Xbox 720 cracked with new surprises

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2012

Are you ready to hear more details on Microsoft’s elusive next-generation Xbox 720 console? It has been a while since we last heard any strong rumors about the company’s secret Xbox project, but we’re pleased to say that one publication hasn’t been afraid to dish the dirt on every Xbox 720 detail they know before going out of commission.

Microsoft seems to have covered up the initial, massive Xbox 720 leak that we saw earlier this year pretty well. You should remember the now infamous Fortaleza document leak, which apparently revealed the main specifications of the next Xbox, notably the addition of Augmented Reality features, Xbox Glasses, Blu-Ray disc support and Kinect 2.0.

Microsoft has since removed all traces of that document off the internet, but Xbox World has written a feature on the new console in their penultimate issue, again revealing some of the above specifications of the next console, but with some new details as well and a fantastic looking 3D mock up based on their industry sources, as noted by CVG.

Firstly, they are under good authority to state that the next Xbox console will simply be known as ‘Xbox‘, not the Xbox 720 as in line with current popular belief. Microsoft ‘Xbox’ would seemingly kick off a new start for Microsoft’s Xbox brand and it would mean that we would no longer see any numerical attachment to the Xbox console and possibly future iterations as well.

On to the juicy next Xbox spec details now, as we again hear mention of features such as Blu-Ray support, Kinect 2.0 and Augmented Reality glasses. New information that you may not have heard before, involves interesting details regarding an ‘innovative controller’, directional audio and multiple inputs and outputs, including support for television straight from the console.

There are some exciting details on the potential power behind the console as well, as the next Xbox system may feature a quad-core based CPU, along with 8GB of RAM providing Xbox fans with a very generous amount of multitasking options. Remember that these aren’t confirmed details yet, but details based on the industry sources that this magazine has. After the Xbox 720 issue of Xbox World, there will be one more issue left and then they will be closing their books forever.

With Microsoft’s next Xbox console expected to release towards the end of 2013, are you now starting to get excited that these are indeed the main features of the next-gen console? It’s the second time we’ve heard about the possibility of augmented reality and glasses on the next Xbox, so would you support Microsoft’s decision to go down this route?

Have a look at the mock-up image above and let us know if you would like the next Xbox console to look like this. We think it looks fantastic and included in the image is details on how the next Xbox will include a touch sync button which will automatically sync up all of your controllers, without having to manually hold a button like you do today – we’ve been waiting for a simple, but elegant feature like this for a long time.

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  • Even if the New Xbox did have the latest and greatest Hardware, Microsoft are still aiming all their efforts at the casual market, The ones that primarily play kinect, use their xbox to watch netflix and play and odd game of Halo or Call of Duty.

    All of Microsofts main shooter franchises have been dumbed down and aimed at casual gamers even games that started off with Hardcore audiences, games such as Gears of war and Halo have now been turned into something that appeals to everyone by making them “Accessible”.

    I predict that the Xbox is going to be more of an all round entertainment system with less focus on gaming rather than a dedicated gaming machine that can do other funtions too.

    • Greg

      So if you feel that if Microsoft don’t give you what you want, they’re treating you like a second class citizen. I don’t think you really know the meaning of the phrase ‘second class citizen’. On top of that, I think you’ll find that most devs are dumming down their games to appeal to a wider audience. Take CoD MW3, Mass Effect, Skyrim for evidence of this. In fact I can only think of a couple of games released on consoles in the last couple of years that you could truly say were core games, Dark Souls, Witcher 2 & BF3 (to an extent), even Forza has gone all ‘Horizon’ on us. This is the way gaming’s going. It’s quite simple, if you don’t like the games, don’t buy them.
      As for your ‘second class citizen’ comment, go speak to an African American who grew up in the southern states in America during the 50s. You might get some real insight to what it feels like to be treated like a ‘second class citizen’.

  • Eddie Battikha

    The Durango dev kit specs were revealed almost 2 months ago, this is all pointless. Final specs won’t be revealed for a little while, so all these rumors about a quad core CPU is just valid for the Durango dev kit, not the final hardware.

  • poto caca pichi

    the control?

  • it depends on what type futuristic 4core it could be, how great?, really rumors were greater. Machine looks nice though, very sleek, good taste. Edit this: hey on another site it say a 4core with 16 threads and 8 ram so yah thats way ahead of scale. That works. 😉

    • Alex

      so for cpu A+ people but the 8gb ram must be for system only and not the full hard drive offered for downloading etc.

      • Condom

        Well obviously, ram isn’t a hard drive .

  • I don’t think the specs are that great what so ever. I think their gonna have to do better than this if they want their console to be future proof. Pc’s are already moving on to the next level an I feel the xbox is just gonna date very quickly against future games engines that will catch up with current hardware standards.

    • Greg

      I agree with you completely. However there are some rumours stating that the Xbox 720 (or whatever) will have some upgradability. If this is the case it’ll probably be along the lines of a second chipset with an extra couple of cores & extra RAM. Along with this the RAM in the new Xbox might be DDR4, which will operate faster then the standard PC DDR3 RAM. Remember the Xbox 360 has DDR3, where most PCs at the time of its release only had DDR2. These are only rumours, but if the new Xbox has a chance to keep up with PC gaming. Also never forget a games console only needs about half the power of PC to produce the same graphics & physics. This is because the games will have complete compatibility with the console, also you won’t have a power munching OS operating in the background. Check your PC available RAM, notice the OS is taking up about 500 meg.

    • 99% of people who play xbox and ps dont care about pc games. they are such a small markert that we laugh at them.

      • Martin

        Such a small market that looks much better than the current console range does… Battlefield 3 on a high end (not top, just high) PC looks amazing compared to the console, before you say, I am a mid-range pc guy with an Xbox 360 and PS3, so I am not a fan boy of one range, I like to play them all.

      • CliveTheBadger

        Glad morons like you stay on consoles. Please never use a computer.