Black Ops 2 patch 1.04 in the works for PS3

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2012

There are numerous reasons being thrown around as to why Black Ops 2 on the PS3 is experiencing major freezing problems, crashing, and other connection related issues when playing online, but we’ve been impressed by the rapid release of updates to try and find a solution to these issues. In the last 24 hours we’ve heard directly from Activision, and they’ve stated in so many words that Black Ops 2 patch 1.04 is being worked on for the PS3.

The moment Black Ops 2 update 1.03 went live we published details about this attempt to fix problems with the PS3 version, although this led to more discussion in relation to new issues appearing after the patch. PR readers confirmed that hard resets still needed to be done after installing the latest update, and crashes continued to plague certain gamers but it’s worth pointing out not all users are affected. In fact we’re now running Black Ops 2 on a PS3 Slim and also the latest Super Slim, and strangely we’ve had constant freezing on the Slim but no problems on the newer PS3.

Black Op 2’s first double XP weekend ended up a nightmare for a lot of PS3 gamers, although Activision didn’t try and defend their position and instead confirmed on their support website that problems still remain. They said COD: Black Ops 2 had received a patch to fix the freeze/lock-up problems, which some people are meeting when playing the PS3 online, although “some customers” still have problems with their PS3 freezing and they’re doing “everything” possible to fix these lock-ups and to find a solution. You can see the exact statement here, which shows Black Ops 2 patch 1.04 will likely release within the next few days in another attempt to fix the PS3 problems.

Do you have any problems that need fixing in Black Ops 2 patch 1.04? You might want to see our article from earlier today about the UK first week sales of Black Ops 2 being less than expected, and is reportedly less than the two previous Call of Duty games for first week sales in the UK.

We took the screenshot above when looking for parts that you can see at different areas of the map when you leave the zombie bus. You need to hunt for parts and take them to set locations, which then allow you to build different items that can be used in your effort to withstand the endless onslaught of zombies. We personally love the shield that allows you smash zombies flying, although you miss out on gaining valuable points for purchasing guns when using the shield.

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  • bala

    still got problems after update 1.04 i am using old fat ps3 its getting auto shutoff in 5 to 10 after inserting cod black ops 2 disc.pls help

  • the new patch has taken tomb stone off zombies were have they put it and also it has affected head shots on zombies wtf activision take the piss

  • JD

    Everyone knows that Activision is a money grubber and Treyarch is the worst at updates and assisting the player. Theres a reason so many people boycott Activision games. Yes, it exists. I bought the game expecting this.

  • Dobstar99

    I was fine before 1.03 but i cant even play offline… after several lock ups and hard resets its actually starting to have an effect of freezing other games on loading.. ime pretty sure its fkd my hdd in someway

  • CompTroller


  • disqus_iFOwzc1Qvf

    I have had well over 60 freezes because of Black Ops II, it is ridiculous. I keep trying to play but i dont how much longer i can last, or my ps3.

  • Phil1993

    In 2 hours of play i managed to join about 4 matches, the rest i got stuck at synchronizing game settings and then booted back into the main lobby. the matches i do join are jumpy and i lose every single gunfight even if i have a clear advantage. I know its not my internet as i play BF3 and MW3 without any issues.
    Didn’t pay £40 for a broken game.. FIX IT!

  • Pedro

    my PS3 brand new, and black ops 2 crashes giving me system restore on PS3!!! FIX this or I will get my refund

  • Rollo_Tumasi

    Now that my black ops 2 has had major freezing issues its actually starting to affect mw3, i own both of them, and after i tried numerous times to fix my problem, the freezing problem has actually affected the other, no my mw3 is doin that stupid disc read error thing or my screen will juz go black, this is actually getting pretty irritating, and i dun think there is gonna be anything i can do about it either =(

  • FreezingPS3

    I’m returning my game(Black Ops2) today. Just like if I bought a brand new tv and it didnt work, I would return it if the problems couldnt be fixed. Its been over a week for me and the problems are still on going. The constant hard rebooting doesn’t sit well with me, I don’t want to risk permanently damaging my PS3 over a problem that the manufacturer created. Time to send this game back for a refund and pick up a game that actually works. Personally, I would have went with Infinity Ward to create all of the COD games. They obviously do a much better job. MW2 and MW3 are much better games overall. Major fail on Acitivisions part for not using better Quality Assurance over all systems. It’s common sense when you’re rolling out new products or releasing updates. I own a Fat PS3 and I have never had any problems with any of the other games I’ve ever bought until I purchased Black Ops2.

    Good luck to all of you. This game was overhyped and definitely under delivered the subpar.

  • Kev

    I wanna see this patch 1.4 in am 22nd and still freezing plz fix

  • chickenmansupper

    The 1.02 patch has made the ps3 graphics look blurry and lack detail. We need ro tell treyarch about this!!!

  • Luke

    Awful job with the release of the game. I bought it solely for the zombie mode. I was very disappointed to find I can’t get past early rounds before it freezes. Weather online or off. I traded n my disc thinking maybe it was a bad copy but the 2nd disc does the same… Reinstalled software… Nothing worked. Decided to play games other games and haven’t had any other freezing issues. Hope the next patch fixes this

  • blah

    Mine doesnt even let me start a game i wait in the lobby till it times out. I have played ten seconds of a game then it sent me back to the lobby.

  • Armoured farmer

    Money grabbers ! Sort this out, why do u ALWAYS release games that are NOT finished.


    My console was freezing as well. Now just lagging and freezing for a couple seconds during some games. My brothers console is fried becuse of this game. It won’t read discs after freezing a bunch of times. They have really hurt their fan base. They make a lot of money. Not cool Activision…

  • EL-LALO33

    Activision might not. we take into account

    there are many with this problem, do not comment because they do not know where to complain

    that hurts is one of my favorite games: (

    my ps3 turns off 3-5 minutes of play

    Today I played FIFA13 for hours without any problem

  • Sanderson94518

    Yet again Activision completely glosses over the most catastrophic failure on the PS3, the auto shut down on the original FAT ps3s. The game can NOT be played in any mode online or off. 3 to 5 minutes into any game play the system just shuts off like someone reach behind the console and flipped the power switch. Sme ps3 fat uses have stated the system goes down so hard that they now get the yellow blinking led YLOD. Activision promptly locked the forum of users with this problem the same time they released 1.03. Our smaller community of PS3 fat console players can not even put the DVD into our systems without major risk and no way to pay any game mode on this release. It appears to be an unfixable problem and the company has turned a blind eye to us.

    • bala

      same problem shame on activision

  • smokie

    By the way I am using a 320g slim….and every other game is working like Pro Evo 2013 and PAIN

  • smokie

    I have reset my PS3 over 35 times since last Tuesday. When the same issues happenned with MW2, Infinity Ward were quick to get the issues resolved.
    The irony of the last few days is that when I access the Treyarch welcome message of the day my ps3 freezes, Up until then I could generally get three games before a freeze.

  • Really needs to play BO2

    i do really hope this patch is out soon, still getting major hard crashing and freezing issues, before game loads and during the game…i lost count after 25 hard resets. thanks for the up date..will wait and see is if patch corrects these issues.