Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2 desired in metal

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 18, 2012

Those of our readers using an Apple device cannot deny that Samsung has made massive progress in being very popular in the smartphone market, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 met expectations following surprise success with a larger smartphone last year. We’ve also heard a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the last couple of weeks, but something you can count on being included with the Galaxy S4 is a plastic finish that some love and others hate. We hear iPhone 5 and 4S users talk about build quality a lot and it’s true that these smartphones feature a more expensive metal finish, but should the same thing come to the Samsung Galaxy S4 next year and maybe a special edition of the Note 2?

Desired in metal by Apple users – the majority of Android users using Samsung phones with the plastic externals would point to the internal specs and how much better they are, but for millions of iPhone users it would take a metal finish rather than plastic to gain their money. We’ve had a few emails from Apple fans asking if there would ever be a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 special edition in metal rather than the cheaper feeling of plastic, and while we can understand why they’d want this, we doubt it will ever come considering Samsung’s track record although if it does happen you’d be waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and not Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy S4 in metal – there are no signs that this will happen, considering the screen hints and specs we’ve heard already, but it isn’t stopping some people holding off from buying an iPhone 5 in the hope that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of metal rather than plastic. This does seem a big deal to some people, although it’s worth pointing out the more than 30 million sales of Galaxy S3 show that users love the current offering, which plastic certainly brings down the price and this is very important to a number of smartphone buyers.

Would you prefer a metal finish on the Samsung Galaxy S4, or better internal specs? It might come down to price at the end of the day, and while we know you can almost certainly count on plastic considering the way Samsung like to make phones, it would’ve been interesting to see a special edition in metal and we wonder how many iPhone users would be converted to Android with a Galaxy S4 in metal with those extreme specs?

The release date for both the next Samsung flagship smartphone and iPhone 6, 5S could be a couple of months apart, so this design offering would matter even more to Apple fans if this is the case. You can also read about the camera sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S4 in our earlier article, which is expected to be what the Note 2 should’ve been.

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  • sameer somu

    they should make it a metal/aluminum back, making the battery non removable but have a sim+microsd slot on the side or something. that would be good.

    • B.S.Detector

      Why on earth would anybody prefer a non-removable battery??? And when you think of it…an SD slot on the side makes no sense, when you consider it’s ability to pop out and get lost with accidental bumps and pocket slides. SD cards NEED to be someplace they cannot be accidently ejected.


    Hermitcrab,Hi people, I think both metal & plastic have there merits, but its what’s inside that counts, isn’t it? I’ve dropped myS2 & its still alive, its light, I dnt think that takes away from its quality. As to cases, well I bought an aluminium/ rubberied one, it’s fine, in short, TRY NOT DROP PH PEOPLE. I also dnt think SAMSUNG should go metal, it will only give APPLE ANOTHER reason to sue!

  • Samsung phones are made cheap. Period. They’re always have. People just want a good and quality product and not some cheap plastic.
    S4 with aluminium or metal HOUSING and i am in.

    • Note Lover

      Apparently people don’t care about it being plastic because Samsung’s sales are telling a different story.

  • police

    of course better internal specs.
    as long as it looks good removable battery sd card slot good endurance hd 720 p screen super amoled ultra exynos 5450 2 gb ram mali t604 near stock 4.2 jelly bean 12 megapixel camera on screen buttons free dropbox storage mimo wifi bluetooth 4.0 stereoscpic 3d fingerprint sensor tactus technology then i dont mind plastic or metal or wood or wool ven for that matter

    • Note Lover


  • zaid bhatti

    I own Samsung galaxy s3 it’s awesome but I would love to have aluminum casing instead of plastic. Please Samsung if you reading this make s4 with solid build quality.

  • Well, I lub my galaxy note 2. A 5.5 hd armored display and the thin sleek shape is wider enough for me to carry around an play my mu’tiplayer games, phonecalls, and track my bank transaction than goin to the teller. Lol..(^;^) Hehehe…

  • definitely metal finish bcoz internal specs r already ok

  • B.S.Detector

    Just tried to install “Google Wallet” on my Note 2, and found out only Sprints model works with it….so I guess the whole NFC blockage is a moot point in my case. 🙁

  • make it nice biatch

    Metal would sell twice as many than plastic hands down. I personally did not buy the S3 because of how cheesy the plastic felt in my hands, it had no weight to it, like the razr max hd or the iphone…

  • der

    how about limited edition metal…like they do with colors.

  • Metal finish would be great.

  • B.S.Detector

    I LIKE the lighter plastic case, but would LOVE a metal case if it did not add to the bulk. I would be ECSTATIC if my $700 phone came with a protective case when I purchased it.
    Was shocked to find out my local AT&T store did not have any cases for the Note2 “in yet”, neither did any AT&T store in a 50 mile radius. Still waiting for my cases from ebay (95% of which ship from China). Gonna be real p*ssed if I drop it before either arrives.
    As another option, why can they not make a phone with rubber corner bumpers (like found on many case) integrated into the phone? If they designed the phone itself right, there would be no need for cases.

    • John Blair

      Naw – Rubber corners? Practical yes, but probably too ugly. I got my flip case yesterday, and while it is high quality – it has a silk pattern front instead of leather, I hope it’s more durable than the leather flip covers were – it does make the phone an eensy bit thickerer. (Old folks know what thickerer is – Chunky) I like it, but question if I will keep it on there, it insets the camera and flash a bit to much.

      • B.S.Detector

        I looked at the flip cases, but decided against that style as there was no protection for the sides, OR the front, if the cover happens to be open when you drop it. Don’t think rubber corners would be any more ugly than the cases you buy that have them….would definitely cut down on over all bulk….

        • Note Lover

          That’s what I was thinking too. Too much of the phone is left exposed…I the whole phone covered to protect it from me!

    • Note Lover

      I had the same ussue with T-Mobile. Had the phone mailed to me 2 days after it’s release and no cover to protect it. I did get the LCD protector but that wasn’t enough because I tend to be clumsy with things. Had to get a cheap soft case on Ebay to protect it until I could get a good one. Ended up with a few very light surface scratches on the back and have no clue how I did it lol!

  • Sanjay

    I am user of iphone.but i am going to buy galaxy s4 .samsung will be highly appricieted if they will use metal case in galaxy s4. It will be boost to increase its high quality as well as i think will be more popular and will increase its seles. Please use metal for case of phone gs4.

  • stance

    Metal is not utilized because it hinders and interfere with the NFC chip that Android uses. IPhone does not have nfc, there for it can implement aluminum.

    • B.S.Detector

      Not so. Aluminum backs are sold with the same NFC connector pads built in, as found on the plastic backs, and DO NOT interfere with NFC operation.

      • And is the WiFi and Cell reception just as good on those too?

        If it is, I have my doubts as to just how much aluminium is in there.

      • Note Lover

        Is this the case with the ones that are on Ebay? Is the NFC chip connector pad on the Ebay backs as well?

        • B.S.Detector

          In my search on eBay I found hundreds that DID not enable NFC, but a couple that had the connectors and DID. The NFC enabled metal replacement back can also be bought from Samsungs
          ‘s site.

        • Note Lover

          Thanks, I’m going to go look into it now. They have some really nice colors in the aluminum backs.

    • Note Lover

      I kind of thought the same thing. Even replacing the Note 2’s back, with an aluminum cover, wouldn’t that take a away the NFC chip?

  • zeth006

    The only other Samsung phone I can think of that uses an aluminum casing is the Ativ Odyssey, formerly referred to as the Ativ S. But it’s a Windows phone.

    I’m not surprised iPhone users want a metal phone that badly. For them, it’s the luxurious look and feel that matter so much.

    • Note Lover

      I love the luxurious look of my Galaxy Note 2 and like Grim22 says, get an aluminum on Ebay for $10.00, if that’s all that is holding you back from getting one.

    • Which shows how nuts they are, because I think the Note 2 looks better. The fake brushed aluminium look, the shiny case, if anything I think they chose too much style over function as its too slippery. If it was purely down to functionality and cost, it should be a rubberised finish.

  • Grim22

    The battery cover is removable. Buy an Aluminum replacement cover on Ebay. Issue solved for $9.99.