GTA V scales new heights with Trevor

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2012

Rockstar is really starting to get active with their new GTA V content reveals. After unleashing the GTA 5 trailer 2 onto the world earlier this week, we now have some more fantastic visual eye candy to take a look at. We know the GTA V world is going to be on a massive scale, but one new screenshot released gives you another glimpse at the sheer scale that Rockstar are aiming for.

Spring 2013 really cannot come soon enough. We must have watched the second GTA 5 trailer about five times now and each time it blows us away, especially considering that all the graphics featured in the trailer are real-time visuals rendered using the GTA V game engine – a reality confirmed by Rockstar this week.

In a new visual treat for fans, a new screenshot has been released for the game and it is arguably the most exciting shot seen so far. The game features a fictional Hollywood area of land where the letters have been replaced by Vinewood, higher up in the mountains and away from the busy city of Los Santos.

The screenshot shows one of our three new heroes, Trevor attempting to scale new heights by climbing up onto one of the huge Vinewood letters in the sign. We see a police helicopter in the background as well, so we can only assume that this is one part of the campaign mode, with Trevor trying to make a getaway after doing something naughty – something which was familiar in the recent trailer.

It could also be Rockstar just toying around the city and obtaining enough wanted stars for helicopters to come after you. If that is just a general screenshot of the free roaming city atmosphere while not on a particular story mode mission – then consider us very impressed indeed as those graphics look fantastic.

Also pay particular attention to the gorgeous city backdrop in the vicinity. The map really looks big on an epic scale and Rockstar were obviously not joking when they claimed the GTA V world map is bigger than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined.

We’ve seen quite a lot of screenshots involving Trevor now. Do you think he will end up being your main character out of the three, or will you prefer to play as Franklin or Michael as a preference? Trevor looks like he is going to be a lot of fun when doing story missions and a perfect contrast to the other player styles who are more laid back.

Trevor, Michael or Franklin? Let us know who you will be playing as in GTA V.

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  • No!!!

    Wow, those graphics are going to be bomb, it’s way better than call of shitty, I will definitely play as Trevor, fly planes, oh yeah, but gta 4 will always be a classic to me!

  • TJMW

    I think i will play as trevor. Because as much as I like Beverly Hills. I feel that the Desert location in which trevor resides in would Have more character to It. but im not going to stick to one Character I think so far in order of characters I will play it would be Trevor, Michael and then Franklin.

  • Chris

    I can see myself playing as Michael, just so I sort of have that middle aged guy feel like Niko on GTA IV. I’m also not a huge fan of the crazy guy thing. He’ll be fun on missions, but not when I’m just messing around.

  • I’m accustomed to playing gangsters or mob looking guys in GTA. Trevor seems like a cool person but I can’t be playing with him ALL the time. Michael and Franklin deserve to get some attention lol. It’s like everybody wants to play as those 2 , I’m 1 of em xP

  • Will out Sell Halo 4, but I doubt for CoD. People already know what CoD is and so they are more eager to pick it up at release date. GTA wasn’t around since GTA 4. People don’t know yet what to expect, even with trailers and pictures.

  • Dannie

    frankil hes the closest to cj you can get lol and trevor for dirty work and michael when i wanna feel rich ,

  • Franklin is my pick, hearing his voice sounds like another likable character. Plus he is a stereotypical GTA character. I love Franklin, Michael is second. Thought Trevor is crazy, he is too much for me, I like a balance Character like Franklin

  • Priest Loc

    Im playin with everybody before i decide on favs

  • No They Not Lies yeah Because the Screenshots Not in game graphics Nah Ah

    • UnknownUser28

      then what do you think it is then?

      • derpzoned

        i think he thiks is handdrawin’… lol

  • Dymez

    The way Rockstar will lay out the format, you won’t be able to pick a favorite character and stick with them throughout the entire game. I, personally, am interested in all three as they each have something different to office from one another. The young, stylish Franklin is my preference in terms of appearance — he’ll also be the expert thief among the group (cars, armored trucks, and etc.). He’s also the skilled car driver and motorcyclist/dirt bike rider. So, in free roam, I’ll be him more than anyone else.

    Trevor is the pyromaniac; he’ll be blowing all types of things up and he’s capable of setting things and possibly PEOPLE on fire. He’s also the skilled pilot, so he’ll be somebody I’ll play with a good chunk of the time as well — probably get the second most of my playing time.

    Michael is the center of the whole thing, he’s more story utilized than anything else. He seems to be the guy who has everything from the beginning of the game, more or less. I don’t think I’ll be him much during roaming unless I really get hooked on playing golf and tennis mini games. It’s kind of messed up they don’t have a ‘girlfriend’ feature in the game this time around. The way Michael’s wife is, I’d rather go get some “Hot Coffee” with another chick than deal with her bulldookie every day.

    • Hodgeheg


  • spitzer

    Michael or Franklin. I don’t like crazy, and i don’t like trailer park living. I will use Trevor for the dirty jobs Lol … Can’t wait to play this game =)))

  • Viva!

    More Franklin!! I’ll definitely play him!

  • me

    i’ll be playing as the guy who does the drive bys. either out of a helicopter or a car.

  • rikki d

    il be playing all of em over and over but trevor looks the best to play

  • big boy

    i cant really say yet cuz we haven’t really heard much about franklin eg: screen shots and in the trailer there was less shown of him than the other two.

  • rikki d

    i agree michael the brains trevor the muscle and franklin the apprentice

  • NextJokeGaming

    Mostly Trevor cuz he’s crazy but Michael has a good story too….. It’s between the two of them.

  • franklinno1

    Michael is going to be the boss, all business,planning and strategies. Trevor is the enforcer for sure, arsonist, weapons, trouble. And franklin, thats the guy to look for. Young crazy and unpredictable. I could see him turning on the other 2, trying to build his own empire. Franklin will get the cars, giving up the ballaz life and gangbanging for the real $. Franklin is my pick!

  • All three for me but mainly Michael he seems the most interesting out of th three.

  • Strovbe

    Trevor for sure.

  • sdfsf