Black Ops 2 sales are negative for UK

By Chris Cook - Nov 19, 2012

If you bought the latest Call of Duty game right away then you might not be bothered about the Black Ops 2 sales results for the launch week, although it is certainly worth taking notice considering we’re hearing that the early sales for Black Ops 2 in the UK show a really negative outlook. We don’t know if there has been any outside influences just yet within Europe, but early indicators are pointing to Black Ops 2 sales being less than the original game, MW2, and MW3.

UK gamers might be saving Black Ops 2 for a gift this Christmas, or if some of them heard about the nightmare PS3 users were having with the game crashing, freezing, and restarting their consoles, but according to this article it seems early Black Ops 2 sales are down in the UK. They state these details have been confirmed by a number of sources, including Chart-Track, and it’s strange considering Activision already confirmed the 24-hour $500m sales record for Black Ops 2. It is worth noting that Halo 4 sales for the first 24 hours were said to be $220m, although that title is just for the Xbox 360, so this figure is extremely impressive.

Did you purchase Black Ops 2 within the first 24 hours, and if so how are you finding the game so far? It is good to remember that the first 24 hours might be higher thanks to dedicated fans, but the first week dropped off in the UK for a number of reasons although the US could see much higher sales for Black Ops 2 in the first week. We’ll update you further when we get the sales results for the United States and other parts of the world.

If you are on the PS3 then we’d love to know how Black Ops 2 patch 1.03 went for you, do you see most of your freezing problems fixed since the update? Yesterday we posted some details on the Black Ops 2 zombies jet gun, so you might want to read about that and see the video in that article.

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  • spudeeelad

    I have never been able to get online with this game. I have consistently received ‘Black Ops 2 server is unavailable at this time’ and 3 lengthy phone calls and 16 emails to Activision later, my problem is still not fixed. They originally promised the 1.03 would fix it for me, but it didn’t. I have tried;

    4 PS3s of various models
    8 different SEN accounts
    3 different networks in 3 different addresses
    2 different routers in the same address
    Port Forwarding
    Static IP
    Virtual Servers
    IP Filtering

    The game does NOT work at all for me. I have spoken to Sony and none of my accounts or consoles have been banned by mistake and I have never been banned from any Call Of Duty game.

  • bones212

    this game is shocking nothing has changed much at all so the perks are a little different and killstreaks or scorestreaks as they are now known do the same job there is no innovation to this franchise no more the multiplayer is full or screaming 10 year olds shouting mum jokes i think bf4 will take the crown i still thourougly enjoy bf3 and feel robbed that i paid £40 for this trade in for hitman revo i think

  • didgeridoo

    MW3 was/is nightmarish enough for lag. When I have no lag, I get 3 or 4 mins into a game with up to 12 killstreak & get kicked. Don’t think I can pay £40 to go thru that sh*t again. Extremely frustrating that Activision games are so poor re multiplayer.

  • gamejunkie

    all about halo 4 bitches 🙂

  • rEfFeRrEd

    Black ops 2 has lost it! I’m talking about MULTIPLAYER from Graphics, gameplay, killstreak, weapons and tactics, Maps are messy and with full of hiding place for campers, players blend in the surroundings in which its hard to spot them from a far, guns are over powered, SMG’s are more powerful than Assault riffle same with the guns, this isn’t black ops trademark this is Modern Warfare! no tactics, no gameplay just point and shoot! black ops 1 is still the best!

  • locky

    you guys need to fix the spawning system

    re spawning next to and enemy isn’t fan at all

  • Gordon Larney

    Got the game on launch day and it was a nightmare, was so looking forward to it and it was awful,, shocking lag and crashed my playstation about 8 times,, downloaded the patch and its a diffrent game,, back to the cod I love,, thou expect to die quite a bit more because of the small maps and everyone running uavs,, much better with the changes they have made to the ghost perk,, no one can camp anymore…..:)

  • exCODPlayer

    Still didn’t stop all the kids from buying it….lol
    COD is finished. BO2 still cannot beat Battlefield….I hope they are ready to lose the crown once Battlefield 4 comes out….lol

    • exCODPlayer

      Love the Article….Truth hirts doesn’t it….:)

  • COD people never learn.That’s why i hate Treyarch and i will never anything from them again they show no love for the PS3, the least thing they can do is make the game playable

    • Knizzle

      at least theyre trying its infinity ward that doesnt care they did this for mw3 and didnt even try fixing it

  • cripper

    TO TONY:
    Next time it crashes rebuild your database. If your NAT type is anything except “open” then google how to allow unrestricted port access for your playstation.

  • asdf

    The title to this article is extremely misleading. Hack journalism at its finest.

  • Pre ordered game losts if freezing installed update had one freeze e-mailed activision explaining my unhappiness with these issues freezing only happens on multi player not on zombies

  • Raul Menanzed

    I pre-ordered the hardened edition for £70 and I can’t play online after updating. WTF ?

  • i got mine on the launch date and it seems to work perfectly

  • tony

    got the game at the midnight lauch and still cant play it with out it freezing, got the new patch but still the same cant even get past the menu without it freezing and when it gets to the game it just freezes, tried playing it offline and on line without the patch and with the patch what is going on why havnt they fixed it, deleted the game data utility and re installed it but still the same on mutiplayer, zombies and campaign really really upset what a mess,

    • cripper

      TO TONY:
      Next time it crashes rebuild your database. If your NAT type is anything except “open” then google how to allow unrestricted port access for your playstation.