluding the pc of course. though the wii u is cool it is also late to the party when you consider microsoft and sony will have there console out in the next year or two

  • Nuvendil

    All this discussion is just dumb. Unless the developers OF THE GAME went back and enhanced the graphics themselves with higher res textures and more/improved shaders SPECIFICALLY for use by a stronger platform, the port WILL look IDENTICAL. Just as the PC version of Skyrim vanilla looks IDENTICAL to the Xbox360/PS3 version. Wait six months or so for games designed specifically for the Wii U to cast judgment. There is one in development using Cryengine 3; that will likely tell the tale better.

  • John

    The PS3 still has the worst version. As always with the multiplatform games.

  • Agent75

    These comparisons make me laugh. If you put all versions together, including the PC version, there’s not much in it, but sometimes, one or two versions are bugged to the hilt, like say Bayonetta on the PS3. And from experience, it’s also down to what type of TV (or monitor) you’re using, not forgetting cable choice and TV and console set up. The jump from a standard TV to an LED TV made most of my games look awesome.

  • 3hunna

    The thing I don’t understand with that video is the other platforms being grouped together? How do we know that the “others” isn’t the PS3? The PC version shouldn’t be that laggy as well, the fps should be much higher.

  • The Wii U looks better than PS3/360 plus lets you play on the small screen too(handheld black ops 2!!) and you can chat on there since the controller has a headset jack and built in mic. Also you can use nunchuk + wiimote for another way to play. It is the superior version of all due to these 2 things. Graphics alone are not everything.

  • Scisca

    Welcome to 2006, Nintendo…

    • asdfsadfasd

      Black Ops 2 was released last month

      • Kody Clark

        With graphics out sense 2010.

  • Wii U looks like Xbox 360 1.25 to me. Nothing special. I’ll wait for the “Xbox 720”.

    • Anthony Yanez

      Nothing special about xbox live ill go ahead and play for free on nintendo and sony’s networks.

    • zeemonkeyman

      Woah, you really have no idea what Nintendo is all about do you?!

  • It’s a good idea to watch the videos through a second time pausing every couple of seconds to look at the differences. I didn’t really see much difference watching it through but comparing it every couple of seconds by pausing I noticed quite of a difference in the textures, lighting and shadow effects. I don’t think it’s the best way of knowing just how good the Wii U is but it shows what can be done when a developer actually makes an effort kudos to Activison. If more developers put this much effort into Wii U games it could get a good name for itself.

  • okay really the pc version is with the console video. The pc version is better looking than the wii u version just due to the fact its a pc. However I do say the Wii U version looks damn good

  • McLovin77

    I have BO2 on PC and these idiots obviously have not played it on PC or they set the graphic settings to low, because it looks so much better than what they are showing that it is laughable. The integrity of gaming journalism is never been so deplorable.

    • McLovin77

      Damn, I should have finished reading the article. I am taking my foot out of my mouth now.

  • ps3 version

  • Josh Belcher

    I want a Wii U so badly

  • The Wii U has no sense!

  • hbbjnjnsjnbcbjh

    This is clearly photoshopped :/ Nintendo Trolled us 🙁

    • Maurício Avellar

      The green-eyed monster!

  • DarthDiggler

    There is no way the PC version of BlackOps 2 looks like the PS3 / Xbox 360 version. That is a dumb comparison there.

    • Read the whole article before watching the video.

  • vproject

    What version was actually used? Because the 360 version is clearly superior to the PS3 version. I suspect this video was done with the QAA blurred up PS3 version to make Wii U look somewhat better…..If compared to the 360 version I bet they look virtually identical.

    • DarthDiggler

      The PS3 / Xbox 360 versions don’t look that much different now (previous editions of COD there were stark differences that didn’t require pixel comparisons). The PC however even on a lower end system will easily exceed the PS3/Xbox 360 capabilities and on a mid-range system should look the best out of them all.

      • vproject

        Maybe you need to see the digital foundry comparison cos the 360 version is obviously much sharper and better looking than the PS3 version. It also runs quite alot better. The version in the video is the PS3 version, as i said. The 360 version DOES look quite a bit sharper and matches the Wii U version shown here.

        • ps3 looks better than the xbox but it gets frame rate drops so ps3 is better than the xbox version on the visual side so the wii u is the best console version for graphics now