Skyrim PS3 empathy requested for Dawnguard DLC

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 18, 2012

There is no doubt that PlayStation 3 owners want the truth about Skyrim Dawnguard DLC on their platform, although a few things are clear now about the PS3, Pete Hines, and how the typical gamers feels about the lack of downloadable content on one of the platforms. We are going to see some new content land on the PS3, but we are yet to see if it will include Dawnguard or Dragonborn, and the fact that the third Skyrim DLC is exclusive to Xbox 360 has only irritated some PS3 owners.

Let’s clear up the Hines situation with details on Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 – we’ve seen a number of tweets from Bethesda’s communication guy over the last couple of weeks, which have clearly shown his strings are being pulled and what he wants to share and is allowed to are two different things. Pete Hines knows a lot more than you think, and he might even know if Dawnguard will ever make it to the PS3, but he’s not allowed to tell Twitter users anything more than has already.

One of the recent changes on his Twitter account showed a move to more personal tweets, and a status that explained it is his “personal twitter account” as well, so while you’ll still get tweets like the one below, he’ll only be able to announce the exact Skyrim PS3 DLC when he’s been told it’s ok to do so, which we were promised a little while ago now. The tweet below came after one PS3 user pointed out that it must be hard for Hines with some of the messages he receives on Twitter, but it also touched on the need for empathy when it comes to how PS3 users must feel after content continually landing on XBox 360 without anything for PS3, especially the Dawnguard expansion.

Hines shows us in the tweet above that he can only check on details for PS3 users, or maybe check what he is allowed to share with the public. Do you think the key failure is with more insightful communication, and if Hines is being told he can’t share what will really happen Skyrim DLC for the PS3, which considering confirmation 10 days ago explained “new content” for PS3 it might mean Dawnguard never makes it.

Bottom-line: The lack of Skyrim progress reports for Dawnguard on the PS3 means that either it’s never coming, or Bethesda really are missing the point when it comes to what gamers want, and that is “clear communication“. You can also read about the Skyrim 1.8 patch that has gone live for Xbox 360 console, and to make things worse has not released on the PS3 as of yet. Do you have empathy for PS3 owners?

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  • bringthetruth

    Bill Gates:What if we gave you monie$ and you bring all the dlc to xlost and refuse to create dlc for PEEASS3?
    Bill Gates:*proceeds to deliver the monie$
    PS3 Users:Fck
    PC Users:I don’t give a anus about DLC’s mod’s ftw!
    And this is what happened dear people.

  • Everyone, stop hating Bethesda. They’re trying, and I’m sure everyone’s moaning and complaining isn’t helping. Don’t sue Bethesda for something they CAN’T HELP. Everyone think, the time Bethesda spends dealing with lawsuits is time that they could be working on the DLC. I’m tired of everyone whining and moaning about the DLC.

  • I Heart Gaming

    Berenskin First off from a specs standpoint the Xbox is inferior to the PS3 but in that case so was the PS2 in relation to the Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube. But I am sure you still purchased a PS2. Fanboyism aside I agree with your post it is sad that PS3 owners have yet experience the Dawnguard DLC. I feel Bethesda should give it away free to all PS3 owners when it is FINALLY available. I love Skyrim!! I have it on 360 as well as PC. I have all the systems 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, etc and I love all of them for different reasons and games. I am a GAMER. Now I know that for alot of people buying all of the systems is not fiscally possible and that’s cool. Pick the system that has the most appealing games to you. We seriously need to stop this fanboyism because in the end we are all GAMERS!

    Currently Playing: ACIII (360), Halo 4, Uncharted 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Skyrim (PC), God of War Saga, and Zombi U.

  • ?What the hell is Todd Howard and Bethesda doing?

  • Nathan the Former Dovakin

    speaking from a standpoint of a ps3er who played oblivion and bought skyrim day1 (most if not all of us) I have lost faith in Bethesda’s lack of transition after an entire console’s lifetime and still we are plaqued where lesser developers have more success in bringing their PS3 fans their money’s worth with need for little or no apologies. And if there are problems, lifespans are limited due to the necessity for the continued fanbase’s loyalty. No game should disregard a console(s) so blatantly unless that game is from Nintendo (we expect that). No amount “free DLC” or rewards can wash this foul taste that has been left in my mouth where we the loyal fans who dropped $60 + like the PCers and the Boxers are made over a matter of months to feel guilty about the fact that we have been RIPPED off with NO APOLOGIES other than we’ll get to the apology when we’re done producing our products for the other guys.

  • TESFan

    So the xbox is getting another dlc while the PS3 users are being left out.. again… This is just ridiculous. If you don’t like a particular console as a company at least have the balls to come out and say it publicly. This is why I’m switching. Not to an Xbox (been there done that, never again) but to a gaming PC. Then I can just download community made content. The sad part is that a ton of the quest/content adding mods are actually of better quality then Bethesda’s own work. More unprofessional activities from Bethesda, what a surprise.

  • James

    skyrim is one year old and i am sad to say that its the reason i will never buy another bethesda game ever again. now im not just saying this because of the dlc im saying this because it made me realize all the bethesda games that i have that i can barely play fallout 3 and new vegas freeze every hour, skyrim was barely playable the first month or two of release the updates came so few and far apart. im not buying a xbox just to experience the same crappy game play on a different console if bethesda wants to right their wrongs good for them but i just don’t care anymore. i hope every game maker sees this mess bethesda is “working on” and never uses them as a publisher or anything ever again, and Pete Hines would just be better off saying he cant tell the community to say i don’t know makes him and his company look bad just say “ive been told there is progress i will get back to you with some news” i wouldn’t be mad at that but i don’t know makes you and everyone you work with look like idiots that just play with your phones all day

  • Ken

    Dawnguard was released back in June and here we are in November. I own a PS3 and at this point I do not really care if it is released at all. A lot of XBOX users are probably bored with it by now as well. The game is old now, keep it and enjoy.

  • JDM

    well no point in buying bethesda games. There’s allot of good game to choose from, why put up with this bs.

  • I’m just going to throw this out there, since no one (as far as i can tell anyway) has asked this question, but why in the hell are XBox users posting on a PS3 Thread? I mean really? nothing better to do?

  • Rohan

    Boners and more boners

  • cademan

    personally i don’t mind how long it takes as there are more games then skyrim and i don’t blame any1 as it gets you nowhere, people need to understand how complex technology really is and you can’t create a perfect game, movie etc. it’s not realistic atall i say take as long as you want bethesda and sony and we’ll have to learn patience.

  • cchiu

    fixed? fool me once shame on u, fool me twice shame on me!

  • Corey Schulz

    PS3 has great exclusives. Sure, I want the Skyrim DLC, but not having all of the great PS3 exclusives that we have (like Disgaea!) would suck even more than not having the DLC.

  • Aww. I am a ps3 fan. I have always played playstation. My best friend plays xbox. The dawnguard is not worth this lame discussion. The only plus is you get a crossbow and 20 mins of a new quest. Not worth buying a lame xbox 360. Playstation is by far way better than xbox. Quit b-I-t-c-h-in

  • #exelderscrollsfan

    The whole ‘ps3 skyrim has bugs’ answer does not hold water with me. I have had the collector’s edition of Skyrim from the off and that has barely any if indeed any at all of the bugs people have been talking about. Bethesda dont want to release PS3 content it’s as simple as that, they didn’t for Oblivion and they dont now. I didn’t mind for Oblivion as we did get Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles through the GOTY edition. Now however I am steaming mad. I have not played a single second of Skyrim or any other Bethesda title since this whole thing began nor do I intend to. As far as Im concerned if they cant sort this out the Xbox loving Todd Howard can roast in the fires of hell. I’ll just play Uncharted.

  • I think what’s happening over at Bethesda is dictatorship by Zenimax who OWNS Bethesda Game Studios it’s sad if we are living in a democracy shouldn’t Peter Hines be allowed to tell the truth? but NOPE as along as Zenimax saids “NO Peter, No Peter stop it you can’t say that!, Peter you can’t share this just BS your way through” you know what I WANT A TWITTER MESSAGE BY THE CEO OF ZENIMAX ON THIS SUBJECT it’s sad that Peter Hines is a tool

    • cchiu

      he could say it if he wants too, its just that he’ll be fired

      • which is sad i wonder how he even got the Public Relations Job in the first place lol

  • kent

    i been waiteing for so long my rage just gone up
    (sorry for my taping)

  • kent

    how come it takes so long like 5 months for a shitty dlc with a short story line yea they add some new stuff and quest to pay the time the dlc is to easy if thier haveing problems with that i say thier going to have problems in the future

  • Similar thing happened with Fallout 3, Microsoft bought out initial release rights on the DLC and then PS3 users got hold of it 6 months to a year later. DANGIT!

  • People who owns Xbox has never done any research before they spent $300 on a game console. Most likely Xbox users has never paid attention in class, cuts school and never do their homework. Older Xbox owners are all high school dropouts and is a little ignorant on the side. I spent four days studying whether to purchase an Xbox 360 or a PS3. I talked to people and discussed it online. PS3 came shining through and beat the Xbox by several miles. Right now I’m already comparing Xbox (720) versus a PS4. Looks like Sony pulled another one with 16-32 gig rams and a four core chip with more in the graphic cards. But Bethesda will still have problems having their games run on the PS4 for stupid reasons. Xbox720, well, the ghetto people can have them.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      Hell yea I like your comment dude Laughed in the beginning of reading it Great comment.

  • but here’s the thing, why would somebody say we’re very close keep checking in, we’ll let you know. I think they’re really working on it, they’re just not sharing anything until they’re allowed to. A lot of people have expressed their feelings to Betheseda and I think they finally listened to people. I wouldn’t be suprised if they did something like the pc version and said hey dawnguard is available immediately on the psn

  • There once was a man from Nantuket,
    Who liked scraping the barrel and the bucket.
    With his hearsay and rumour Its far past good humour
    Who on earth keeps employing this duckwit?
    Seriously though I’m curious to know if it gets boring copy and pasting the same speculative articles that have been doing the rounds these past few months?

  • someone wealthy get a law suit going against Bethesda please or use the money for people in NY do to danm Sandy. thank you “the rich”

  • Andrew M

    I heard the reason why this started is caused Bethesda created the PC and Xbox versions them emulated the 360 version to PS3.

  • I am very angry with the lack of DCL’s or updates that Bethesda is holding out on PS3, I have been following Bethesda all the way from Daggerfall, Fallout etc. I just wish they would make this fair by having PS3 and Xbox the same on the DLC’s/ Updates. I could be wrong but I love all of the games produced with Bethesda, but if PS3 doesnt get the content this might make my taste sour.

  • Lace

    Xbox guys on here are being extremely stupid. Yes, let me buy a new system and game for some $20 dollar DLC. Screw the fact that I don’t cae for other games on the system. Let me sink all my money there. Its just so convenient. Xbox users who say just buy the xbox,stfu.

    • Ken

      LOL, exactly.

  • Greynorth

    Oddly enough I no longer think it is a matter of ‘it just won’t work for everyone guys!! >:C’ as several of my Xbox playing friends have reported the DLC to have broken their games.

    I’m starting to believe more and more that this is some sort of marketing scheme devised between Microsoft and Bethesda. Naturally, since the third DLC is exclusive to Xbox and all DLC is released first on the Xbox, one who is a big fan of Skyrim would want the system just so they can actually play it with the extra content. More Xbox’s are sold, more copies of Skyrim are sold, more Live memberships are bought, and DLC is purchased. Both parties are happy.

    That may not even have been a consideration of the two companies, but when I step back from the picture I cannot help but think that is what it appears to be. What is funny is I own an Xbox and a PC, I simply choose to play on the PS3 because it is my platform of choice. It is a shame Bethesda had to go and ruin an amazing gaming experience on the PS3, be it intentional or not. I guess I will just stick with the base copy of the game.

    This is not Sony’s fault. This is Bethesda’s. If the system could not run the game, then Skyrim would never have been launched on PS3 to begin with. You would not be able to play it. With as much technology that is in their hands, either they are too ignorant to understand how to utilize it, or they simply have diverted it elsewhere (ie, Xbox).

  • Stones

    Xbox threw a bag of money in front of Bethesda and told them to keep their mouths shut, that’s the truth.

  • wow , the DLCs are just so awesome in there awesomeness that id be really upset if i couldn’t have them , but i can and i have , thank god i bought an xbox !

  • The proof is evident in most new games released for the ps3. Now black ops 2 has a problem with freezing. We’re nearing the end of this generation of consoles and the reason is simple the better the games get because the devs are starting to push the potential of the system the worst the ps3 experience becomes. Why do you think they started on the next Gen so early. They recognize that their system was good out the gates but not for the long haul. Xbox created a brand new batch of 360 to counter this problem of longevity and that why its system remains top-notch because of their foresight. I have both systems between my cousin and I although I love some of the ps3 exclusive I have to say that the mutilplatform games are better on 360 and thats a fact. Hopefully the next Gen will get it dead-on for all systems. I tired of all these console wars. Maybe someone will event a cross-platform server that will allow all players of different consoles to be able to play online together no matter the preference of what controller you like because right now its games that link the systems and the systems should be more compatilble with each other.

    • look i read stuff about sony all the time sony isnt going 2 release ps4 for a while bc they know ps3 will last the logn haul and beable 2 play the games the true problem is communication and there scripting and im taking game making clases and i will say that scripting is a huge pain and all but once u get it all its easy for example

      var num1 (apple); see thats a script right there well a javascript that is download a program called unity and another called maya autodesk there both free and everything watch youtube videos and all and ull see what i mean its hard at 1st but after a week r so its easy so over all im going 2 be bethseda mainly bc i just got assassin’s creed3 and it came with tons of exclusive content and 2 boot i havent had any lags r glitchs with the game at all so my queston is that if UBISOLF can do it why cant bethseda

  • Me

    No big deal, ps3 user the xbox guys still gotta pay for it, its not free for them. Save your money-or spend it on a used game, much more conent for yur buck.

    • tonym9455

      we may pay for live or other small things but at least xbox is using the money to make our games work smooth enough to have dlc to play why do you think xbox live runs smooth and with less lag then ps3 live

  • Berenskin

    There is a myth going around that the PS3 RAM configuration is the problem -obviously not. Other games with DLC have played fine. The fact is the programmers on the Skyrim project screwed up, they’ve admitted it! The team Sony sent to fix it are fixing it and I’m sure Bethesda are not very pleased at that team that launched a fantastic game full of bugs. So not only has that team necessitated a bunch of patches but have also stuffed the PS3 compatibility coding side. An unnamed ex-Bethesda source predicted these problems before Skyrim’s release.

    On a related note; there is no way I would purchase an inferior console like the Xbox just to experience DLC. Those that do, need a relationship -badly.

    • DarkBrotherhoodCeej

      lol.. I agree with this completly all the “switch consoles” comments are ridiculous, why spend X amount of money to buy a new console simply for one game.. that’s just silly

      • I do that for Zelda games 😳

        • Koda

          EVERYONE does that for Zelda games. lol

    • Joseph

      Can someone explain what this article means when it says that Dragonborn will be an X-Box 360 exclusive!?!?!?!?!?!? When the hell was that announced!? and where from!?

      • Greynorth

        It means only 360 will get it, which is a pretty big slap in the face to PS3 users, but especially PC users. Considering the Elder Scrolls was originally a PC exclusive game up until Morrowind, I think PC should get everything. Hopefully it is just some rumour, rather than actual fact. But from the favouritism Bethesda has shown towards the Xbox console… I wouldn’t doubt that only that system will get it.

        • Yes Grey, they only have a 30 day exclusivity deal.
          This does mean that whilst ps3 users were waiting for dawnguard during the first 30 days, Bethesda didnt say a damn word about the issues until it was time for the ps3 to get it ;).
          Protip: never own up to a mistake until the last possible moment

    • davidtheangrygamer

      serously their not going to force me to buy an xbox

  • Cathal

    I don’t know who to blame but Bethesda’s lack of communication is what is driving me crazy. Like why can’t they be strainght with us and say PS3 won’t be getting it if they can’t get it working. Seriuosly Bethesda grow a pair and just tell us the truth

    • Greynorth

      If they tell the truth then they will get majorly sued. They have to be cryptic and vague to try and cover their asses, especially since they have already stated on more than one occasion “DLC FOR PS3 IS COMING :U”

  • FunnyGuis

    I own a Xbox 360 so this is not much problem for me, but i think what could be happening is Bethesda are trying to avoid a class action law suit by any wealthy disgruntled PS3 owners.

    The fact that on the back of the PS3 Skyrim case clearly states “game content download”. Content is added features, a patch is a patch that fixes some existing features (cannot be counted as content), Bethesda cant get out of the fact that no additional content has been released on the PS3. The only thing stopping a law suit is the fact that Bethesda are still working on the project.

    Or so we think, the lack of communication could be a clear sign that Bethesda have dropped the PS3 project and are attempting to either buy time or release shoddy 3rd rate content for the PS3 to avoid a lawsuit.

    Regardless of the situation, the lack of communication is a clear something is not right, because had they solved the problems and where looking to release content, i’m sure Bethesda would be more excited about that than the PS3 users, and as a result of their excitement they would have shouted it to the entire PS3 community with party hats to go, the fact they haven’t said a word is anything but good news. They wont make statements that will lead to a lawsuit, even if it means releasing a set of horse armour on the ps3 (that dose more damage to the game than good), and calling it “content”

    • Gnoyme

      That is exactly what i think, all this time they’re saying that the solution is being, well, “worked on”, is time used preparing for the coming lawsuit.

  • TONY

    i mean really a whoe year its been out and no DLC for ps3????? what is going on with playstation first Skyrim now COD Black ops 2, i really loved Skyrim but with all this mess its no wonder people are switching to Xbox i really like my playstation and played it since the PS1, if matters dont resolve i will have no choice but to switch to Xbox… cheers playstion for showing how much you really like your fans i am so FED UP

    • DarkBortherhoodCeej

      Playstation’s fault? lol.. it’s the Game companies that make and choose to release DLC.. Sony had no say in the exclusivity of Xbox dlc, that’s why people are mad at Bethesda and Microsoft as companies, has nothing to do with the consoles

      • FunnyGuis

        Well no he has got a good point.

        The underlying problems with the PS3 is the fact that the RAM is split into 2 sections, 256MB RAM for System and 256 for Graphics, Xbox has 512 dedicated purely for system, this gives alot more room for big games like Skyrim to work more smoothly.

        When the PS3 copy of Skyrim was released it had about 50 times more problems than the other platforms and it was purely a memory issue, file content would get too large and cause constant crashing in the game.

        Now imagine adding content to something that already doesn’t work on vannila version (like trying to fit size 10 feet into size 8 shoes, then randomly the feet grow by 2 more inches and the shoe doesn’t change) the shoe is PS3, its limited RAM doesn’t allow for big amounts of content to be used.

        This is purely PlayStation’s fault they didn’t listen to any developers when creating their console, they wanted most games on the PS3 to be exclusives, they made the coding for the game different so developers had to make games purely for the PS3 (games made for PS3 are harder to port to PC/Xbox), Sony wanted developers to choose exclusiveness with them only, This back fired in their faces because developers saw more money working with all the platforms.

        Xboxes machine allowed for you to develop content on their and port it to other systems alot easier than the other systems, PS3 didn’t expect developers to say no to their console, and developers didn’t expect Sony to make their machine so hard to develop for.

        This source of the problem is Sony’s ignorance towards 3rd party developers, and they got big headed because of the PS2.

        • DarkBrotherhoodCeej

          the fact that Playstation is harder to port to would have been a valid issue when it was first released, but developers have had 6years now to deal with this issue and have a working PS3 game, pretty much every other company has dealt with the issue and released games with little to no bugs, yet Bethesda time and time again fail to do so.

        • conor

          You can’t blame sony for this mess. It is bethseda’s fault for thinking they could get away with some lame coding translation from xbox to playstation instead of properly coding each on it’s own. The skyrim game for ps3 is already so shaky, that bethseda knows that if they try to add anymore code, it would basically collapse. The playstion 3 has been around for a while now, and while this coding excuse may have worked for obilvion, one has to wonder why bethseda hasn’t learned to code for PS3 like other cross-platform producers.

        • rdbnz

          Why does everyone go on about just the physical size of the PS3s RAM like its always such a huge problem? Do you realize that the PS3s ram is actually 3 to 5 times faster than the Xbox RAM? I’m sure like any game that game developers can take advantage of things like that and utilize it to their advantage when porting the game. Things are not always so simple as clock speeds or RAM size when you are talking about two entirely different types of architecture.

        • Azyral

          And you think a game like CoD is a powerhouse of a game in terms of graphics? I don’t think so, both Skyrim and CoD and probably a thousand games have different issues on consoles.

        • MuffinMan

          Although the RAM in PS3 might be a big problem, it is not the biggest. Bethesda’s main problem is either microsoft or Bethesda being lazy, or it hates the PS3, heck maybe all of the above. Just like every other video game company, they received the necessary kit to work on the PS3. With hard work and more dedication they could have released a REAL smooth and playable game instead of a broken one. In fact, with more hard work they could have improved Skyrim’s graphics for the PS3, but that’s not important.

        • Absolutely wrong. Why? how come that every game that has been released on PS run smoothly, even when there is a bug the game’s studio is able fix it. Every game that i’ve ever played had some bugs but still the studio can fix it and make it up and running. At the end there is no such thing as perfect software, only software with less percentage of bugs.


        At this point i agree that it is part it sonys fault, I meen they are not even sticking up for their customers. By this i meen Beth has scrwed over playstaton so many times. At some point they should stick up for their customers and tell Beth that if they cant fix the problem and soon that Beth is no longer alound to make games for playstation at all. By doing this they will be sticking up for us, cutting into Beths profit margin. Enough is Enough and if sony will not stick up for its customers than i will be switching to the xbox as well. SHAME ON U SONY FOR NOT STICKING UP FOR YOUR CUSTOMRS!!!!!!

        • MuffinMan

          You want Sony’s support but you won’t give them yours? If you already have an xbox then go ahead. But if you intend to buy one then shame on you. Remember you will only be switching your console for just 1 single game (along with dlc). After that Xbox and PS3 are basically the same. A word of advice, use those $300 for something else or save them up for future occasions.

    • Gary

      i’m pretty sure this isnt playstations fault, but bethesda’s. I personally have a playstation, but i’m not going to switch to x-box because bethesda cant pull it together

      • Matt

        I agree, its bethesda fault. I to have a Playstation but I’m not going to sell it and buy a Xbox. That is a waste of time and money. I also like Skyrim and it sucks that we don’t have a DLC for it yet but I’m going to keep my Playstation.

      • FunnyGuis

        your wrong, find out why everyone ports games from the Xbox to the PS3 then you’ll find out it is very much Sony’s fault.

        • enzytebob

          Nope. If you’re a game dev set to program a game for 3 different platforms, it is up to YOU to make it right for each desperate platform. It would be different if they made it for Xbox and PC only, but they decided to make a ps3 port. Their fault

        • enzytebob

          Seperate* lol dang phone

        • blett

          you sound like a child all of you. do some research and mabey listen to what the others are trying to tell you. its really not that hard GOOGLE

    • lelouch

      It not Sony fault Bethesda has done this before this exclusive deals are missing up all consoles. And switch from one console to another shows how mess up this has gone. If you do switch you miss out on some good games and exclusives that Sony has plus you have to pay for X-Box live and other things plus you have to worry about the red ring means buying more then one X-Box and save games when it happens, and system overheating, plus worry if the disc to mess up to play which means buy the same game twice. Missing out lot on lot features, and apps that Sony has which X-Box dose not have. Goodluck to you with X-Box me on the other hand have been a Sony fan for live.

      • blett

        you are verry uninformed xbox hase none of them problems. hope yall psfanbois dont follow this dush

        • lelouch

          So you dont pay for X-Box live or X-Box has no red ring death is that what you are telling me.

        • lelouch

          So when you get the red ring of death can transfer you save game data? What happens when have huge amount switchs on game disc dont you have buy a new one? Did you have to buy extra add on so you can play dvd on your system? Do you think about pros and cons of owning X-Box? If I had to get a new console it wouldn’t be X-Box it be PC. I know most pros and cons for the PS3. And have couple of friends who own X-Box they told me that there systems have overheat and to get a new one.

        • lelouch

          Sorry misspel some words What happens when your game have huge amount scratches don’t you have buy a new one? Unlike blue ray disc little hard to scratch up.

        • tonym9455

          xbox fixed red ring problem with the new console the dvd part of ps3 only makes it harder for the games to run smoother instead of just focusing on the game as is why game consoles were made and dvd players or blue ray players were created in the first place

        • wqhejriop4t543219wedf8rt32

          you realise the xbox plays dvds too right? so how is that a valid point?

      • tonym9455

        exclusive deals for consoles doesnt mess them up it just them getting rich from companies to get customers to buy their consoles they fixed overheating and red ring on the new console having apps on a game console is just stupid in my opinion in the first place it for games not facebook and if your destroying you disc to where it doesnt play anymore you prob shouldnt have it in the first place sony doing the whole blue ray just made it harder to play games like skyrim do to the extra coding that just makes more crap for the console to keep up with thus the problem in makeing the dlc even harder to release

    • Get your facts right.

    • ender

      Holy crap, talk about the never-ending sentence! It just keeps going, forever…

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

      Yeah, switch to Xbox for $20 DLC. I mean, its definatly worth spending $300 on a new system which you have to spend another $60 for online then probably spend another $300 for a replacement for just some extra content. Oh and don’t forget the good idea of purchasing hardware from a software company.

      • flurr

        Don’t forget about the extra $300 for the next replacement. That’s how Xbox sold more, you had to buy 3 or 4 before you get a half ass decent build.

    • Azyral

      This has nothing to do with CoD: Black Ops 2, the only problem that crappy game has is lagging issues on the PS3 version due to connectivity and server. This has nothing to do with performance, because we all know that CoD games have mediocre graphics at best, and Black Ops 2 is no different.

    • Shayne

      Black Ops 2 problems were expected. They fix their problems, though, unlike Bethesda.

    • senator476ad

      I never switched to Xbox. I got mine for free, and it does nothing but collect dust in a corner on my entertainment stand…

    • oh boy, Sony has nothing to do with this DLC mayhem. And if you really serious about switching, then you are not worthy of having any of the PS systems. Yeah i sound like a fanboy because im a fanboy. Sony is the true leader of gaming not microsoft that just make bold statement about how they “Revolutionized” gaming