Black Ops 2 zombies jet gun with foursome glitch

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2012

We’re back with some more exciting Black Ops 2 zombies information for you. After keeping you in the loop regarding Pack a Punch weapon upgrades and a fully solved video guide to the Black Ops 2 Tower of Babble Easter Egg achievement, we now have a secret to share with you with regards to the new jet gun wonder weapon that is available in the game.

If you have been playing zombies continuously since release day, you will have probably already located the jet gun already, by finding numerous parts scattered around Green Run on Tranzit. It is not entirely difficult to do, and the pieces can all be brought to the work bench once you’re done to fully assemble the Jet Gun, or the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 as its known by its real name.

It turns out that there is actually a way to obtain FOUR jet guns, so that you and each of your three team mates can have one as well. Obviously, we doubt very much that Treyarch intended to let gamers have four jet guns, as it specifically states in the game after you pick it up that you already own it and there can be only one jet gun.

An apparent glitch has been discovered by NextGenZombies though, allowing you to swap out out the jet gun for the turbine with teammates and then go and grab another jet gun for yourself at the table. Simply repeat this step another two times and you should end up with a result where all four players can obtain the jet gun!

Doing so will then stack the odds in your favor against the zombies, but be careful not to overuse the jet gun throttle too much as it will break easily and you have to reassemble all of the parts before you can use it again – not an ideal situation to be in when you are in the middle of Wave 20 with tons of zombies running towards you.

As far as we’re aware, this is available to try on all versions of the game. There has been a recent Black Ops 2 PS3 patch to update to version 1.03 though, so we’re not sure if Treyarch has fixed this glitch or not – let us know in the comments if they have blocked it.

So there we have it, all four players having access to the jet gun. Have fun trying it out and let us know if it worked for you.

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  • davd l

    Haha ps3 sucks Microsoft for life!!

  • jim

    still freezes like a mother. i found if you delete the patch, then reinstall it, you can get a few hours in before play downgrades. i also went into the ps3s secret menu to find corrupt files from the game. gaaaay.

  • Sin Aviso

    Where are all the parts for the jet gun i know of the jeg between town 1 &2 next the wires on town 3 next the handle in the cornfield itd be much appeeciated thanks

  • Paul

    On my ps3 the zombies still freeze and it causing a lot of problems, it is mostly the Tranzit map i don`t know what the problem is and i have even downloaded 1.03 version. I hope they fix the problem because it is really annoying me and people on my friends list are getting the same issue.The others have decided to go on their xbox and play Halo 4. I hope treyarch fix the problem or before they know it they could lose alot of customers.

  • ferris230

    ps3 still hangs/ crashes way too much. I am thinking 10 times in a day is a lot.

  • Blue falcon

    I’ve been downloading some kind of patch for the pc version for the last 2 hours and still counting. Is this it? My Internet is not the fastest but its not slow either. They better have made a new level or something. It’s over 2 gigs of patch. What monsterous patch are they cooking up?

  • Sephiroth

    Patch fixed the lobby “waiting for more players to balance teams” in multiplayer other than that game still plays same for me

  • Help

    It gives me an error saying server not available since last 2 days, helppp mee! plzz. i’ll pay u if u help

  • Central

    My console still crash after 15 mins of playing with new patch 1.03

    • Mine got less responsive with longer load times. Worked better before for me.

    • Help

      U proably have problem in ur disc lense