Skyrim 1.8 update on Xbox 360 leads to PS3 anger

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2012

We have some further good news for Xbox Skyrim players on Xbox 360 now, as we’re pleased to say that the Skyrim 1.8 patch is now ready to update on Microsoft’s console. The update had previously been available in beta format for PC users, but now Xbox 360 users get to enjoy further bug fixes and improvements ahead of their exclusive Dragonborn DLC content which lands early next month.

Prior to the game’s release, many Elder Scrolls fans were talking about how the PC version of the game would be the lead platform, following on from the excellent Oblivion game before it which was definitely a PC lead platform game ahead of Xbox 360 and PS3.

This time around though, the tables have surely changed, with Microsoft’s financial clout insuring that Bethesda prioritizes the Xbox 360 game, with the DLC expansion packs so far for the game landing on the Xbox 360 first, before appearing on PC more than 30 days later – with obviously Dawnguard on PS3 still missing in action.

Whether you are a fan of these tactics from Bethesda is irrelevant at the moment, as Bethesda has made it clear that their focus is only on the Xbox 360 at the moment, with Dragonborn set to make Xbox 360 users very happy indeed as another DLC expansion that has only been mentioned for their platform at launch.

Now it gets even better. The next time you hop onto your game, you’ll see that the Xbox 360 1.8 patch is now ready for installation and the file size is a very small one, at just 25MB. In case you didn’t see the changelog for the PC 1.8 update, you’ll be pleased to hear that one of the main fixes involves a crash when using vampiric grip.

An issue related to Arnleif and Sons Trading Company has also been solved, while there is also general stability and memory improvements that should make your game a lot smoother if you are still experiencing crash problems. Bethesda has detailed the list of changes in a new blog post here.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, there is no release information on when the same patch will be landing on the PS3 version of Skyrim. As you can imagine, PS3 users have again taken to Bethesda’s comments section to let their frustrations be heard towards the developer, with Bethesda actually deciding to respond to a few comments on this occasion.

We see that they were asked the direct question whether or not they ‘care’ about the PS3 fan base, to which Bethesda replied they care about all platforms, but adding that updates will take longer on PS3. If you are a disgruntled PS3 user as well, it is well worth checking out some of Bethesda’s explanations in the comment section, including a reply to a user who questioned Bethesda’s business practices.

So there we have it – a new update for Xbox 360 users and nothing as of yet for PS3 users. We’ll let you know when the PS3 1.8 update is ready to go, or if the situation changes on the PS3 Dawnguard release problems.

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  • Jesse

    Stop complaining about Bethesda because they never released the DLC for PS3 in time. If you wanted it so badly then you should’ve gotten an Xbox.

  • well, its ok if bethesda has not released dawngaurd for ps3, (iam still never gonna get a xbox 360 for a single developer priority) but what dissapoints me is that bethesda didnt really cared about its fans, if bethesda dont like ps3,sony etc. etc. i can understand it, i dont need the reasons as well, but bethesda didnt cared for its fans using ps3 NOW THIS IS WHAT I CANT UNDERSTAND, really disappointing..

  • Illwill671

    I used to play my ps3 all the time since it was the first console I bought($599). Then I bought a wii then a 360. From the day I bought the 360 till now My go to system is the 360. I never on my ps3 only to play exclusives. And the online for the 360 is way better than any console. I use to think I would never get used to the 360 controller but realize its more comfortable on my hands ps3 is too small. I still love playstation but not much reason to on the console. I’m a multiplayer type of gamer and Xbox has the best online experience. I don’t have much care fore kinect but my girlfriend who don’t play games much loves the kinect and plays it a lot.

  • Illwill671

    It’s harder to develope the patch for the ps3. Not Bethesdas fault. They make good games and ill buy whatever they release. I own all three consoles and since I pay for Xbox live then it make sense that Xbox get the patch first. Maybe MS payed Bethesda to make a patch for their system first. Like zarkzies said we pay for Xbox live gold therefore we get gold treatment. Xbox live you get what you pay for.

  • Paul

    Dragonborn is coming out in January for PS3 and PC and then the other DLC will be coming out for PS3 later… It just took time to figure out how to get it to work as PS3 had problems handling the engine

  • Come on Bethesda. Skyrim is awesome but I want a DLC cause my game collecting dust. for this problem we should get a bonus with Dawnguard & the new DLC or half off. IF we can’t get the two then we should get a whole different DLC.

  • did u guys ever stop too think that u r getting a better product than pc and 360 users. i do i have a 360 and ther are still alot of glitches that need to be fixked the shado golum ei mission is still glitched in my 360. so i stopped playing it. and who knows maybe they r doing a process of elimination for glitches releasing on pc and 360 getting feed back by users and then making sure that al or most of the fixable glitches r removed.

  • Idigsonychicks

    For all you idiots that do not know. Bethesda put on every skyrim case that there will be dlc coming. so in the united states if you false advertise something it is against the law and you can be sued. So if bethesda do not come out with dlc they can be sued for false advertisement its just the law. if us citizen have to follow the law so do these big time gaming companies. I AM A PROUD PLAYSTATION GAMER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF PS1.

  • anon

    This whole comments section is messed up. It has become about PS3 vs Xbox. both systems have pros and cons. simply put, this should be talking about Bethesda and whether they are doing the right thing or not. If you are pissed with besthesda and Skyrim, then play a different game like Halo 4, Black ops 2, ACIII, or one of the other countless newer games out there instead of spending your time raging at each other.

  • dude

    Well, it sucks to suck… lol

  • Sellouts!

  • HowCouldBethesdaBeSoRacist?

    Bethesda’s racism with the Asians angers me >:(

  • Before I say anything, for any X-Box users out there, I mean no offense, nor am I suggesting you don’t deserve DLC, because you do. However, it seems to me Bethesda are putting more effort into producing more DLC than fixing the current ones for all systems. Regardless of platform, all Skyrim users deserve equal access to what appears to be some exciting new additions. Yes, I am a PS3 user, and with all the hype put into the DLCs, I was more than a little disappointed when it was revealed nothing was being released for PS3. With the economic situation as it, many people, including myself, cannot afford to purchase another system, or another copy of a game we already own. I fail to see why we should be detrimented as a result. I know it takes more time to produce it for PS3, but it still seems as though the PS3 community isn’t being treated equally.

  • LOL! So the absolutely ASTOUNDING amount of mod content, that is clearly of a higher quality than Bathesdas own (and in greater volume), doesn’t put the PC in the lead? Okay.

  • All this talk about a lawsuit against Bethesda is great! To my knowledge there was never any promises on how well the game would play, nor was there any advertisments that said this game would be without glitches and errors. Bethesda is known for having glitchy software (although it is still great), and you payed for what you got. There have been many games that have failed to deliver in a game (ET for Atari enough said). None of these games have had a lawsuit against them to my knowledge. The problem here is not that Bethesda doesnt want many happy ps3 fan (believe me, they want your money), it is simply they are having problems incorporating the changes to the ps3. The xbox 360 is more based around windows pc technology. This makes it easier to get these updates out faster. I imagine once bethesda figures out the problem with ps3 all this old content will be quickly available. As I said before, Bethesda surly wants your money, so there not going to abanden you.

  • Has any of the people badmouthing Bethesda actually looked up the details about why said platform is having problems? Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. First and foremost, I have a PS3, 360, PC, so I’m a neutral in this. But it seems that when something is going for Microsoft and against Sony, PS3 “fanboys” are up in arms, yet, when it is something for them, like the exclusive Assassin’s Creed 3 content, that will NEVER come to 360, they praise it. It is so hypocritical it makes me sick, same thing with 360 “fanboys” complaining about what they miss out on and bragging what the other side miss out on.

    Now as for the problems on PS3, it just comes down to the RAM on the PS3 is restricted, 1/2 for graphics, 1/2 for processing, where as with the 360 it can determine what needs how much and disperse it accordingly. The fact that they are still working on it closely with Sony is a good thing (it has been confirmed by Sony they are working on it and not just blowing smoke up out butts), as opposed to just saying, “no we can’t get it to work so we won’t do it”.

    And as for the whole “class action lawsuit” how well has that worked for people in the past, Sony was sued for removing features in their OS and for the whole hacking thing last year…… guess what, they won, so what will a lawsuit about “we didn’t get the DLC that the 360 version got”, Bethesda doesn’t “Have” to support or give anyone anything, it is their option, their have been other games that have promised DLC and not seen it through.

    Everyone just needs to calm the heck down and enjoy what you have. Hopefully they can fix their issues with PS3, if not, hopefully they learn for their next Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. And to those who plan to boycott it…… your loss 😛

  • Snakepliskin

    I’ve actually gotten rid of my copy..for ps3..I’m not playing or buying it back until this is resolved.

  • CJ

    So would you all be happier if Bethesda announced they wouldn’t be releasing Dawnguard at all for PS3? I mean that would fix your waiting problem. They’re working on it, if they had released it broken you’d all just be griping about it not working. They’re trying to fix it. 360 owners get screwed on game content alot, so put on your big girl panties and deal with it. If you can’t wait then trade the game in and play something else, problem solved.

  • Raziel

    Dont forget, Oblivion came out on the ps3 with only the knights of the nine and shivering isles expansions, none of the extras, not even horse armour.

    And also both consoles have come way down in price, if you really want to play specific games, stick $20 aside every payday to buy an xbox 360, you’ll have it in no time.

  • I don’t really understand the anger. It’s just impatience. If you can’t wait to get the updates/DLC then switch systems or quit playing. Sound like two terrible options? here’s a better one: wait. It’s not like the content will be any different.

  • Bethesda has already made their choice of who can play their glory games. The rest of you can get out and go finger yourselves.

  • taco lover 9000

    Wow a lot of people are being over emotional, just be patient ps3 will get it’s turn. It started with PC as the better one for Bethesda, now it’s Xbox 360, and then it will be ps3.

  • Jack

    Maybe you ppl should buy an xbox they are cheap then you can have the updates lol

  • Bethesda is not the only company dealing with the ps3 infrastructure. There are many new games that are on both platforms but suffer majorly on the ps3.

    The newest one being BLOPS2. It’s becoming more and more common for the PS3 to suffer more issues from cross platform ports.

    Quit crying and just deal with it. It sucks yes. I would be pissed too. But after what most of you lack to do (research) I now know that it a problem many devs deal with and how Sony is doing their BEST to try and work with ALL the devs (Bethesda included) to bring you guys a good working product.

    Be thankful that they are working on it. I’m sure if Bethesda just gave you the buggy dlc with all the major issues. You would still be bitching. Give it some time.. allow them to build you a working dlc port.

  • Guys, this is how exclusive content works on every other platform too…
    A lot of people are trying to say it’s because Xbox users pay to play it (which makes no sense because buying Xbox Live has nothing to do with how Bethesda develops, really). It’s just that Microsoft pays Bethesda extra for early releases. Some companies do it to keep games or major game content entirely exclusive to one content. This isn’t anything new, it’s really just the nature of the business.

    • b00mfargl3

      This is not about exclusivity. This is about the original content that has been our for months on all platforms, but the reason behind the delay to the previously DLC to dawnguard is developmental issues with the PS3 platform to begin with. This is why you notice the people are so upset due to old content not releasing because of problems. The case is the same with their patches as well.

      • I was referring to the whole Dawnguard thing, which was (at least originally was) delayed because Microsoft pays them to do so for exclusivity.
        I don’t think it is developmental issues, by the way. I believe it is hardware issues on the PS3. I could be wrong though.

  • Alex

    Its Innexcusable! I shouldnt have to waste my money on a 360 just for one game? I had 3 xboxs and they all red ring died! So i got a Ps3 and its 3 years strong never broke but now i get screwed on the games!? So choose… own a shitty console with the the extras or own a really great console with none of the extras. (XBOX)

    • Paul

      Which Red ring, I know my friend chucked his when he got red ring before I explained that you can fix a red ring and now my friend has had his 5 years now and it hasn’t broken and I’ve had mine for a long while and it’s never broken on me

  • Erik Vasquez

    come what may, i wont be supporting m$ anymore ill be using linux and ps4 when it comes out

    • Greg Surrett

      How terribly ironic that you would call Microsoft “m$” and refer to Sony positively in the same sentence.

  • Paul

    Ps3 owners chill, Bethesda’s working on it. It’s a problem with the Ps3’s hardware they are having trouble with memory issues (For those who don’t know ES records everything you do, Knock over a plate it’ll be knocked over next time you go in) Stop saying you should get the dlc for free or you won’t buy games from Bethesda it just sounds really lame. My best friend has a PS3 and he understands the problem

  • ki113r

    Ok really you ps3 owners are really starting to tick me off. With all the extra content you get for fighting games you wine and cry over 1 dlc and a patch…. WTH! Furthermore, I bet none of you are developers and that you do not even know what the process is like, so step off of Bethesda’s shoes. They are working on it. Chill!

  • =_=

    Seriously? Come on, humans. the PS3 is coded differently from the XBOX360 and the PC. Bethesda has already admitted that’s the problem. They can’t give PS3 users ANYTHING until they fix the Dawnguard coding and make it applicable for the PS3. ALL of the DLC builds off of Dawnguard. BRAINS, PEOPLE. USE THEM.

    • Not true. This is (mainly) a patch for the base game. Yes, they’ll have to develop it differently because it’s a different platform, but that’s regardless of DLC. Even if Dawnguard hadn’t come out it would still take more time.

      Only one part of the Xbox patch out of all the things that are being worked on are related to Dawnguard. The rest

  • Ceej

    Dawnguard sucked, so PS3 owners, you didn’t miss anything.

  • John

    Where’s Anonymous when you need them? Oh yeah they hate Sony as well.

  • Got YLOD today…. This is the second time…. Guess I’ll give up on my old 20gb system and get a slim.

    • John

      Louie, get that system to GopherMods and let them fix the YLOD and have them redo the Thermal Paste, unless you want to try and do it yourself. I repasted my old 60GB twice now.

  • i remember a time where dlc didnt exist. instead we got something they used to call expansions pack, if we where so lucky. this so called expansion pack was pc only, and everybody was fine with that. so dear ps3 owners, be happy with the game you have or move forward to the next game in your gaming schedule!

  • Still no Skyrim DLC for the PS3? Not even one? Hahahahaha hohohohoho. GTA 5 has a cure for this mainly because Rockstar games has been following our comments and is reading every word of it. Rockstar will deliver, as dependable as always. Thanks Bethesda for opening doors to all the company that will crush you, not because they wanted to, but because they can.

    • SpartanWarrio_628101

      I hope Bethesda loses their rights to the Elder Scrolls and a competent company like Rockstar picks it up.

  • My 360 is broken and I don’t have Skyrim on PS3 because of the lack of DLC, I beat 3 times on 360 and don’t see a reason to buy a game again if there is nothing making want to get it. If I have to wait for the GAME OF THE YEAR Edition for DLC I can wait but they should tell us what is up it. What I don’t understand is I have Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 on PS3 and they play just fine with DLC so why can’t Skyrim?

  • beevis

    from reading the comments from ps3 owners who bought skyrim, it sounds like you should pursue a class-action lawsuit to get bethesda to give you your money back.

  • MartinB105

    I own Skyrim on PS3 and I’ve yet to play more than a few hours due to issues. Maybe I’ll play it some time in the future when they’ve finally finished developing it.

    I’m never buying another game by Bethesda again.

  • beevis

    i stopped supporting bethesda before fallout…..they might as well be a 1st party developer for MS. never bought fallout….never bought skyrim and won’t buy any more of their games. with skyrim, every person (who owns a ps3) who bought skyrim deserves what has happened. it’s been common knowledge that bethesda ships games full of bugs and does NOT treat the ps3 users with the same respect that they give to 360 users.

  • Sadsociety

    Wow… i can’t believe people are still doing a console war, bitching people that doesn’t have the same console as themselves….just wow

  • I completely lost respect for Bethesda. Your screwing over 4 million PS3 users who got the game for ps3 and they show no remorse for thier actions. Ill never get one of their games again unless its used

  • Guest

    I completely lost respect for Bethesda. Your screwing over 4 million PS3 users you got the game for ps3 and they show no remorse for thier actions. Ill never get one of their games again unless its used

  • dirkradke

    When people talk about how Live costs money compared to the free system for the PS3 I wonder if updates for games and the process they have to go through is easier or better managed for the 360 because of it. Such management costs money and they may be part of what goes into a stable online service. NO, I am not saying PS3 free service is unstable, but they have had more spectacular problems from what is essentially a software issue than Live.

  • Sean

    Im a ps3 use and a bit annoyed about the lack of communication but i’ll still buy bethesda games. Skyrim was a good game and if it takes months for DLCs to come out so be it.

    • LucyInTheSkywithDiamonds

      If you havn’t noticed the “first” DLC due date was in July where have you been.

    • Good for you

      Best ps3 user by far. I respect you for your patience even though it seems you may never get the dlc

  • John

    PlayStation owners are an absolutely pathetic bunch. Big middle finger to all you losers that say this is Bethesda’s fault. Serves you right for falling into the trap of a brand that was great in the 90’s. It’s Sony’s fault in primo for making such a crappy designed console in the first place. That’s why it gets the inferior ports!

    • DragonSlayer

      go f#ck yur xbox

      • John

        No, GFY and follow Sony down to hell, where they surely are going to end up real soon (just look at their crashing stock since 2000). Bye PoS!

        • beevis

          john, you’re a full-blown psycho.

    • casper13rocks

      its the porting of games that makes it inferior you stupid tool if bethesda had actuly coded skyrim for ps3 insted of porting it to ps3 they wouldnt be haveing trouble if you just wanna be a fanboy troll the f#$k off and grow up

    • beevis

      john, you’re a fanboy idiot. it IS bethesdas fault….it’s THEIR game, you boob. if they can’t deal witht the ps3, then they shouldn’t make a version of the game for it.
      damn, you must be brain-dead to write such a ridiculous post.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Ok! around of aplause to the guy who blames Sony for not dedicating themselves to Bethesda and for not making a console worthy of Bethesda….may I ask, were you dropped at birth?

  • stopshortorgolong

    All my Ps3 does is play blu-rays whilst the games and crappy little kiddie controllers gather dust. This is what happens when the arrogance of Sony building their own garbage priority engine aka cell gets them. Developers hate it therefore they use the user friendly xbox to lead the way. It’s happened all through this generation so it’s no surprise I buy all xbox games…….oh yeah and a way better controller too I might add.

    • beevis

      yea – after reading your post – it is no surprise you buy all xbox games – and by doing so, miss out on a hell of a lot of great 1st party sony exclusives.
      by the way – this is not sonys problem – it’s bethesdas game

      • stopshortorgolong

        Got it all wrong Beev. I have tried most of the exclusives and came away bored as hell. Uncharted series…..boring, God of Snore…..boring pt.2. Heavy Rain, crappy controls. Killzone was ok but nothing I haven’t played before but nice graphics. Metal Gear was the best exclusive I played so see, not an xbox flag waver, just prefer better online, better controller and as proved again by COD Black Ops 2 that xbox is the better multi-p-form system. I hate the ps3 controller and it was made for a girl (no offence gals).

        • beevis

          wow, there is no reason to even try to talk to someone so immature as you.

        • I owned a 360 and I have a Ps3 and if you ask me both feel the same when playing multi platform games. Both controls are not that much different to me. I prefer the PS3 because the 360 has a high failure rate. The 360 breaks a lot

        • stopshortorgolong

          Both feel the same? Ask a ps3 owner how they feel about Black Os 2 or said game Skyrim or Fallout and the list goes on and on. Had my xbox 3 years no problems there GA. That’s an old issue that has long been resolved so your dig there is pretty lame. Have both systems and only play one.

  • Ace Man

    Not only is Bethesda hurting themselves with this, they are also hurting the sales of ps4. which I’m sure Microsoft knows well, and is overjoyed by. I would be willing to stay a fan if they could do one thing… get dragonborn out the same day that Xbox gets it. that’s all. I don’t even care if they don’t drop prices or give any kind of compensation. but I doubt this will happen.

  • Nick S.

    No big surprise here. Microsoft has always gone the extra mile to make resources available to programmers and developers for their products. It is likely that several of Microsoft salaried technicians were directly responsible for getting the DLC to Xbox 360, but that shouldn’t let Bethesda off the hook for the PS3 debacle. Bethesda will have to own this, along with the potential consequences, whether they like it or not.

    • beevis

      MS has to go the extra mile for 3rd party devs – their 1st party dev house is practically nonexistent.

  • This is likely still ongoing challenges with the complexity of developing and working on games for the PS3 due to it’s cell processor. Sony has recognized this and they are abandoning that technology for their next console. More powerful or not, being to far out of touch with devs is going to cause problems. On top of that, Microsoft is trying to earn more customers by ensuring what they consider premium service by paying to get first access to content. Not saying Xbox is necessarily better, I think both have great games and capabilities. I think Xbox is better for multi-player, and Sony has some incredible game company exclusives, they both have compelling reasons to own….it’s just the nature of the circumstances.

  • Robin

    If people followed what was happening then they would know that its the hardware ins’t compatible with the ways the skyrim save system works and when trying to fix a bug of this magnitude it may take months if not a year or two to fix it. PS3 owners face it you are going to be left behind with this as both Bethesda and soney are working to fix the problem so stop moaning and Internet stop posting more on the subject until there is real news.

  • Lee Rayson

    PS3 lol face it Devs dont want to work on PS3 because it more complex to develop for

  • seanthesamurai

    soooo happy i have an xbox dawnguard was tight and cant wait to go download the 1.8 patch ohhhh and dragonborn soon suck it ps3 lol

  • HelloBob

    If we do get a dlc, it will be something S***y like a dog poop dlc or something and playing it for more than 5 hours will delete all the saves and you will have to start again. I hate betseda a lot!

  • mike

    I have got to the point that i dont care if dawngaurd or any other dlc comes out for ps3 i just want them to fix the game so it works correctly. I have advanced so far in the game that you cant play it cause their is so many glitches that it freezes and runs extremly slow. Its very aggrevating. Bethasada FIX THE MAIN GAME FIRST and then your problems with the dlc will stand out and you can fix them..

    • John

      They can’t because of the PS3’s memory architecture. That’s THE problem and only massive swap files that will make load times unbearable are the way to fix this. One such a fix may therefor lead to another bigger mess.

  • Oh really?The main focus is xbox?And you dare say that ps3 dlc is “close”,to hell with you Bethesda i had enough…

  • Grimwald1990

    Sad times for sad people

  • casper13rocks

    looks to me like us ps3 owners should just stop trying to drink from the xbox only fountin and stay out of the xbox only cinima i thoght discrimination of all kinds was ment to be against the law i must of been mistaken

    • Thiers a law for hardware discrimination, did not know that.

      • beevis

        well, there are laws to protect consumers that say a product that’s sold HAS TO WORK CORRECTLY.

        • May get them on a lag,freezes ,glitches in general but the whole DLC thing was worded to sound in general terms & set language, mean won’t be able to nail them for lack of dlc content .

  • Xbox4Life

    Skyrim should have been exclusive to Xbox and PC then there would be none of this nonsense about angry PS3 users who are still waiting for DLC. You all should have bought an Xbox and then there would be none of this bull****

  • Fish

    Oh sorry for owning a ps3, I guess I’m a piece of crap who deserves every bit of this. Okay Xbox owners, thanks for showing me that many of you are asses. It would be unfair to say all are asses, but seemingly many are

    • Nicksalot

      Welcome to life

    • If the shoe fits , then congratulation you have discovered what you are in their eyes. lol

    • Orionsangel

      You should own both systems by now. Who buys just one system? What is this? 1987?

      • Adude

        It’s 2012 in the midst of an economic crisis. Swivel on it, Pennybags.


    Proof that microsoft cares about its people. I have to ask, does sony? Of course not. If my £40 a year stops you psFAGGOTS getting dlc/updates, money well spent IMO

    • That’s uncalled for man. I’m a 360 gamer too but that doesn’t mean
      that I would want people on another platform to be able to experience
      the same fun I experience. Fanboyism is a sure mark of immaturity,
      people can buy what they please and I’m sure any working adult could
      easily have both devices.

      Even so, you wouldn’t want to deal with similar issues on your own device so why would you wish that on another?

      • jereme goffard

        You got it Fank Bivens. I own a ps3 and I did (like how I used past tense) own skyrim. I will never buy another game from bethesda because of how they are treating ps3 owners and then have the balls to say they are “trying” or working on it” to get it fixed.
        This could actually be a class action law suite over the handling of the ps3 version. Because they are clearly not putting forward the same product on the ps3 system. Also I would love to find out if bethesda is putting forth the same effort for the ps3 as they do for xbox. If you don’t care to support a specific system, then don’t make the game for it money grabbers.

        • Ps3 users

          Lol lawsuite over a game? Have you payed for the dlc? What no? Then don’t complain about it. You got the game and played it, since you want a new dlc you probably played the S*** out of it. So you got your money’s worth. If you don’t care about Beth anymore then don’t read anything related to Bethesda. God people these days are so mind numbingly stupid. Just be more thankful and btw I too am suffering for the lack of dlc

        • Ps3 FTW

          What the fu€k is the lon massive wait. They advertised Dawnguard for the PS3 and they don’t have anything out for 6 months. False advertisement is the issue dumbass

      • violents

        I’m a working adult and I only own a ps3, I can barely keep buying game for the one system I have because of other bills that are more important(rent, utilities). So I’m Immature because I want them to fix the game they sold me instead of just buying an xbox so I can rebuy a game I’ve already purchased.
        Get a clue man.

        • DANNY PECK

          Nothing to be fixed. You never paid for the DLC. Boo hoo you work. So do I. I work full time, and I sit home at the end of a day with my son on my lap and we kill dragons together. Im going to have to assume your doing unskilled work, or your getting paid a pisspoor wage. Hell the xbox is CHEAPER! And thats at new prices. Sell up man, or is you can, get a PC. Ill hold my hands up and say a good PC rig kicks xbox ass. A pong arcade tower beats ps3(exaggeration, i know :p

  • DF

    If they say they care about users on all platforms, then that’s total bull. Time and time again they have let down fans on the ps3 and it is fairly simple to at least partially remedy the issue; just give weekly updates at least, even if the status is the same, show people that you are still working on it and still care a little. Yet they still will not do even that. They are starting to look extremely pathetic the more time passes

  • extermin8or2

    Not being funny but surely theres a case legally to get your money back for the game either game either from them or from the retailer you bought it from no matter when it was purchased, after all the ps3 version didn’t function properly on release and is not getting the support that at it’s launch and therefore any release day buyers were advertised in terms of update and dlc. The same price was paid as the xbox version we were told both were identical yet only 1 gets the updates for months at a time and the ps3 is yet to receive any of the dlc with no real info on if it ever will…

    • Greg

      There might be some legal recourse under the sale of goods act 1979 (UK), which state that any goods sold must be “fit for purpose”, basically the item in question must be able to be used as stated. A game that can not be played for any manufactural reason (bad coding for instance) could be returned under said legislation. I bought a DVD that wasn’t scratched, but didn’t play properly for the last 10 mins of the film. The only reasonable assumption left was that the DVD wasn’t properly coded, formatted or in another way manufactured properly. I returned the DVD to the shop I bought it from & the store manager said it must be something wrong with my DVD, so I went home brought my DVD in & asked him if he would like to try any other DVD in his shop out. In the end he had to relent & first he offered me a new one, as was in my rights I refused & stated I wanted a refund. He had to give me my money back, also by rights I could’ve pursued a case to get refunded the out of pocket expenses I occurred having to travel back & forth. The problem is that Skyrim has been out for over a year which means you’ve missed the opportunity to seek a refund. Another issue PC users face is a store might argue compatibility issues, which then your only recourse is to prove in court that compatibility isn’t an issue. I myself have tried to raise awareness that a game that’s bugged to the point where it is unplayable might not be deemed “fit for purpose”. If you are not from the UK, you should Google what the sales law of your country/state says.

      • Greg

        Contact me if you wish to know more

  • The One

    If they were trying to get the dlc to PS 3 users, don’t ya think they would have actually given its a progress report by now instead of just random garbage about how they care about us? We should start a betting pool on when its going to come out. 100 to 1 says December. 1.5 to 1says never. Seriously even if it comes out we will have spent all our money on internet collection to find out if its going to come out. And to all xbox fanboys, f*** all if you, both systems are equally good, now stop trashing people and get over yourselves.

  • op

    No it may never come. They are probably going to continue to release dlc for xbox, pc then when the cycle is complete turn around and say that they have stoped all support for skyrim and are now working on their follow-up title.

  • Xbox idiots be patting their backs for purchasing Bethesda’s console. I want to let Bethesda know that they will never have to program any more of their games for the PS3. If people wanted to play any Bethesda games, they could purchase a brand new cheap xbox and pay $8 a month rent thinking they owned it. Only ghetto people with ignorance running their lives would think Xbox is not ripping them off.

    • You Sir are a bitter tool, if your mad at a game developer fine ,but to insult people who you don’t know or to question their choices or what they do with their money is just down right rude & childish.

      • Gnoyme

        Get over it hippie

        • Am a hippie cause i have the common sense to direct my anger at those truly responsible & not judge or belittle those who are not affected by this issue.

  • This article is full of assumptions, im sure they paid for dlc exclusive time table..but sony does the same thing. Xbox 360 development is closer to that of normal pc development compared to the ps3, its not the only game that is smoother on the the 360 version sells more, so who would you prioritize ?

  • Treyarch

    Great choice of title!…let ps3 tools playing with their exclusives alone. Bethesda no need to cater a monopolistic community, give them lessons that exclusivity does more harm to the industry more than anything. Viva la Bethesda and other 3rd parties!

  • suckitbethesda

    it will eventually come out for the ps3 but it will be like game of the year or some bullcrap that you have to sink another 65$ into f#$k you bethesda

    • Agreed brother

    • tistox989

      bethesda has dissipointed me for one of the last times the have lost a loyal fan i own an xbox and a ps3 but i will not buy it for xbox because i only have the xbox for 2 reasons gears of war and halo nothing more skyrim is the biggest let down to the ps3 community since its been hacked sorry to say i will probly just transfre to xbox whe the new xbox 720 comes out because ps3 is just to stupid now and all componies are bias twords it not realeasing till months later just cause microsoft bribes the componies ive said my point.

      • Paul

        If you knew anything about Bethesda you would know it’s primarily a PC game company (I play on 360) which translates easier to 360 while the PS3 is built differently which would mean you would buy it on the 360 if you had it

        • Primarily a PC game company? Wrong. All games are built on a computer at first and then ported to other platforms. Any major release from Bethesda does not only come out for PC gamers though. Translates easier to 360? Also wrong. People assume that because Microsoft makes Windows OSs and they also make the Xbox 360 that somehow they are the same thing or are ported easier. I’ve even had a friend of mine try to explain to me that Xbox is basically like a PC simply because it’s made by Microsoft, therefore can run .exe files and any other Windows file. Fact is, they still have to port it to the 360. The only major change they have to make to port it to the PS3 is adapting the libraries to it (OpenGL for PS3). The rest of it would be just like porting buttons, etc. For Xbox 360 it would be adding DirectX libraries instead (in short anyways). Porting to each console is essentially the same process. It’s not somehow magically faster just because a Microsoft OS and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 are made by the same company. Even if it were a PC company, porting it to another console would not somehow take 6 months. It has nothing to do with PC at all, actually.

  • Gb

    If they truly value there fan base they will give dedicated ps3 users all free content when they finnally finish it to make up for all this wait..if not that atleast give a discount and perhaps a free ps3 exclusive download..that is if they truly value there entire fan base

  • I cant believe there are still PS3 players who care about what Bethesda does. I said i was done with them and I meant it, as far as I’m concerned they no longer make games for the PS3.

    • You right my brother Let boycott them don’t give a hell about those Racist company Like bethesda anymore BoyCoTT is the Only wayy !!!

      • The One

        If he didn’t care why is he posting on here? And PS 3 hangers arnt a race, sipsh***, and try typing some time not just slamming your face against the keyboard, it would make you easier to understand.

    • Bethesda = amazing

      Lol then why are you reading this if you don’t care, honestly people these days are such idiots. However, I love the way Bethesda is treating ps3 users 😀

  • mk12k8

    Don’t bother letting us know when the ps3 1.8 update is out I don’t think many people care any more fair enough not being able to let the playstation community know they were having problems during the 30 day exclusive of dawnguard because of “exclusive” part but they could have at the very least come out the day that “exclusive” expired and told us they had 30 DAYS to figure out they would have problems with it and prepare at the very least a statement I personally have run out of hope for any expansion of skyrim

  • ViseVerseWorld

    I see why there making sure xbox is taken care of. Theres always a way around to get skyrim and its DLC free for the PC which makes the company lose money obviously while supplying a good income from the xbox consoles since the game works on xbox so well. Its their money maker. To attend ps3 users would take too much time and opportunity away from bethesda and microsoft. So they are left with the only beneficial option to them which is secure the position which makes them more money. Xbox. When they suck the pockets of the console users. They will then later attend ps3. and the ps3 issues will never go away unless they rewrite the game specially for the ps3. Its just way to critical of a time.

  • guy123

    if they care so much, why wont they give us an estimated time for when dawnguard is coming (if at all)?

    • Unknown

      They don’t care about ps3 users. Bethesda is only calming down Ps3 users.

  • I’man Xbox Player, and i gotta say this is just sad… WTH Bethesda PS3 is left with out updates? You’re not just hurting them you’re hurting all you’re other games on PS3…

  • it seems to be when beathdesa says they need time it means FREAKING MONTHS

  • Hiltz

    Disappointing Bethesda. Very disappointing.

    • jereme goffard

      You got it Hiltz. I own a ps3 and I did (like how I used past tense) own skyrim. I will never buy another game from bethesda because of how they are treating ps3 owners and then have the balls to say they are “trying” or working on it” to get it fixed.

      This could actually be a class action law suite over the handling of the ps3 version. Because they are clearly not putting forward the same product on the ps3 system. Also I would love to find out if bethesda is putting forth the same effort for the ps3 as they do for xbox. If you don’t care to support a specific system, then don’t make the game for it money grabbers.

      • But don’t you realize you’re contradicting yourself? If they were money grabbers, they would have released a crappy quality version of Dawnguard just because they cared about grabbing your money, Dawnguard wasn’t free on any platform. No one seems to realize that they’re being considerate by not releasing crap to PS3-only owners and taking money from you for a far inferior product than the 360/PC version. I am certainly not condoning it, but the way the PS3 version of Skyrim ran at first proves that they obviously have problems with PS3 development. I’m glad I sold mine for the Xbox version when Dawnguard got announced!

        • if they releaser a crappy version for money grabbing then it was to be sure that are really not interested in ps3.

      • Greg Surrett

        I don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite so inane in a long time. Class action lawsuit? Haha, wow. They didn’t claim to put forward the same product on different systems. Since when has that been reason to sue anyway?

        Since when have you followed Bethesda? You do realize that they have a habit of being quite hush-hush about things up until right before releasing them, right?

        • yes bethesda did say they would release a product for ALL systems. by not executing this they are in violation of terms set forth. a class action suit can be pursued by the consumers that purchased skyrim for the ps3. a reinbursement of price paid can be issued if it goes to court and wins. also an investigation into bethesda’s financial books can be subpoena’d in court and if microsoft did in fact give funds to them, sony would and could have an even bigger lawsuit against microsuk. bill gates might actually wind up in the poor house along with bethesda.

        • Wow.. its just like you Americans to just go and talk about suing (I’m assuming your Americans cause they will sue over anything). I’m pretty sure if they could release the content for PS3 earlier they would.. I really don’t think they would put their reputation on the line. I play Skyrim on PC.. and while I was frustrated about having to wait for Dawnguard, I can only imagine what its like for you PS3 people, but just being this negative and getting this mad over a video game is absurd. If you were to Sue them and won they could very well go out of business then you would NEVER get any content and the rest of us wouldn’t either. Can you Americans (again assuming) just once think about other people instead of just yourselves? is it that hard?

        • Sordidnotice

          Please Don’t Generalize all americans to be this way. We are all human beings and everyone of us is different.

        • CJ

          Just like canadians(I assume your canadian if your complaining about americans, it’s all they do) to overgeneralize and think the whiny lunatic fringe is the norm in america.

          See what I did there? The irony is staggering.

        • Junkie

          You know, you really generalize that Americans are self-centered brats… without a doubt, there are some VERY stupid people out there, but not all Americans are like that. Don’t lower yourself to the same level as the people you’re hating on.

          I’m sorry if I’ve heart your feelings, but don’t be so high and mighty about race. We’re all cut from the same cloth

        • ThatGuy

          What a joke.

          PS3 users received the product that was part of their agreement to you for your 60+$. It’s called the base game of Skyrim. Unless there was an agreement with Sony as well as Microsuck then there isn’t anything stopping Bethesda from giving the 360 exclusive rights for a year!

          Seriously, I understand and empathize with PS3 users but this sense of entitlement crap has got to stop. Go ahead and be pissed at them for not releasing the DLC on your system (as if they hadn’t already set a precedent with previous games this way, if other users are to be believed about FO3 and FO:NV..) but at least have the brains to realize they’ve already given you the product that you paid for. You are never guaranteed rights to expansions and/or additional DLC.

      • Zarkzies

        Cry about it. We pay for our Xbox live, therefore we get premium releases, and events.

        • XavierLeromeLangham

          lmao get out of here with that logic you paying for live has nothing to do with anything

        • LOL More fool you then. You pay extra for an online service on top of your ISP rates, using a crappy console with a horrible interface, closed platform, awful handheld control system and dire graphics, framerate and processing speed. Think I’ll stick with the PC and its infinite possibilities thanks.

      • Headstyle

        This is what you get when you prefer an obsolete gaming console. Why anybody would choose a PS over Xbox is beyond me. Who develops and manages networking OS’s over the years? Not Sony. You chose poorly, and now you see that not only does PS3 have an inferior controller, they have an inferior console. Trade it in, and get a 360…it’s okay…we won’t make fun of you.

        • Better still, buy a PC.

        • your mom

          how do you think he posted it

        • XboxFanboysNeedAnEducation

          obsolete gaming console? lol.. that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

      • xgameroflegend

        dude xbox pays to play hence microsoft does deals with game companies to ensure we get stuff first…relax i have a pc version of skyrim and i have to wait as well its not a big deal, stop taking it as a personal attack bethesda doesnt even know who you are.

      • Darth Meepo

        awww is someone upset because they are a loser who bought a ps3?

        • Junkie

          awww is someone being an immature brat who is stupid enough to hate on other people just because of their favored game console? Sorry we all can’t be so perfect as you.